Chapter 34: Busy Day

Melissa groaned with deep pleasure as Serena finished massaging her shoulders.

Stepping back, Serena said, “Wow, you’ve got a whole new collection of sore spots. What, or who, the hell have you been fucking?”

“I wish it was fucking. I mean, that’s what a sex slave’s supposed to do, right? But no, Erik wants an action-girl sex slave.” Melissa gingerly pushed herself up from the massage table into a sitting position on the edge facing Serena.

Looking down at her body, Melissa said, “On the other hand, I haven’t looked this good since I was a teenager doing ballet five times a week. I’ve lost four pounds in the last two weeks, and I must have put on at least a couple pounds of muscle, so that’s like six pounds of fat.” She reached down to pinch the skin below her belly button. “This is almost all gone, and I thought I was never going to lose it.” Reaching up to cup her breasts, she complained, “Of course, these are a little less full, but my period is supposed to be coming up next week – or was – I just started a new constant-dose birth control pill that’s supposed to plump these little girls up. We’ll see.”

“If it’s the same one I use, it does a little bit. Some women I know say it’s almost a cup size… for me, not so much.”

“What is it about no-period pills and lasering off pubic hair that all of you know about, but I’ve never heard before?”

“Hey, when you’re like me and your paycheck is based on having sex, getting rid of periods is like a 20% raise in income. And no razor stubble, that helps too.”

“I guess, but Deborah doesn’t make her living from sex.”

Serena snorted, saying under her breath, “Could’a fooled me.”

“Sorry, I keep forgetting you two aren’t exactly best buds.”

“Aw, I was just being catty so I’d keep in practice.”

Melissa laughed, then looked ruefully down at her breasts again. “Well, if they don’t plump up, and if I keep going around without a bra all summer, these little girls are going to start hanging down to my belly button.”

Serena chuckled, “Yeah, well then you can learn the next secret for sex-workers. I’ll introduce you to a great plastic surgeon.”

“You’ve had plastic surgery?” Melissa asked startled, “But you’re not… like huge or anything.”

“No way. The Barbie doll look never did it for me.” Serena cupped her breasts, “But there’s mesh under here…” Drawing her hands upwards to her ribs above her breasts, she continued, “and it’s anchored up here. It’s like wearing a bra inside, full time. Plus there’s about 100 ml of silicone in each boob, just enough to fill in where they’d started to sag.”

Melissa was stunned, “But, there’s no scars or anything.”

“Hah! In through the belly button and there’s also…” she lifted an arm and pointed, “these tiny little lines under each armpit.”

“Holy shit, they can do that?”

“The good plastic guys, yeah.”

“Okayyy, so that’s good to know, I guess, but I have to admit – surgery was not on my to-do list for this summer.”

Serena laughed, “I hope not; the recovery time is like two months – I mean, that’s before you can go back to your wild and carefree ways. The hospital stay is only a couple of days or so.”

“Right…” Melissa shook her head, “The things we do for men. I know Deborah has… been modified. So like, Mistress Amy too?”

“Those sure as hell aren’t original equipment.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“That’s one of the reasons she’s so jealous of you. You’re gorgeous, your breasts are still full and tight, and it’s clear that you’ve never gone under the knife.”

“I don’t know that I’d go as far as… Did you say she’s jealous of me?”

“Sure, she’s been lusting after Erik for fucking ever.”

“But she’s a dom. I thought that doms don’t get together, like that, I mean.”

“No, it hardly ever works out, but since when has reality ever mattered to a woman who’s totally infatuated.”

Melissa shook her head sadly, “Yeah, sure as hell never stopped me. But wow, I didn’t realize… that’s just weird.”

“She keeps it pretty well hidden. I’m not sure Erik realizes either, and he’s pretty damn perceptive, for a guy. I mean, he probably has some sense of it. He certainly likes her as a friend and fellow dom, but I think he’s fairly clueless about the depth of her puppy love.”

“Ha! ’Puppy love’ and ‘Mistress Amy’ – those aren’t words I’d generally use in the same sentence. Killing puppies, maybe…”

Serena had started laughing, but then abruptly stopped. “Not a good joke to make, about killing puppies, I mean. There’s always rumors spread around about the kink community – sick shit like killing puppies, gerbils up the ass, that sort of thing. People in the kink community get a little sensitive about stuff like that.”

“Oh. Sorry. I’ll be more careful.”

“Not your fault.” Changing the subject, Serena asked, “So, what’s with all your new sore spots.”

“Well, my day started with the usual Mistress Amy torture session, as always, disguised as a work-out session. Did she ever use her special electric dildo/butt-plug combo on you?”

“Once. It was sort of a performance art bit. Not a thing I’d want to do again, but I sure as hell can see how’d it motivate you to exercise hard.”

“Yeah, the first time, she didn’t tell me anything about how it worked, so when it started rewarding me for effort, I maxed out and got a nice little orgasm. I thought that was the point.”

Serena shook her head sadly, “I remember. Of course, then it started.”

“Yep. I had no energy left, so when the damned thing started shocking me, I couldn’t put out enough effort to get it back in the safe zone. God, I thought I was going to fucking die by the time I was done.”

“But you’re a pro by now.”

Melissa nodded, “Except she keeps upping the exercise level I need to stay away from the shocks.” She shook her head angrily, “That and Erik’s fucking purple globe thingie. God, I hate electrical shit.”

“Some people really like it.”

“Yeah, well they’re fucked in the head.”

“And some people really love being spanked and whipped and shit like that.”

“Okay, okay, point made.” Melissa laughed sheepishly. “Anyway, after my Mistress Amy workout, it was off to the races. Literally, I mean, cause Erik and Mike set me up with some sort of driving class for ‘evasive maneuvers.’ I spent the whole morning learning how to do an emergency J-turn.”

“A what?”

“It’s this thing you see in movies. So, like, they set up this thing where I come around a corner, and there’s a roadblock, with guys and AK-47s. Then it’s like, shit, ‘I got to get out of here.’ So I slam the shifter in reverse, duck down below the dashboard, you know, so I don’t get shot, and then I have to drive full speed, nearly blind, backward around the corner. Then, I pop back up, jam on the brake with my left foot, pull the wheel hard over to throw the car into a spin, while I jam the shifter back into drive and floor the accelerator with my right foot. At just the right instant, I get off the brake, straighten out and roar back out the way I came.”

“Fucking stunt driving?”

“Yep… Erik’s excuse is that because I want to be an archeologist and work in all these ‘third-world hell holes,’ I need to know how to get away from bad guys at a checkpoint.”

“Okay. Well, I guess he’s got a point.”

“I’d say it’s more of his Lara Croft fantasy, except Mike mostly agrees with him, even though he says calling someplace a ‘hell hole’ is a really bad habit of Americans. He said even the scariest countries he’s been in have great people and ancient cultures; they’re just dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. So anyway, I learned how to escape roadblocks all morning, even though I must have bruised my ribs in the same damn fucking place fifteen times over.”

“That’s why you were so tender…”

“Yeah. Then I got back here, had lunch, and fired off another two boxes of ammo, cause, you know, I need to carry a gun to keep me safe when I’m slumming around the globe. Certainly not because that’s got anything to do with Erik’s Tomb Raider fetish or anything.”

Melissa halted, suddenly wide eyed, “God, I wonder if my being in Archeology was part of why he was attracted to me in the first place?” After a moment, she snorted and shook her head, “But I don’t even look anything like Angela… whatever her name was.”

“Angelina Jolie.”

“Right. Wow, archeologist… that’s weird. Something to think about. But that’s still not the end of my ‘Lara Croft wannabe’ training. On the way back from driving school, I had to run down to the leather shop for a final fitting of what turned out to be a fucking set of goddamn leather armor for this sword-mistress shit that Erik talked me into.”

Serena laughed. “Hey, if you’re in for a penny, you ought to be dressed for the full pound, right?”

“Well, I don’t see you doing the Amazon warrior babe thing.”

“Oh, I’ve done that too. But mostly just the dress-up stuff… never really learned how to use a sword or shield. Did some nude wrestling stuff too.”

Melissa snorted. “God, we’re so weird, the shit we do. Anyway, I brought back my new armor and put it on for my lesson with Polly. I swear, she was trying so hard not to laugh, I thought she was going to explode.”

“That bad, huh?”

“All you need to know is that Erik and Master Drexler at the leather shop worked together on the design of the armor.”

Serena giggled, “Oh, there’s so much room for all kinds of bad in that combination.”

“Based on Polly’s reaction, they outdid themselves.”

“What does it look like?”

“Ever see Xena, Warrior Princess?”

Serena nodded.

“Well, think way, way worse than that. Go a few steps past ‘Rated M for Mature’ video game stuff.”

“Oh, I’ve got to see it.”

“Fat fucking chance, although it is sort of pretty. I mean, the leather work is gorgeous, but, dear God, I look so fucking stupid in it.”

“I don’t know; with a sword, I bet you look pretty badass in it.”

“Well, you can see my ass, for sure. And my tits. And pretty much every other part of me that’s soft and vulnerable. But it’s supposed to be ‘armor,’ right? Yeah, that’s pretty much bullshit.”

Serena laughed. “Oh, now I have to come and watch you fight for the first time.”

“You mean, watch me die fast. I truly suck. Today, for the first time, Polly set the swords on half power. So, when you get hit, you know, hard enough that a real sword would cut, the damned thing shoots out this really nasty electrical shock. And… I did mention how much I like electricity, right? Anyway, your whole fucking arm, or leg, or whatever gets hit, goes numb and tingling, and that’s at half fucking power. You get hit in the chest; it’s hard to breathe. So sure, it’s just a whole bucket of fun.”

Serena looked at Melissa dubiously, “And Polly says girls like doing this shit?”

“Yep. Claims it makes up for not playing football or something. Like I ever wanted to play football? Ballet was hard enough.”

“All I can say is, ‘better you than me,’ but I’m definitely going to ask Erik to go along with him and watch.”

“Hah, you go, you fight.”

“Not this girl. I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

“Crap, I should have tried that line on Erik.”

“Live and learn, little baby girl, live and learn.”

“Thanks! I bust my ass all day long, and that’s your pep talk?”

“Hey, that’s all I got. But does that mean you didn’t screw around at all today? No sex?”

“Nope. Not so far. So much for the ‘sex’ part of the ‘sex slave’ job description, although the driving instructor was pretty cute. Could’a balled him, I guess.”

Serena snorted.

Melissa added, “Cept I would have had to call Erik to ask for permission first.”

Serena cocked an eyebrow.

Melissa explained, “We set ground rules last night. I can mess around with women, no problem, but men, I got to ask first. Then again, it goes for Erik too, except vice versa.”

Nodding slowly, Serena said, “Okay, makes sense, I guess. So, was the instructor really cute?”

“Sort of, but in a hunky vanilla kind of way. It’s weird… you know, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m not sure what vanilla sex would be like again.”

Serena laughed sadly. “A lot like eating vanilla ice cream. Even if it’s really, really good vanilla ice cream, it’s… kind of boring. When you’re done, you wonder if it was worth the calories.”

“Oh wow, you really are a bucket full of joy. You mean, like, I’m ruined, forever?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Look, the truth is, you’re a submissive – at least as far as sex goes. And that’s pretty much hardwired; it’s not changing. So, it doesn’t mean you have to go outrageously into the kink world; I mean, you don’t have to sell yourself, get branded, and all that shit, but at the same time, you’re not going to wake up one morning and suddenly stop being a submissive. Face it, you really love being tied up and spanked. Do you think you can turn your back on all that and walk away?”

“Sometimes – I wonder. It still kind of freaks me out. Last night, with Erik, wow, that was pretty intense. I was so totally into being used by him. It was awesome, but it also scared me. I’m not sure I respect the woman I am when I’m in that headspace – someone who’d crawl up to him and beg to be used.”

“First off – I’m thinking you didn’t really crawl up to him and beg to be used.”

“Well, maybe not literally…”

“Cause that’s definitely not Erik’s style. And for a good reason. You may have noticed, he’s kind of a strong personality, so he’s got to have somebody who can stand up to him. Somebody equally strong, in her own way… and smart. Someone like you.”

“Well, thanks, but when I lose myself into being his slave, I mean, when that’s all I want, there’s this part of me that’s scared shitless about how much I’m giving away. You know, I’m pretty open-minded about women’s roles; it’s not like I’m a bra-burning radical feminist, even though I’m not sure I remember how to put on a fucking bra at this point – but being a sex slave? Isn’t that aiming kind of low in life?”

“Is sex slave your vocation or avocation?”

“Right now, it’s pretty much both.”

“Sure, but you’re talking about this semi-fictional summer job thing. Could you really do this forever?”

“Wow, I never really thought about… it’s well, so Erik is pretty hunky… but being a kept woman… No. No fucking way. I’d go stir crazy. I’d lose too much of myself if my whole world collapsed down to just being about him.”


“Bingo? That’s your one word of wisdom?”

“Yep. Bingo.” Serena shrugged, “I don’t gotta say anything else. You just said it all.”

After a moment, Melissa reluctantly agreed, “I guess you’re right.” She took a deep breath and sighed. “Do other women, other subs like me, have the same fears?”

“Sure. If they don’t, they’re fucking crazy. But everyone who comes to terms with being kinky has to go through some sort of awkward process before they accept themselves.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve said this exact same thing a time or two before. And so, maybe after I’ve heard it twenty more times, I’ll start believing it. In the meantime… sorry for being so dense.”

“Yeah, well thank God you’re so fucking cute. Sort of makes up for you being dimwitted and all.”

“Gosh, you say the nicest things.”

“Just be glad I didn’t take advantage of your heartfelt embrace of your sub-hood. I mean, I could have ordered you down on your knees to eat me out.”

Melissa batted her eyelashes coyly. With a soft Southern drawl, she said, “But you still could, for I have been bidden to follow your commands in all such things. Indeed, I would eagerly satisfy your every desire and whim.”

Serena laughed, “As Erik would say in some silly Chinese accent, ’Now the student has become the master.’”

Abandoning her seductive tone, Melissa groaned, “Oh God, he doesn’t watch Chinese martial arts movies, does he?”

“What? He hasn’t made you sit through six in one afternoon?”

“Oh shit no.”

“Well, consider yourself forewarned.”