The Basics of Semen

The usual desired end result of oral sex, of course, is an orgasm. And in males this is typically (though not always) accompanied by an ejaculation of semen. Unless you’ve been living in a cave and/or have never seen a pornographic movie, you probably have an idea what that looks like. The tough decision about what to do at that point in time invariably revolves around where that semen is going to go and what you’re going to do with it. Given that, let’s spend some time examining some basics with regards to what the stuff is, how it’s made, and how to deal with it.

First, it’s important to understand how an ejaculation occurs and, just as importantly, how everything comes together to produce the white sticky fluid you’ll be rewarded with for your hard work (oral or otherwise). This short video provides an overview of the basic mechanics involved.

How Semen is Produced

What you know and experience as semen is actually a mixture of several different components produced by various parts of the male reproductive system. This includes sperm, of course, along with a variety of substances that give semen its unique appearance and consistency. The base fluid of semen is actually water, on the order of 95% of it, in fact.

Semen is composed of the following components:

  • Sperm, which makes up about 5% of semen
  • Prostatic fluid, which is about 25% of semen
  • Seminal fluid, which is about 70% of semen
  • Pre-Ejaculate fluid, which makes up only a miniscule amount of the semen

The sperm are produced by the male gonads (testes). They’re the little buggers that swim out to meet and hook up with the egg in your body to start the process of building a baby, thereby creating a pregnancy. Many people refer to the ejaculated fluid as sperm but that is incorrect.

During ejaculation, the sperm are pushed along the vas deferens and ejaculatory ducts via muscular contractions and mix with three different fluids as they make their way through and out of the urethra (as demonstrated in the video above). This includes the seminal fluid, produced by the seminal vesicles, prostatic fluid, produced by the prostate gland, and a pre-ejaculate fluid produced by the Cowper’s Glands (see below). Together, these fluids contain a variety of sugars, enzymes, proteins, vitamins (including B12 & C) and other chemicals that provide a fluid to transport the sperm and to nurture them until they can be ejaculated.

Each male ejaculation contains roughly one teaspoon to one tablespoon of semen; the specific amount will vary from person to person, especially with respect to age and general health. Each ejaculation from a non-impotent male will contain between 200 and 300 million or more individual sperm. Men begin producing sperm when they reach puberty and will continue to do so until they die. And though there are many claims of different techniques and nutritional supplements that can increase the amount of semen a man ejaculates, none of these has been scientifically verified. Some people just produce more semen at a time than others, so this is why you’ll see different size loads from each guy you do. If a male has a vasectomy, the amount of semen produced remains roughly the same, though it will be devoid of any sperm.

The average speed with which the semen leaves the cock upon an ejaculation from a healthy young male is around 25-30 mph (protect those eyes!). As men age, the forcefulness of their ejaculation tends to decrease. It is possible to increase and/or maintain the strength of ejaculations through doing Kegel exercises, however.

How Long is Semen/Sperm Viable

Sperm are rather fragile little cells. If left out in the open, they die off rather quickly as the semen cools and dries. This begins a couple of minutes after ejaculation onto any open surface (including your face, ass, the sheets, etc.). If an ejaculation occurs in a warm, wet environment, such as a hot tub, they can live for a few minutes unless the water is chlorinated, in which case they pretty much die when they hit the water.

When a guy cums in a woman’s vagina, however, sperm can live for three to five days according to WebMD. This is important for two reasons. First, if you have unprotected sex and aren’t on birth control, you can get pregnant up to five days after intercourse. Depending on when you ovulate, this could be problematic. Second, as a corollary to that, if do have unprotected sex and aren’t on some form of contraception, you should consider taking a dose of an emergency contraceptive if you do not wish to get pregnant. Your window is generally 3-5 days, but it is more effective the sooner you use it.

The Taste of Semen

Most people say that semen tastes somewhat salty, metallicy, and perhaps kind of bleachy or bitter, similar to what the highly-chlorinated water in a pool tastes like. Semen does have some salts in it, as this is what nourishes the sperm during their time in transport. The actual taste is largely a product of the man’s diet, level of hydration, and lifestyle choices. For example, smoking, eating a lot of red meat, and drinking alcohol and/or coffee are known to make semen have a more bitter taste. Conversely, remaining well-hydrated and drinking plenty of sweeter fruit juices, such as pineapple juice, will help make the taste a bit sweeter. There are a variety of pills on the market that purport to make for sweeter tasting cum, but there’ve been no legitimate scientific tests to determine the validity of those claims. The following table summarizes foods and other practices that can make cum taste worse or better.

Avoid if possible Consume
Red meat Citrus fruits
Coffee Cranberries
Alcohol Parsley
Smoking Celery
Dairy products Nutmeg
Asparagus Cinnamon
Onions Apple juice
Garlic Grapes
Spicy foods Peppermint


You can help mitigate the salty taste of cum if you consume something salty prior to going down on your guy. This might include a warm, salty drink (such as broth), for example. When he does cum in your mouth, you won’t even taste it. He might also find the additional warmness of your mouth arousing as well.

Normal semen has a pH that is just slightly alkaline (7.2 to 8.0), thus the source of the bitterness. Semen does contain some acids, though, including uric acid, which is responsible for the sting if you get it in your eyes. The average teaspoon of semen has around 25-30 calories. Swallowing a lot of it, even during a gangbang, will not make you fat.

During an erection, as you stimulate the penis (with your hand, mouth, vagina, etc.), you’ll notice a clear, slippery, slightly sticky fluid appear at the opening to the urethra. This is the pre-ejaculate fluid. It is lubricating the urethra in anticipation of an impending ejaculation. This fluid has a slightly sweet taste to it. Note that it is possible for this fluid to have sperm in it. If the guy recently ejaculated there may still be sperm in the urethra, or if the guy has some genetic or physical defect in the tiny little tubes and ducts that make up the transport pipes for the semen, a small number of sperm may be able to migrate up into the urethra prior to an actual ejaculation. So while it is highly unlikely, it is physically possible to get pregnant from having a penis inside your vagina and the guy not having an orgasm.

Consistency, Appearance, and Smell

Semen is mucousy in appearance and somewhat slimy in texture; some people liken it to snot, actually. As a result, many who get it in their mouths dislike the texture more than the taste. Normal semen is typically translucent with a white, grey or even yellowish tint. Other colors may indicate medical conditions (i.e., red may indicate presence of blood), so your guy would want to get that checked out ASAP. In some men, the consistency may be chunky from time to time, especially if they’re a bit dehydrated. Supposedly, a lack of a sufficient number of ejaculations may also cause this (so you either need to get him off more, or he needs to jerk off more often). Regardless, this is not abnormal so long as there’s no pain on ejaculation. Semen is also sticky, largely as a result of one of the enzymes that give it its gelatin-like qualities.

Fresh semen has a smell that most people describe as slightly pungent or like bleach or chlorine. When it dries, the smell tends to become more of a fishy type odor that is rather unique (I’ve had people tell me they think it smells like vanilla, though). In other words, anyone who’s been around sexual activity will know what the smell is and will likely know you’ve been slutting it up with someone.

Health Benefits/Risks of Semen

As with anything else in life, there are a variety of risks and even some potentially significant benefits to being exposed to semen. The only serious risk of getting semen on or in you is exposure to STDs, as discussed elsewhere.

Semen does have several benefits (over and above the obvious, of course). Semen is said to have qualities that enhance a female’s sex drive (from the testosterone present) and reduce depression, but the study supporting that only examined vaginal depositing. According to some sources, recent studies suggest the same is also possible if it is swallowed or taken anally. (Source 1 Source 2) Though source 2 doesn’t list these studies it refers to, and has an active agenda promoting sex, it does seem reasonable to conclude that the mucous membranes in the mouth and the rectum would allow for the absorption of these chemicals just as easily as the walls of the vagina. So the message is clear here: If you’re depressed and your sex drive is lacking, you need to get laid more!

Likewise, there are no significant risks associated with having semen on your face (other than getting it in your eyes, perhaps). In fact, the fluid contains anti-oxidants that some claim help facial skin tone. Actress Heather Locklear has made the claim the using semen on her face is what helps her stay young-looking (and if that’s true, then it must actually work! She still looks great!). There are even several spas around the world that manufacture a synthetic version of a protein found in semen (known as spermine) to use in facial treatments. If you’d like a short snarky evaluation of the pros and cons of letting a guy cum on your face, Cosmo can help you out.

Note that this module only covers external factors associated with the semen. Additional risks are dealt with in more detail in the “Spit vs. Swallow” module (especially as it related to STDs being transmitted via semen).

Dealing With Aftereffects of an Ejaculation

When you’re having sex, even the common, vanilla kind, you’re liable to end up with semen splattered anywhere, including your face, the sheets and pillows, the couch or chairs, and even the carpet if you get busy on the floor and aren’t using condoms. When you’re done, those white stains are going to be very noticeable; anyone who sees them is going to know exactly what you’ve been doing. So you’ll want to know how to deal with any possible stain scenario. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Getting it out of clothing: Semen leaves a distinct, noticeable stain on clothing. Just ask Monica Lewinsky. It is readily apparent to anyone who sees it. Getting it out of most clothing is a pretty straight-forward process, however. Just wash them as you would any other time, and be sure to use a decent detergent (or Woolite for delicate clothing). Dry cleaning should also remove the stains just as it would any other stains, and there’s no need to point it out when you drop your clothes off (unless you just want to gloat).

Getting it off your skin: Getting wet or dried semen off your skin is as simple as washing it with regular soap and water. Not difficult at all.

Getting it out of your eyes: If you happen to get semen in your eyes, for example when your guy paints your face with it, rinse your eyes out with a saline solution, something like a contact solution or any other liquid designed to wash eyes out (avoid tap water if you can). If you know you’re going to be in a situation where you might be getting cum in your eyes and you wear contacts, be sure and remove them prior to getting busy. If you do get semen on them, you can wash them with contact solution and re-use them, however.

Getting it out of your hair: In most cases, fresh semen will wash right out of your hair with regular shampoo and rinsing. Dried semen may take a bit more effort, though. Semen contains proteins that can bind to the protein in hair, making it a bit difficult to remove. If you have dried semen in your hair, wet it and let the semen rehydrate, then wash with regular shampoo and rinse it. You should be able to get small amounts out with one wash, but if you’ve been in a group sex situation where you got a lot of cum in your hair, it may take several washings to get it all out.

Getting it out of furniture and vehicle fabrics: We’ve all been fucked over the back of a couch or in the back seat of a car, haven’t we? Sometimes the end result is a big cum stain on the furniture, the carpet, or the car seat. If you have access to seltzer water, you can use that. Alternatively, if you have some Oxy-Clean or a similar product, it can be used as well. If neither of those is present, use baking soda. Make a paste out of it with warm water, dab it onto the stain and scrub it gently. Then take a cold wet rag and wipe it off. On carpet, if it’s fresh, spray Windex on the stain, let it set for a couple of minutes, then dab it up with a dry towel. On any fabric, if the stain is dried, gently scrape as much of the hard stuff off with a dull knife or a meta spatula, then dampen what’s left to rehydrate it. Use the cleaners recommended above to remove the balance.

Allergies to Semen

Though it’s not common, there are those who are allergic to semen. Because allergies are reactions to proteins, the proteins in semen can trigger reactions in those who’re sensitive to them. Common symptoms including irritation and/or a burning sensation in the vaginal area or other area(s) exposed to the fluid, redness, swelling, itching, and perhaps some pain. The symptoms usually show up within a few minutes of being exposed, and may last for just a few hours or several days.

This allergy is often misdiagnosed, and may be interpreted as some other inflammation, disease, or condition. There are a couple of contributing factors to this. First, a person may be allergic to one person’s semen but not another’s. Second, the condition is rare enough that it is not something most doctors are thinking of when you first present your symptoms to him/her. One way to help determine if that is what you’re experiencing is to have sex with a condom. If you don’t have the symptoms after that (assuming you’re not also allergic to latex), but you do when you have unprotected sex, then it may indeed be a semen allergy. There is no direct treatment (other than symptomatic solutions for what you may be experiencing at the time), but there are ways to deal with it. This is something you’d need to discuss with your gynecologist.

Playing With and Using Cum as a Slut

Some people quickly acclimate to the taste of semen and find it rather pleasant. Others never quite get there. For most, however, getting it in their mouths and then swallowing it is something they do and are largely ambivalent about. However, there are those who relish playing with semen and it becomes a sort of fetish for them. There are even cookbooks and websites dedicated to cooking with it, in fact.

Semen is not toxic; it will not kill you or make you sick if you ingest it, get it on your face or in your eyes, have it deposited in your vagina or rectum, etc. Some people find the taste and/or the consistency disagreeable, and it may cause a little irritation (specifically with the eyes), but that does not make it harmful in any way. So long as your partner is free of diseases, cum play in its various forms can be a fun and exciting way to enhance your slut cred. There are other course modules on facials, bukkakes, and other activities involving semen around the Slut Academy. Be sure and read those as well. Additional material is also covered in this course in the module on Swallowing vs. Spitting.