The Basics of Oral Sex on Males

As I said at the outset of this course, knowing how to give a guy head is one of the most critical skills a slut must possess. And while it may at first glance seem like a relatively simple act to perform, there are a tremendous variety of techniques and tips that can be brought to bear in order to make it a signature skill as opposed to just something you do. With the right attitude, giving a guy head can be a lot of fun, and can be very rewarding for both you and him.

Let’s deal with some preliminaries before we get started sucking one of these things, however.

Overcoming Penis Fear

Some women have a fear of penises. Not in the sense that they’re necessarily “scared” of them outright, but rather that they don’t think they know what they’re doing, or perhaps don’t think they do it well enough to make it good for the guy. Some have trouble dealing with the fact that “his pee pee” comes out of there! Others can’t get over the supposed “submissive” or “degrading” aspect of sucking a dick. And for still others, the penis represents a dark unknown and potentially dangerous side to sex – the risk of pregnancy and diseases. These thought processes comes from a variety of sources, including how our families dealt with sex as we grew up and even our own sex education classes to some extent. It is much more prevalent than many people realize, though. Some of these can be easily overcome, while others, especially those ingrained as a part of religious indoctrination or resulting from sexual abuse of some type, may require therapy.

In reality, of course, the standard blowjob isn’t a submissive act, but rather one of power and trust. When a man allows you to take his cock in your mouth, he’s making himself very vulnerable to you and giving you total control over the most sensitive area of his body. In fact, for many women, much of the enjoyment of giving a guy head is that you are in total control of his ecstasy at that moment; you’re showing off your skills and your skills alone. When you have intercourse, the two of you work together towards the end goal (if you’re doing it correctly). When you suck a guy’s cock, though, it’s all on you; it’s your time to shine. You set the parameters, the speed, the depth, how long it will last (generally), and control everything else that goes along with it. Most guys are perfectly content to just sit back and let you handle things, too.

If you go into cocksucking believing penises are dirty and disgusting, you’re going to have a tough time even performing oral, let alone convincing him you’re enjoying what you’re doing. You need to figure out the source of your anxiety and find some way to deal with it if possible. One of the best ways to do this is to find a live, friendly penis to play with. You’ll discover that they’re quite the awesome toy and when attached to someone who knows what he’s doing with it, can be the source of a great deal of pleasure. And while they can be the source of pregnancy and diseases, you won’t have to worry about a pregnancy originating from cocksucking. We dealt with the disease aspects in the previous module, so you should have enough knowledge to know how to deal with that side of it as well. Finally, though urine does come out via the penis, you’re not likely to encounter any of that, and even if you did, it’s sterile and won’t hurt you.


One of the most prevalent fears about going down on a guy is that it will taste or smell funny. And, to be honest, if a guy doesn’t bathe regularly and take care of his naughty bits, you may indeed encounter one whose aroma or taste is off-putting. Most clean cocks taste just like any other skin does, however. Lick your arm (the hairless part). A clean penis will taste basically the same way – a sort of mildly salty flavor. Some may also have a scent, especially if he has pubic hair and has not had a shower recently, been working or playing, been at school all day, etc. Many women find this scent to be arousing, however, though it can get to the point where it is overwhelming.

If you think it’s too aromatic down there or are concerned about the cleanliness of his penis, get him to take a shower with you. That makes for good foreplay anyway, and you will get the chance to soap that thing up and clean it off. I can assure you he and his cock will love the attention. If you’re not in a position where a shower is possible, such as blowing a guy you just met at a bar or an airport in the bathroom, keep wet wipes handy.

Basic Outline of What to Do

So now that you’ve decided you want to suck a guy’s cock, how do you go about doing it? The process itself is quite simple, though when you write it out and/or read through it, it seems much more complicated than it really is. What you’re going to read below is quite detailed, and is a lot of information to absorb. I want to ensure you know what you’re doing, however, even when you go down that first time. Read through all of this, and then read through it again a couple more times to absorb the knowledge.

Given that, here are the very basic steps involved in giving a guy oral sex. I’ll expand on each of these steps below.

  1. Get it hard using your hands or your mouth.
  2. Open your mouth wide enough to get in into your mouth.
  3. Place your mouth over the head and encompass the cock with your lips.
  4. Begin moving up and down while using your tongue and lips to massage and stimulate the penis, keeping your teeth off of it.
  5. Maintain a little bit of suction on it – just enough to keep a little bit of a vacuum, but not enough to suck the urine out of his bladder.
  6. You don’t need be too gentle with it. Cocks are pretty robust pieces of meat and you can be quite vigorous with it, actually. Being too soft or too gentle with it isn’t much better than no BJ at all for most men.
  7. You can use your hands to help by masturbating it as you move up and down, especially if it is a large penis that you can’t get all the way into your mouth. Focus your oral attention on the head and top 1/3rd of the cock if your mouth is too small for all of it.
  8. If he’s uncircumcised, use your tongue and lips to push his foreskin back and play with the head. Most guys are okay with you swirling your tongue underneath the foreskin (around the head)
  9. Occasionally take it out of your mouth and play with it. Make eye contact with him from time to time.
  10. Vary your technique, your speed, and your rhythm, but not in any kind of predictable cycle, at least not initially. Once he starts moaning or breathing heavily, however, adopt a rhythm and stick with it for a minute or so (basically, you want to mimic what it’d be like for him to be fucking your cunt), then go back to varying your technique. You can repeat this cycle until he’s approaching an orgasm.
  11. Pay attention to his reactions. When he believes he’s about to cum, he may or may not ask you where you want it. If he doesn’t, and you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, ask him where he’d like to cum and honor that if you can. If you don’t say anything, he’s likely going to assume you’re okay with him cumming in your mouth.
  12. Once he’s had his orgasm, the head of the penis will get very sensitive for most men, so you don’t want to overstimulate it. You can continue playing with his cock if it’s just too awesome to let go of, but don’t stimulate the head for a few minutes afterward.

That seems rather straight-forward, now, doesn’t it? Obviously, however, all of these points can be expanded upon, and now that you understand the basic outline of how a blowjob should be done, let me explain each of the steps in a little bit more detail.

Getting Into His Pants

Before you can give a guy a blowjob, you have to get into his pants. How you go about doing this will be largely based on where your encounter with him is taking place. If it’s at your place or his, then it may be as simple as the two of you getting started making out. This typically leads to a bit of fondling and then you giving him oral sex. Obviously, how that transpires may vary from situation to situation, but you get the idea. If it’s someone you just met (say, in a bar, for example), you may need to ask him if he’d like a blowjob or tell him that you want to blow him, or he may ask you to blow him. If you initiate it, the specific method is up to you; you can be as subtle or dirty about it as you like (the specifics for this are usually situational as well). As long as he’s up for it, you’ll just need to find a place to get busy.

The next step is to get into his pants. Some guys may take care of that for you, but I personally think it is much sexier if you unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and slide them down, pull down his underwear (if he’s wearing any), and then slowly sink to your knees to come face to face with the instrument of his pleasure. If it’s to be a quickie, you might simply unzip his pants and pull his cock out without bothering to unbuckle and undo and all of that stuff. You doing the work is not only sexy in the eyes of most guys, but it tells him you really want his cock and affirms that you consent to the sex act that is about to take place.

Getting Him Hard

Many guys will be hard and ready to go as soon as you tell them you want to suck their cocks. For others, you’ll need to exert a bit of effort to get him up. You can do this by manual stimulation (a la handjob), or you can take his flaccid cock into your mouth and get him erect that way. In my opinion, it feels very sexy to have him get hard in my mouth, so this is my preferred way of doing it. But do what feels right for you, based on your personal preference.

You should note that older men will often take longer to get hard than younger guys. That’s perfectly natural. It is also important to note that, especially during longer BJs, it’s not uncommon for all men to go through cycles where their cocks get a bit softer and less erect, and then go back to being fully erect. This has little to do with your technique, but is rather a function of the ebb and flow of the hormones that stimulate the erection mechanisms in his cock. Again, this is perfectly normal.

Additionally, some penises will get what I call “soft hard,” which means that they will become erect, but won’t be rigidly erect or rock hard. That’s just the way some cocks work. There’s nothing wrong with them and they will still enjoy a good blowjob. All the other techniques should work regardless. You will find that these kinds of cocks will be much easier to deepthroat, though.

Working it With Your Mouth

When you get that cock in your mouth, that’s when the real fun starts. Purse your lips around the cock and keep them puckered out as you’re moving up and down. I see a LOT of people telling beginners to keep their lips over their teeth as they blow a guy. If you do this, your lips will get tired and they’ll get sore (and possibly bruised or cut) from having your teeth pressed up against them all the time. Doing it this way also makes it difficult to keep the shaft lubricated with your own saliva because it acts as a sort of squeegee as you move back and forth. Pursing the lips provides a better visual for the guy (and that is part of the eroticism of sucking a dick as far as he’s concerned) and allows the smooth, mucousy surface of the lips to slide across the shaft and the head, keeping the saliva on the shaft itself. If you find this hard to do when you first get started, go ahead and put your lips over your teeth (it’s more important to keep the teeth off the cock than anything else at this point), but spend some time practicing doing it with your lips out when you can.

As you work the cock with your mouth, remember from the previous module that the head is the most sensitive part. You’ll want to focus on that every once in a while. And don’t forget the frenulum on the underside of the head. Lick and suck this area, too (dragging a flattened tongue across it is an excellent way to do this). There’s a critical nerve that runs through that little segment of skin and stimulating it helps the blowjob feel good for him. When you have your mouth off the cock licking or sucking his shaft, balls, or any place other than the head, keep your wet thumb lightly on the frenulum massaging it lightly in a circle while you’re doing whatever else it is you’re doing. These little facts are why it’s still possible to give a guy with a large cock a good blowjob. You don’t need to get then entire thing in your mouth, so long as you can focus on the head and the frenulum while working the rest of his cock with your hands. Here is an excellent short video showing a woman who is focusing on the head of her man’s cock.

Variety is the Spice of a Good BJ

Once you’ve blown him for a few minutes and gotten him good and hard, get into a good rhythm for a period of time; it should be almost like he’s fucking your vagina, but your mouth is doing the work. Variety is the spice of life and the spice of a good blowjob as well. Actually suck lightly on it from time to time as you withdraw it from your mouth (this will result in your mouth and cheeks collapsing around the penis a bit providing more contact and thus more stimulation). Mix up your hand movements, spend some time going up and down on it without any hands at all, and so forth. The key is to mix it up from time to time, and mix that in with a couple of minutes of a good, solid, static rhythm.

Play With It

Lick it as you would an ice cream cone, slide your tongue or your pursed lips along the shaft, spank your face with it, kiss the head of it, etc. Involve the nutsack if you can – lick it, suck on his nuts through the sack (one or the both of them, depending on the size of your mouth), etc. And, if you’re feeling particularly sporty, go down and lick and suck his perineum, the insides of his thighs, etc. While you’re loving on these other parts, continue jerking his cock off with your hand(s), however. Learning to do this will take a bit of practice, but that’s ok. He’ll be fine with you doing that even if it is a bit awkward the first time or two. Doing this also allows your mouth and jaw to relax so they don’t get too tired.

But be creative as you blow him. As you get more experience and become more confident in your technique, you can literally do anything you like with his cock and it will feel good to him. He may develop some favorites, so either pay attention to what drives him wild or have him tell you which ones he prefers.

Make Occasional Eye Contact

Making eye contact with him while you have his cock in your mouth is one of the hottest things you can do. It establishes a psychological (and often emotional) connection between the two of you and allows you to communicate silently that you’re enjoying sucking his dick. Don’t over do it, though. Don’t stare at him or try to keep your eyes on him the entire time. You should spend most of the time looking at and focusing on that dick.

Pay Attention to His Reactions

When you first start giving head you won’t know the signs to pick up on to tell you when he’s cumming, but with time and practice you’ll learn how to look for them. They’ll be an increasing tightness in his sack and cock, his cock will enlarge slightly (you’ll eventually learn to feel this in your mouth), his breathing rate will increase, you’ll feel an involuntary thrusting of the hips in most guys, his nut sack will start to rise and tighten up, and eventually you’ll feel a rhythmic pulsation in his penis, especially along the underside of it (see the pulsation here). As soon as you feel that pulsation, you can expect him to ejaculate by the third or fourth contraction. It will usually take about four to six or seven contractions for him to complete his ejaculation, lasting about five to eight seconds in total. Younger guys ejaculations can cover a good bit of distance, several feet in many cases. If you’re not prepared for it and the ejaculation hits the back of your throat, it might induce an involuntary gag, interrupting the proceedings. As a guy grows older, however, the force behind his squirts will decrease to where it just oozes or dribbles out. It’s not any less powerful for him in terms of how his orgasm feels, however. And guys of all ages can increase the strength of their ejaculations through doing Kegel exercises.

He may or may not tell you when he’s about to cum. A thoughtful guy will do that, but there are those who forget, those who’re used to not saying anything, or those who think you’ll be able to tell on your own. If you want him to tell you (especially if you lack the experience to be able to determine this on your own), explain that to him on the front end. As a general rule of thumb, however, as some guys are more prone to stimulation than others, you should always be prepared for a guy to cum in your mouth.

Dealing with the End Results

You’re going to need to decide how you want to deal with the end result. Some women have a distaste for semen, not just in their mouths but they often don’t even want it on their bodies anywhere. This is a shame. It’s just a small amount of fluid and it cleans up very easily. If this describes you, I would encourage you to work to get over this as it inhibits and detracts from the final act of the blowjob.

Many guys will prefer to cum in your mouth, while others may want to splatter your face with it, and still others may prefer to cum all over your chest. You’ll need to decide which of these is acceptable to you and let him know. If he cums in your mouth, you’ll have to decide whether to swallow the semen or spit it out. Personally, I prefer to swallow it. There are three reasons for this. First, it’s just quicker and cleaner – no muss, no fuss. Second, it puts a damper on the sex act for you to stop and spit it out into a tissue, or to run to the bathroom and spit it out into the sink. And third, swallowing is what a true slut does with cum. At any rate, there is an entire module here in this course on this subject, so we won’t spend any additional time discussing that here.

If you are going to let him cum in your mouth, don’t stop the BJ as he cums; continue moving up and down and act as if you’re drawing the semen out of his cock as you withdraw his penis from your mouth on each upstroke. When he’s done, take it out of your mouth and clean it off with your tongue, just licking up and down the sides of it to get any remaining semen off of it. Wrap your index finger and thumb around the base of his shaft and slowly slide them along the shaft toward the head (don’t squeeze too hard, though). This will cause any semen left in the urethra to exit via the opening where you can lick it off. Remember to avoid too much stimulation of the head as it will likely be very sensitive for a few moments.

If you aren’t going to let him cum in your mouth, then you have a couple of options with respect to how to finish things off. You can suck on it until he’s ready to blow and then finish it off with a handjob. This will allow you to direct his ejaculation wherever you want it to go. Alternatively, he can pull out of your mouth and jerk himself off to completion. Typically, you’d allow him to shoot his load anywhere he wanted to, but the final decision about that is up to you. Do keep in mind that semen shots are not the most accurate things in the world, what with all those muscular contractions and hip thrusts he’ll be doing. So telling him to unload on your face but “watch the eyes” sounds good, but it may not be practical.

Cock Worship and Enthusiasm

This piece of advice cannot be stressed enough: You have to act like you want to be there sucking his dick. So much so that it is comparable to worshipping his cock. I know that may sound silly to those of you who’re lesser experienced, but you literally need to go down on a man’s penis as if you expect to be rewarded in the afterlife for the amount of love and attention you lavish upon it. Every guy I’ve ever spoken to about how to suck a guy’s dick has stated that enthusiasm is the single most important attribute a cocksucker should have. So even if you hate doing it, if you are going to do it, you must act like you love being there and crave having that cock in your mouth. Trust me, a man can tell if you’re doing it just to be doing it; that is not something that is easily faked. A man’s sexuality is largely genitally-based and revolves around his penis.

Above all else, though, be playful with it. Sex is supposed to be about having fun with another person, and playing with a cock is an incredibly fun thing to do. Don’t rush it. Treat it like a toy and make it your personal plaything.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to becoming a pro at sucking cock is to practice, practice, and more practice. Just as with any other skill, the more you do it, the better you become at it. If you have a partner, you should avail yourself of every opportunity to practice with him. If not, buy a toy to practice with. If you can afford it, get you one of those dildos with the suction cup base. You can stick these to any flat surface and use them not only to practice your cock sucking skills from a variety of different angles, but you can also use it for masturbation purposes when you’re horny and don’t have a live cock handy. This will also come in very handy for learning to deepthroat a cock as I’ll be teaching you in a later module.

Advanced/Pro Tips

After you’ve managed to hone those basic skills, you’ll want to continue to add to your cock sucking skill set. These are a handful of “advanced” skills and professional tips that you can add into the mix to make your BJ technique just that much more awesome. Additionally, you can do searches on the Internet for guidance from the thousands of others who’ve written on this topic. Everyone has their own favorite techniques and you might find more ideas than what I’ve listed here.

  • A dry BJ is not a good BJ! If you have trouble keeping your mouth wet, try using some flavored lube (regular water-based lube is fine to use as well, just not quite as tasty). Or, alternatively, take a quick bite of or suck on a lemon, drink some lemonade, or put something else in your mouth that is very sour. This will generate a massive amount of saliva. Some guys like for you to spit on their cocks as a prelude to or during a BJ. Try it if you think this is something he might be into.
  • Speaking of spit, there’s nothing wrong with an outrageously messy blowjob. A lot of guys love that shit. Prepare for it, though (towels, etc.).
  • Use one of your free hands to hold the base of his cock, while you play with his nutsack with the other one. Squeeze very, very gently, massage it, tickle it lightly, run your fingers underneath it and around his ass cheeks, slide a single finger along the crack of his ass. If he’s got a smaller cock use your index and thumb. If it’s larger, use the appropriate number of fingers to cover enough of the cock so that you can get the rest of the exposed portion of it in your mouth. You can do this until you learn to deepthroat a cock (taught in a later module). While you have those fingers wrapped around him, pull down a bit so the skin on his penis shaft and the head draws a bit tighter. This will actually help magnify the intensity of what he’s feeling when you run your tongue and lips over the skin of his penis. You can also make contact with the hand with your lips and use the hand as an extension of your mouth while you move up and down on it. Some refer to this as the “tunnel of love” move.
  • Put a cock ring on him at the base of his penis. That causes blood to pool in the cock, making it a bit bigger and increasing its ability to feel what you’re doing. Don’t leave it too long, though (20-30 minutes max).
  • Use your tongue to press his cock into the roof of your mouth, and then swipe your tongue back and forth over the underside of his cock. Slowly withdraw and then focus this technique a bit on the head and frenulum. Remember, these are the two most sensitive places on his penis.
  • If you have the chest for it, take his cock and titty fuck it for a few seconds a time or two during the oral sex. Guys love this kind of visual (even if they’re not big fans of titty fucking to begin with).
  • If you’re also fucking this guy, alternate between having him in your cunt and giving him a blowjob. Remember – variation! You should be comfortable with your own taste to do this obviously. Stopping to wipe your juices off interrupts the rhythm and flow of great sex and says that you don’t like your own parts. If you haven’t developed a taste for your own juices, learn to do so. It will make sex a lot more fun for the both of you.
  • If you are sexually active with him (i.e., intercourse is in the mix), once he’s done and he cums in your mouth, crawl up and sit on his cock, putting it inside you and lying on him for a few minutes. This is a great way to increase intimacy between the two of you.
  • Use one of your hands to masturbate yourself while you’re going down on him. Getting yourself erotically high will increase your passion for sucking dick and it will show. He will be more psychologically stimulated by knowing that you’re getting yourself off by getting him off, too. If you’re one to bite down when you’re cumming, however, be sure you keep that under control while his cock is in your mouth.
  • Some guys do in fact want you to use your teeth to one extent or another. Many men like having their cocks lightly chewed. And once you’ve gained the experience, you can often introduce this yourself to other unsuspecting gentleman.
  • Talk the talk. If you know how to talk dirty, do it. Pull the cock out of your mouth and tell your guy that you feel so incredibly slutty with his cock in your mouth, or that you want him to cum in your mouth (or on your face, your chest, whatever). Moan occasionally, too. Let your sounds tell him you’re enjoying what you’re doing in addition to your actions.
  • Some people advocate humming while you have his cock held in your mouth tightly. The vibrations stimulate him to a degree. You can also do this with his balls if you’ve sucked one or the both of them into your mouth.
  • Give him blowjobs unexpectedly. Tell your guy you’re going to suck his dick when X happens, such as when his parents or friends leave. If you’re hiking on a lonely trail, pull him into the woods and go at it. If you get really frisky, go into a “family” bathroom at the airport, a restaurant, etc., and do it there (just don’t take too long!)
  • Use temperature variations. Take a drink of cold water or put a small ice cube in your mouth to change up the sensations he experiences. This works especially well as a surprise.
  • If having semen in your mouth doesn’t bother you, play with it for him after he cums. Let him cum in your mouth and hold it. When he’s done, gather it up on your tongue, open your mouth, and show him what he gave you, and then make a production out of swallowing it. Some guys even like for you to drool it out onto your tits.
  • Try putting lipstick on your lips before you approach him with the offer of a BJ. Lipstick has long been historically associated with prostitutes, especially in Rome; they’d wear it to advertise their deepthroating and oral skills (PDF). Use that history to your advantage. A nice, rich, red or crimson color works wonders and will focus his eyes on your lips wrapped around his cock. Pick a red color you like and use it solely for letting him know you’re going to be sucking his dick later on – it needs to be almost to the point of being garish, even – something you wouldn’t normally wear to work or out with friends. It needs to visually represent cock sucking and nothing else (you can even rename it to “cocksucking red” or “blowjob red” or something similar to that, a name for just the two of you to use). When you go out on a date, either wear it the entire night or put it on just before you leave some place to head home. He will know exactly what you have in mind and he’ll stay rock hard then entire way home. You may not even make it out of the parking lot, in fact.
  • If you’re blowing him while he’s lying down, in the middle of the BJ tell him you need to masturbate yourself for a minute. Then climb on top of him, but don’t put his dick inside you. Crawl on top of his cock and slide back and forth on it. Grab it and use it to masturbate your clit. Then crawl back down and put him back in your mouth. Very erotic.
  • Watch yourself give your guy head in a mirror. Even women who don’t find watching themselves particularly arousing often enjoy watching themselves sucking a dick. You can do it purely for your own enjoyment, or to observe and improve your skills.
  • Gagging can be fun if it’s done the correct way. Guys get off on you gagging on their cocks because it plays to their sense of having a (real or imagined) “huge” cock. Surely, if you’re gagging on it, it must be “too big” for you, right? Let the head hit the top, back of your throat a few times to generate a real gag, but don’t let it get down into the back of the throat to the point where it produces vomiting. It’s important to do this with enthusiasm, too. If you make it seem like it’s hurting you or making you uncomfortable, it may turn him off. Gag on it a few times, then pull back, gasp, and catch your breath, and go back at it again. Convince him this is what you were put on the earth to do. If you haven’t yet learned to deep throat, or haven’t introduced him to that particular skill of yours, it will make him think you’re trying to deep throat him. He’ll appreciate the effort.
  • Oral sex in a 69 position provides for additional opportunities to exploration and play. This position is excellent for deepthroating once you learn how to do it, but it does eliminate other possibilities (such as eye contact).
  • Some guys can’t cum from a BJ, and some won’t cum every single time you give them one. There’s a lot that plays into all of that, so don’t let it bother you. Most guys will tell you a blowjob that doesn’t end in an orgasm is still much better than not getting a blowjob at all. If you do believe you’re not giving him a good BJ, then ask him what you can do to improve it. Everyone – every single person – is unique in what kind of stimulation they like. Many won’t say anything and “suffer” in silence rather than tell their partners what they can do to resolve the problem, however. Take the initiative and ask him yourself if you experience a series of setbacks.

TMJ Syndrome and Oral Sex

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who deals with temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), oral sex might be a pain for you. Perhaps even impossible. Since each person experiences TMJ syndrome differently, there are no universal solutions to this. For many, though, oral sex is impossible and this can lead to a host of issues, including the belief by the male that you’re using it as an excuse to not perform oral sex.

There are a handful of things you can try. You can play with different positioning to see if you can find one that doesn’t require you to open your mouth or move your head into certain positions that are troublesome for you. For example, the guy can sit in a chair or on he edge of the bed and you can kneel before him. This will keep you from having to tilt your head so far back. Other positions might prevent you from overexerting your jaw, face, or neck. And you might consider alternatives. For example, licking and running your lips and tongue up and down his cock while jerking him off might be a suitable substitute if you’re unable to take his cock into your mouth.

On days when you think oral sex is on the menu, avoid any overworking of your jaw – don’t eat large sandwiches, popcorn, chew gum, etc. Try oral but with much more assistance from your hands. Do regular sex and when he gets close to cumming, switch to oral for a few seconds to finish him off.

If you feel comfortable doing so, discuss your problem with your doctor to see if s/he has any suggestions for corrective action (e.g., mouth guards) or exercises you can do to help you with your specific situation.

So that concludes the basic “how to” for performing a basic blowjob. In the next module, we’ll discuss the subject of what to do with that cum in your mouth, and then we’ll move on to the more advanced oral sex skills such as deepthroating, face fucking, and throatfucking.

Viewing Assignment: This video demonstrates good cocksucking techniques. Watching it may give you some ideas.