Health & Safety Issues With the Penis

Before you start putting cocks in your mouth, you need to be aware of some of the safety and health issues that might come into play. While many people think of oral sex as a relatively low risk activity, it nonetheless involves the possibility of the transmission of some diseases, including HIV. Because oral sex is so popular many people believe that it is a no-risk form of sexual activity. And while it is true that the risk is significantly lower than for other sex acts, you still stand the chance of acquiring many different types of infections, some of which are not curable.


Oral sex can transmit several different STDs, including

  • HPV. There are many different variations of HPV, some of which can cause cancer (including of the throat), though they don’t always cause a cancer in those infected with that variation. Young men and women should consider availing themselves of the new Gardasil vaccine to help minimize the chances of this occurring.
  • Herpes, both HSV-1 and HSV-2, visibly symptomatic or not
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea, including some of the newer strains that are somewhat resistant to antibiotic therapies
  • Chlamydia
  • Viral Hepatitis (B). Hepatitis B also has a vaccine.
  • HIV. You are at a much lower risk for the transmission of HIV via oral sex (as compared to anal or vaginal sex), however, unless you have open sores in your mouth. The risk is even lower if he does not cum in your mouth.

How to be Safer with Oral Sex

There are some ways you can minimize the potential for the spread of diseases via oral sex. These include:

  • Always perform a quick visual inspection before you go down on someone. If you see sores or other skin anomalies on a person’s genitals or in their pubic area, you may wish to reconsider, or consider using a condom. Note, however, that the absence of sores does not preclude the transmission of some diseases such as Herpes or HPV.
  • Checking for any discharge that is not pre-cum, semen, or urine coming from the penis. If you see something, avoid the penis!
  • As the person performing oral sex, if you have cuts or open sores (including bleeding gums, such as you might experience right after brushing your teeth or flossing), then your risk is elevated as the open sore(s) provides a direct path into the bloodstream for many bugs. Unless you are bleeding rather profusely, the risk to a person on the receiving end of oral, however, is substantially less likely to become infected with a non-contact infection (HPV and Herpes are contact infections).
  • If time and situation permits, talk to your partner about any diseases they might have or what they might have been exposed to, whether they’ve been tested, etc.
  • Diseases can be spread via semen and pre-ejaculate fluid. If he cums in your mouth your risk is elevated as opposed to him not cumming in your mouth. It doesn’t matter if you spit or swallow, either. Getting it in your mouth is the issue, doubly so if you have any skin discontinuity along your gums or in your mouth.

Condoms for Oral Sex

One way to mitigate the risks associated with oral sex is through the use of condoms. A great may people dislike using these rubber barriers for oral far more so than for intercourse. This is understandable given what they feel like in the mouth and their taste. But it should be telling that a lot of prostitutes refuse to perform oral sex on their clients without the use of a condom.

Here are some quick tips on how to use condoms while giving a guy head:

  • Avoid condoms with spermicide on them. They will taste like shit.
  • You should also avoid lubricated condoms, as the lube on these things generally tastes like shit as well. You won’t need lube for oral sex, so a basic, unlubricated, plain condom will work just fine in most cases.
  • Some people detest the smell and taste of latex. If that applies to you, consider using a polyurethane condom. Avoid lambskin condoms (if you even find these) because they, too, taste like shit, and they don’t prevent disease transmission (and you’re certainly not going to be worried about a pregnancy while sucking dick)
  • Several manufacturers make flavored condoms specifically for the purposes of oral sex. Be sure to avoid those labeled as being “For Novelty Use Only.” These are not approved by the FDA for the prevention of STDs or pregnancy. You typically find these at convenience stores and in the dispenser machines in gas station bathrooms.
  • Condoms do not necessarily prevent all infections, especially contact infections like herpes and HPV. And even if you try, keeping your lips and tongue only on the condom during a decent BJ is pretty tough to do.

Many guys have an aversion to condoms. And while that may be understandable for a variety of reasons, you’re the one who’s going to run the primary risk of getting an infection. The final decision is up to you. If you have a guy who dislikes them, get him a few to “practice” with. He can put one on and masturbate with it to get used to the sensations. Condoms can also help if a guy cums too fast for you when you’re sucking his cock, by the way. Put a condom on him and your BJ will last longer. Granted it is much less intimate when doing it with a condom, but it will solve multiple problems at once in many cases.

Physical Safety

There are a handful of other penile health and safety issues you need to be cognizant of beyond those related to diseases. For example, teeth present a danger to the cock when you’re giving a guy head. They will tear the soft, thin, blood vessel-rich skin on a penis quite easily, even if you just lightly scrape them across its surface as it’s moving into and out of your mouth. Some guys may want you to use your teeth, and if that’s the case have him explain to you what he wants specifically. Some guys like to have their cocks lightly chewed on or lightly bitten and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be aware, however, that the presence of blood increases the risk of disease transmission greatly, so you do need to exert some care when doing this kind of thing. You’d be surprised at how bloody an erect penis will get if it is merely scratched.

Some guys like to use cock rings during sexual activity. This increases the size a little bit (from additional blood being trapped in the penis), stiffens the erection, can prolong an erection, and can increase the strength of the orgasm for him as well. It’s a safety issue not so much from your perspective, but from his. So since you’re down there performing a “close up” inspection of the rod, you need to be on the lookout for signs that the ring is too tight and may be interfering with the penis’ functionality. Most professionals recommend you don’t leave those on longer than 20-30 minutes. Because of the additional accumulation of blood, bruising is much easier, and therefore the teeth are much more likely to cause some damage (albeit primarily superficially, but see the point in the preceding paragraph). If the penis starts to turn blue or starts getting too swollen, the ring should be removed immediately.

Finally, you should also note that it is possible to “break” a penis, or rather, one or more of the cartilaginous tubes running through the penis. This most often occurs during vigorous intercourse, however, and is not likely to be something you encounter performing oral sex (even with vigorous throat fucking). We’ll discuss this more in other courses, but I did want to bring it to your attention that it is something you need to be aware of.

So now that we’ve discussed some basic health and safety concerns, let’s talk about how to give a guy a blowjob.