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Here are some reader comments:

“This is perfection! Thank you for this story… I enjoy reading it so much!”

“Rarely do I get on Literotica and never have I come back looking for the same story but this one is so good that I am back every day hoping there has been a new "chapter" posted.”

“Your characters are attractive & engaging without being cloyingly shallow. Your back-story clues entice us deeper, leaving your impatient fans whining in their frustration. Thank you for sharing Melissa & Erik with us.”

“Love this… not sure quite why… maybe because the characters have a depth and a reality all of their own. Looking forward to more.”

“Nice to see a strong dominant who isn't a jerk. Thoroughly enjoying this.”

“This story is far better conceived and far better written than 50 Shades of Grey. How that book (and movie) ever got to be a best seller I will never know. This is much better done. Congratulations.”


“Wow. After the slow, deliberate building of the last couple of chapters, I was not expecting the intensity or depth of this one. Absolutely brilliant writing. I am loving this series, and agree that five stars are too few.”

“Your writing is very advanced. It is such a breath of fresh air. You did a fantastic job on this series… I really relate to Melissa, being very new to the whole idea myself as well. And I must say, you really detail her inner thoughts quite perfectly. I appreciate, also, the way you explain the BDSM side. It actually gave me more clarity… The explanations helped me to not worry myself, just as Melissa did, “why” or “if this is bad”… I wanted to compliment you. This is fantastic writing. Thank you for time and evident effort you put into this series.”