Chapter 35: Busy Night

Erik pulled the Range Rover up to the valet stand and reached over to undo Melissa’s seatbelt. She took a deep breath to steady herself as the valet opened her door. With a cool smile, she turned in her seat toward him. As she had fully expected, her cape gaped open, flashing him a clear view of her naked body underneath. She only wore high heels and a careful binding of thick, soft, black rope around her torso. The rope bound her arms behind her, although Erik had thankfully only tied those knots moments ago when he had stopped just around the corner. She was grateful because she was fairly certain that she couldn’t have tolerated driving all the way into the city with her arms strapped behind her. Her shoulders and ribs were already too sore and bruised from today.

When the valet realized that she didn’t have the use of her arms, he reached it to steady her as she stepped out. He clearly had some experience doing this before.

She made it to standing upright on the sidewalk without any stumbles. By that time, Erik had joined them. He took the ticket stub from the valet and thanked him. Turning to Melissa, Erik adjusted the thin fabric of the cape, so it fell closed once again in the front. Melissa thought his concern for her modesty was somewhat misplaced since the sheer black silk chiffon was ludicrously transparent in any case, but she was glad for at least the figment of modesty while standing out in front of the club.

Reaching behind her with one arm, Erik casually grasped her crossed arms through the back of her cape to steady her, then waved her forward with his free hand. Together, they walked inside.

Richard, the mâitre d’, greeted them with a warm smile. “Master Erik, Slave Melissa, how wonderful to see you again.”

Erik replied, “Always a pleasure to be here again.”

“Master Michael and Slave Deborah just arrived a few minutes ago. I believe they are in the courtyard, looking at the maker’s faire exhibits.”

Erik was momentarily surprised. “I had completely forgotten that you’re hosting the kink faire this weekend. Is everyone already set up?”

“Thursday night has become something of a Members Preview night, so almost all of the vendors are set up.”

“Excellent, we’ll join Master Michael and Deborah there first, before going to our table.”

“Certainly sir. May I lead the way?”

“No need, Richard, but thank you.”

“Certainly sir. May I take the young lady’s wrap?”

“No, sometimes it’s a bit cooler in the dining room… but perhaps I should turn it back while we’re in the exhibit space.” Erik lifted the black silk away from her front, sweeping both sides of her cape back to rest on her shoulders. The thin fabric draped nearly to the floor behind her, leaving her completely exposed from the front.

She had gotten to the point where being naked in front of strangers didn’t bother her as much as it had at first, but she was very self-conscious about the thick black rope looping under her crotch, where the rope had pulled up between her labia. Even though Erik hadn’t tightened the rope excessively, the pressure the rope exerted on her clitoris was very enjoyable. The public nature of her stimulation, however, was embarrassing. She found herself glad her arms were bound behind her. The bindings made it obvious that she couldn’t do anything about how she was being displayed.

Erik guided her down the carpeted hall that she remembered from her first evening with him. They paused for a moment at the French doors opening onto the two-story courtyard with the faux night sky ceiling. All of the small wrought iron tables and chairs that had been in the courtyard during her first visit were gone, replaced by rows of rectangular folding tables covered in black draping. A smattering of guests wandered around, examining a wide variety of goods displayed on the tables. Vendors stood beside or behind their wares, answering questions and demonstrating items. A few tables were still bare or were being set-up by late-arriving vendors. Across the room, Melissa saw Michael and Deborah. Melissa choked back a laugh when she realized that Erik and Michael had conspired on plans for the evening. Deborah was bound with her arms behind her, using the same thick black rope. Melissa wasn’t sure, but it looked as though the rope was looped and tied the same way across Deborah’s body as her own. Deborah also wore a cape, with the front open and swept back across her shoulders, except her cape was made of a shimmering gold material. Her high-heeled sandals were gold as well.

Melissa thought Deborah made a more striking appearance than she did. The shimmering gold cape framed her dark hair and duskier Mediterranean skin tone. Melissa wasn’t sure if the other woman’s beauty made her jealous or horny, but she certainly felt a pang of something.

Erik guided her forward, toward the other couple. As they walked, Melissa could feel a fresh warm wetness on the rope between her legs. She smirked to herself about how her question of ‘jealousy or arousal’ had been answered so quickly.

Michael and Deborah noticed their approach and came across the room to meet. Both men were dressed in beautifully tailored, European-cut business suits. Seeing them together, Melissa realized their suits were also part of the night’s costumes. Erik didn’t wear suits often, but when he did, his tailoring was more American or British. Tonight, the men looked as though they had stepped out of a French movie. Melissa chuckled quietly, thinking she and Deborah were actresses in the same French movie, perhaps a remake of The Story of O.

Deborah surprised Melissa by gracefully descending to her knees on the tiled floor, then bowing toward Erik, saying only, “Master.”

Melissa moved to kneel as well, although she hesitated, worried about losing her balance with her arms tied behind her. She felt Erik surreptitiously steadying her, which gave her the confidence to gracefully complete her kneeling pose. Matching Deborah, she bowed to Michael and said, “Master.”

Michael raised an eyebrow toward Erik, who returned a small shrug. Both men shook hands and exchanged greetings. Stepping back, Erik reached down to help Melissa regain her feet. Michael started to offer Deborah a hand, but she rose smoothly to her feet without assistance.

Michael shook his head fractionally, a little bemused, then turned to talk with Erik about the latest twists and turns in the Sunstone situation. Melissa turned to Deborah to say hello but found the other woman staring blankly into the distance, as if she was devoid of free will or intelligence.

Uncertain what the protocol was for the evening, Melissa adopted a pose mirroring Deborah’s.

The men noticed the women’s silence and paused their conversation, turning to look at them. Michael nodded his head toward Deborah and told Erik, “Somebody was all pissy about having to leave work on time today. I don’t know if she’s being all SAMmy, or if she’s suddenly taken an interest in high protocol.”

Erik replied, “Well, we did dress for the whole Continental high protocol thing, so we could give her the benefit of the doubt.”

Something about Erik’s tone set warning bells off for Melissa, but Michael interrupted her thoughts by telling Deborah, “You may greet your friend and speak quietly with each other.”

Deborah nodded a bow, “Thank you, Master.” Then she stepped forward, pressing her naked body against Melissa’s. Melissa looked down in surprise just as Deborah tilted her head up and kissed Melissa full on the lips. To Melissa’s continued surprise, the kiss was not brief. Instead, Deborah pressed her tongue into Melissa’s mouth, passionately kissing.

Melissa was confused. The situation seemed to be the sort of play-acting that was part of a ‘scene,’ and normally she would go along with it, but something didn’t feel right. Uncertain, she didn’t break away from Deborah’s kiss, but she also didn’t return it with the same ardor.

Michael pulled Deborah back, breaking her connection to Melissa. “Alright,” he said, “I think we get the idea.”

“But Master,” Deborah cooed, “I thought you liked watching me make out with beautiful women.”

Melissa winced internally at the mocking tone that underlay Deborah’s words. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a quick grimace twitch the corners of Erik’s mouth before he repressed it.

Michael looked off in the distance, unhappily, before abruptly turning on his heel and walking over to a vendor’s table. Deborah returned to her blank stare.

Melissa glanced at Erik, puzzled. He gave her a small shake of his head, signaling her not to do anything for the moment.

Looking back at Michael, she could see he was buying a nasty-looking, thin whip. He handed the vendor some money and walked back, without waiting for change.

When he reached them, Michael grasped Deborah’s bound arms from behind and firmly guided her over to an empty table. Erik and Melissa followed unenthusiastically.

In a low voice, Michael told Deborah, “You know I can’t stand a SAM. Erik has even less tolerance. Why you decided to pull this shit here and now, I don’t know. But what I am sure of is that you have a choice. Bend over and it’s done. Or leave, and we’re done, completely, done.

Deborah’s looked down at the whip he was holding, and her eyes flashed rage.

Michael faced her impassively. He simply said, “Your choice. A half dozen.”

Melissa could see the struggle in her friend’s face. Melissa wanted to step forward and say something to make things right, but she didn’t fully understand the dynamics of what was happening or what she could do. All she knew for certain is that Deborah hated being spanked or whipped, and the whip in Michael’s hand looked particularly cruel.

Before Melissa could figure out what to do, Deborah visibly wilted and turned to lean across the table. Michael lifted her golden cape out of the way, then slashed the whip across Deborah’s rear, without any warm-up. Deborah jerked and gasped. The impact of the whip raised an immediate red welt.

As Michael drew his arm back, Melissa looked wide eyed at Erik, pleading silently for him to do something. His face was edged in grim unhappiness, but he did nothing.

After the second stroke, tears began streaming from Deborah’s eyes. She started quietly sobbing. Melissa looked around the room. Nearly everyone was watching, impassively.

After two more strokes, a thin keening came from Deborah’s mouth. Melissa resolved to push forward and stop the punishment. Before she could move, however, Erik caught Michael’s arm as it came back. Michael pushed back against Erik, but the younger man’s grip was firm.

Erik said quietly, “You taught me to never, ever, top when you’re angry. Remember?”

With a frustrated shake, Michael pulled back from Erik’s grip, staring angrily at him. After a long moment, punctuated only by Deborah’s quite sobs, Michael gathered greater control of himself. He turned the whip over to Erik, “Two more.”

Melissa watched, appalled, as Erik stepped toward Deborah, his lips compressed into a thin, hard line, but his face otherwise a mask. He drew his arm back, then flicked the whip forward. It cracked against Deborah’s marked buttocks, leaving another thin red line, only slightly less intense than the previous four.

Melissa closed her eyes, trying to shut out the scene. Her heart ached as the final swish of the whip ended in a crack.

Opening her eyes again, she saw Michael reach down to free Deborah’s arms, then help her stand. She was still sobbing quietly. Michael held out his arms to offer an embrace. Without hesitation, Deborah leaned forward into him, laying her wet face against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her.

Erik gestured to Melissa that they should walk away. After a moment’s hesitation, Melissa followed his lead. Once they got far enough away not to be easily overheard, Melissa asked in a furious whisper, “What the hell was that?”

Erik sighed, “Not good.”

“No shit!”

“Deborah wanted to stay at work tonight. The BoJ is going to make an announcement that could screw with the Yen rates, but Michael leaned on her to come. She was pissed… and in full smart assed masochist mode.”

Erik gestured at the other people in the room, then explained, “She deliberately embarrassed him in front of everyone. He… hates that, and she knows it.”

“So he fucking whipped her? And you helped him? That wasn’t some sort of playtime whipping. That was just plain mean.”

“Mel, everyone lives their life differently. Michael and Deborah, these are their rules, and she accepts them. She could have safe-worded out.”

“Yeah, except he threatened to end their relationship. Like that’s fucking fair!”

“Please… please be careful about judging. Many doms and subs have relationships like this, where the dom is expected to punish the sub for misbehavior. This is something that Michael and Deborah negotiated at the beginning of their relationship.”

Melissa stepped back from Erik, shocked. “You’re excusing that? You believe that’s okay too? That you have the right to punish me?”

Erik shook his head. “No. If you do something I don’t like, we’ll talk about it. I don’t believe that being a dom gives me any right to punish you like that… and that’s a hard line for me. But you also need to understand, that’s not necessarily how other doms behave. Or what other subs expect.”

“That’s sick!”

“Mel, the first rule of living in this world,” he gestured around the room again, “is not being judgmental. People choose to live their lives all sorts of ways. Lots of people out there,” he gestured toward the street, “would say that what you like is sick.”

“Yeah, well sometimes I’d agree with them.”

“This rocked you hard, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s just… wrong.”

“I wasn’t happy with how it all unfolded either.”

“So how come you finished off whipping her? That was pretty damn cold.”

“I stopped Michael from finishing, so by his rules… by the rules he and Deborah agreed to, that meant I had to finish her punishment. It’s… it’s like what I do in business. Sometimes, I have to be cold.”

“You mean, sometimes you have to be a psychopath?”

“Hey, I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath.”

“Say what?”

He smiled, “It’s an old joke. It was a quote from a BBC show about Sherlock Holmes.”

She shook her head, relaxing a little. “You’re weird.”

He chuckled, “That too.”

Looking around, they both stiffened a little as they saw Michael and Deborah walking over to them. The two of them looked worn out. Deborah twisted a darkened handkerchief in her hands. She had used it to wipe tear-streaked makeup from her cheeks.

Michael said, “We’re going to go back to my place. I’m very sorry about tonight.”

While Erik reassured him that it wasn’t a problem, Melissa caught Deborah’s eye and asked, “Are you okay?”

Deborah nodded. “I’m really sorry for screwing up.”

Melissa moved closer to Deborah and whispered, “Are you sure you want to go home with him?”

Deborah looked up at Melissa, startled. “He’s my Master.”

After an awkward moment, Melissa was able to give her a reassuring nod, and then Michael and Deborah left.

Once they disappeared through the French doors and down the hallway, Melissa blew out the breath she had been holding. “God, that’s… I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.”

Erik nodded. “It’s part of the reason why she and I aren’t together anymore.”

Melissa shot him a perplexed look.

He explained, “She’d do stuff like that, to provoke me. I guess… sometimes, she wants a man who’ll ‘put her in her place.’ Hell, I don’t know… but whatever it is, it’s a game I just don’t want to play.”

Melissa was silent for a while, before responding, “That’s good. Me neither.”

Erik nodded his agreement, then looked down at the whip in his hand.

Melissa asked, “Ah, can we throw that out?”

Erik frowned, “It’s a hand plaited, kangaroo-hide single tail, made by Don Burgoo. Throwing it out would be… a sacrilege.”


“Strongest leather in the world.”

“Hippity, hoppity, cute little kangaroos?”

“They’re not really all that smart, or cute. It’s all the editing in the videos.”

“Okayyy. Just don’t use that thing on me.”

“Ah, is my duly appointed sex slave telling me what I can and can’t do?”

“In this case, damned straight.”

Erik snorted, bemused. “I suppose I should respect that hard line from you.” In a more serious tone of voice, he asked, “You do know that you can set hard lines, right? Make them clear and I will absolutely respect them. Every dom should. It’s part of the safe, sane, consensual thing.”

She nodded.

He continued, “When doms and subs get together in a relationship, or even just for play, there’s always a careful negotiation beforehand, about what each one likes, doesn’t like, and where their hard lines are drawn. I know we didn’t do that, but this is all new for you, so I’ve tried to feel our way through our mutual kinks very carefully.”

He nodded toward the door where Michael and Deborah had just left, “I wasn’t kidding about them negotiating his right to punish her like that. Michael really hates SAMmy subs, and Deborah has that tendency, when she gets angry – sort of a passive-aggressive thing.”

He paused, shaking his head sadly, “Some doms and subs love the whole smart assed masochist thing. The sub plays a brat, who has to constantly be punished. You and I even joke around like that sometimes. But when Deborah gets in her pissy mood, she puts a real ‘fuck you’ anger in her brattiness, which slams into one on Michael’s biggest hot buttons. His ex-wife was horribly passive-aggressive. She tormented him for years about his kink… about everything… about anything. So, SAM behavior really sends him over an edge.”

“SAM means smart assed masochist, right?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Inside baseball.”

She snorted, “I’ve never seen you watch sports.”

“Yeah, it’s a lack of time and interest. Plus, I have other hobbies.”

“So I’ve noticed, Master.”

“See, you didn’t completely forget protocol.”

“Well, Master, it is difficult to forget, when I’m standing here all tied up and naked.”

“Naked? That’s a perfectly serviceable cape.”

“Yes, Master.” Melissa curtseyed. The rope running past her clitoris unexpectedly slid back and forth as she did. She struggled to hide her shudder.

Erik gave her a sly grin, then added, “To be serious for a moment, are you okay with the whole thing that happened here?”

“Not really ‘okay with it,’ but I understand it better. As long as it’s not something you’d ever do, I guess… I’ll live with it. The whole thing still feels ugly, though.”

“It was ugly. I agree. Although, to tell the truth, what I did in the shower the other morning was a much worse screw-up, and I really am extraordinarily sorry. Unlike tonight, where what happened was something that Deborah had agreed to beforehand, in the shower I was just being an asshole – an abusive asshole. I was very angry with myself later on, and I never really adequately apologized. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, okay. I’m not sure what to say, but thank you for apologizing.”

“So, sorry for making tonight such a downer. I had such wonderful plans.”

She commiserated, “Alas, a dom thwarted. His careful plans in ruins all around him. But – he still has his dutiful slave, naked and tied, eager to do his bidding. So all is not lost.” She gave him an encouraging smile.

He laughed, the accumulated weight of the evening seeming to slide off him. Cupping her face in his hands, he said, “See, that’s why I love you so.”

He gave her a quick kiss, then straightened up to look around. “Anyway, I am hungry, but we can look around a little more before going into the dining room.”

She stood silently for a moment, desperate to ask him what he meant by ‘I love you.’ His tone felt far too casual to mean a ‘forever and ever’ love, but that didn’t stop her heart from pounding. She struggled for words, before finally answering, “Yes Master, I would like that.”

They walked together over to a nearby table. The woman vendor’s strange clothing and heavy makeup reminded Melissa of goth girls back in high school, but Melissa was startled when the she smiled at them, revealing an incredibly realistic set of vampire incisors. Erik simply nodded and smiled back, then looked down at her table, to inspect her merchandise. Melissa steeled herself to act more casually and joined Erik in looking at the goods arrayed on the table.

Unsurprisingly, all of her offerings were related to vampire lore in one way or another. Erik complemented her, “Beautiful craftsmanship.” Then he asked, “Nothing Lycan?”

She snorted in disgust and pointed at a collection of fur pieces painted with a brownish red edging to look like dried blood, “Their pelts. Otherwise,” she turned to glare across the room, “ask Marcus.”

Melissa followed her glance and saw a middle aged male vendor, dressed in black leathers. When he saw the female vampire looking his way, he bared his teeth back at her, revealing wolf-like canines. Looking closer, Melissa realized he was very hirsute, so much so that she wondered if some of his ‘fur’ was fake.

Erik said, “No, the pelts are quite impressive.” He looked to Melissa to verify she was ready to move on, then turned back to the vendor to say, “Good hunting.”

She replied, “Thank you, Master,” as they walked away.

Once they got out of earshot, Melissa asked quietly, “Oh my God, did she file down her teeth?”

Erik answered her in a low voice, “Some sort of custom dentistry. It looks permanent.”

“Wow, that’s just… a little hardcore.”

“I bet she startles people when she smiles out on the street.”

“Yeah, well, she’s a goth. She doesn’t smile.”

“Ouch, that was a bit catty.”

“Meow. Phewt, phewt.” 

“So I guess you’re not into vampire stuff?”

“Not really. Certainly not enough to get dental implants or whatever the hell that was. Uh… how about you?”

“Nope. Never been a big draw.”

Melissa released some breath that she had been holding, “Okay, that’s good.”

He looked around. “This is a great opportunity to check out what else might stir your loins.”

Melissa began to repeat incredulously, “Stir my…” but when Erik shot her a warning look, she quickly shifted to, “Yes, Master. Absolutely, Master. Stir away. No need for you to worry about any purple glowing things, not when there are so many other loin-stirring opportunities all around.”

He smiled, “Wonderful, glad you agree.” He waved her over to a different table, surrounded by racks of clothing. “For instance, what do you think of these?”

They walked over, and he nodded to the vendor. After studying the clothing options for a moment, he reached in and pulled out a French maid uniform on a hanger from one rack. After inspecting it for a moment, he held it up to her appraisingly. Since Melissa’s arms were still bound behind her, she simply stood still while he considered the outfit.

He set it down on the vendor’s table and asked her, “What do you think of it?”

“As my Master wishes, but I believe I already have something similar to it in my closet.”

Erik snapped his fingers, “That’s right, I already got you a perfectly wonderful French maid uniform, and you haven’t even worn it yet. When we get back, we must remedy that, right away.”

“Yes, Master.”

“That’s what I like, enthusiasm.”

“Uh, yes, Master!” Melissa said more energetically. 

“Capital!” Erik went back to studying the clothing selection. He reached in again and pulled out a Victorian gown. Holding it up in consideration, he said, “Now, I know you don’t have anything like this in your closet.”

“Yes, Master, but doesn’t it provide rather more coverage than is your usual wish?”

“True, true, all too true. Drat.” He put it back on the hanger and sorted among the other options before finally pulling out a long red silk Chinese-style dress.

Melissa thought the dress was beautiful, but she was momentarily surprised at his selection since it had a high Mandarin collar with even more coverage than the Victorian dress. Then she saw that there were slits on each side of the dress that seemed to reach to somewhere above the waistline.

“Oh Master, it is quite beautiful, but how would we know that it fits? I should be happy to try it on, but I appear to be a little tied up at the moment.”

Erik waved away her objection, “Not a problem.” He turned to the vendor, “Maurice… is it?”

“Yes, Master Erik.”

“Maurice will be delighted to do a custom fitting and create a bespoke gown in this style for you.”

“Absolutely, Master Erik.”

Erik reached into his suit jacket’s side pocket and took out one of his engraved business cards. “You may contact me here to arrange a fitting.”

“Yes, Master Erik. Thank you, sir.”

Erik nodded goodbye to the vendor, then led Melissa away.

Once they had moved far enough away, Melissa whispered, “You didn’t ask how much it cost.”

Erik sniffed, “Of course not.”

Melissa rolled her eyes.

Erik intoned, “Proper young women do not roll their eyes.”

“I fear I am not entirely a proper young lady, Master.”

Erik stopped and turned, his eyes sweeping up and down her naked form, from head to toe. “Quite so.” Then he led her on to the next table.

“Oh look,” he said in an ordinary tone, “Leather… latex… and rubber. Some of my favorite materials.”

Melissa struggled with how to tell him that latex and rubber were so tight and unforgiving that she had looked disgustingly fat in them. On the few occasions when she had tried on clothes like the ones on display, she had hated the way she looked. Then she paused, glancing down at her naked abdomen. In just a couple of weeks, Mistress Amy’s harsh conditioning techniques were already making an enormous difference. In another few weeks, she might actually look good in some of the things on display. She was suddenly eager to get to the point where she was that fit. Going clubbing in a latex dress and having men fall all over her had always been a secret fantasy. The reality, however, had never seemed possible. It was exhilarating to think that she might actually be able to, with Mistress Amy supplying the self-discipline that she had never been able to sustain by herself.

Erik sensed her shift in interest. He gave her a questioning smile.

She told him, “Perhaps not right now, Master, but in a few more weeks…”

He nodded, picked up one of the vendor’s business card from a stack of cards, and slipped it into his pocket. As they walked away, he told her quietly, “Those pieces were beautifully made. It’s a new store in town that I didn’t know anything about. Richard is great about finding up-and-coming suppliers. We’ll pay them a visit in a couple of weeks.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

They had wandered around to the table where Michael had purchased the whip that Erik was still carrying. Erik’s eye lit up as he said, “Ah, Don Burgoo. These are special.”

Melissa wasn’t too certain what made the collection of floggers and whips on the table different from the wide variety that Erik had at home, but they certainly looked well made. As Erik reached out to caress the leather of a tawse, she did her best to ignore the jump in her heart rate, as well as the sudden increase in lubricity around the rope that ran between her labia.

The vendor nodded hello to Erik, and he replied in kind. Melissa quietly took a deep breath to steady herself, while their attention was distracted.

Leaving the broad straps of the tawse behind, Erik reached over to pick up what seemed to be a tiny riding crop, smaller than his outstretched hand. Still feeling nervous, Melissa asked humorously, “What would you ever use that for? Swatting fruit flies?”

The vendor turned to give her a baleful look, which made her immediately regret her attempt at silliness. Erik, however, smiled and snorted quietly at her comment. He held up the diminutive crop and mused aloud, “Perhaps we should show her exactly what this little thing can do…”

“Ahhh, I meant no disrespect, Master.”

“Certainly. So, what do you think this could be used on – what sensitive part of the body might benefit from its stimulation?”

“Ummm, nipples? Sir.”

“I suppose it could be employed there, but it was lovingly made by Don Burgoo here for a somewhat different sensitive spot.”

Melissa blanched, “Oh my god no, Master. Not my clitoris?”

“Oh good. You got it in one.”

“Oh shit… sir. That’s… oh my fucking God.”

Erik smiled broader, “Your enthusiasm is absolutely beguiling. So, shall we see if Richard has a private room available?”


“Or… there’s this empty table right here…”

Resigning herself to the inevitable, Melissa’s shoulders slumped, and she bowed her head. “As my Master wishes.”

Erik told Don Burgoo, “Put it on my account,” as he led Melissa over to the empty table. He untied her wrists, but left her elbows tied to her sides, so she could only move her lower arms. Then he helped her to sit on the edge of the table.

Reaching up to his suit’s breast pocket, he pulled out what had looked like a black silk handkerchief square, but it proved to be a wide silk ribbon when he shook it out. He reached up to tied it around her head, and she realized that it was actually a blindfold, which he had hidden in plain sight.

Supporting her back, Erik eased her to lie back on the table, and then he lifted her legs up. One at a time, he retied her wrists to her ankles, so she was trapped with her sex exposed to everyone, unable to move or close her legs.

He slid a finger underneath the rope that ran between her legs and lifted it up, pulling it out of the warm wetness where it had laid between her labia. She whimpered involuntarily as he laid the rope back down, to the right of her labia, exposing her clitoral hood. She whimpered again as he drew the flat head of the crop slowly down her belly, then down across the thin flap of skin trying to protect her aching clitoris.

She gasped as she felt the head of the crop pull away, waiting, knowing that the blow would soon come. She tried to repress her trembling as she desperately wanted to flinch away, but she was tied too tightly, and he held her folded right leg firmly in his left hand.


She screamed. The intensity of the stimulation was overwhelming. It wasn’t all pain. It was something more. The pain seared her to her core, but the warmth of that pain radiated outwards, saturating her senses. She was terrified of the next blow, and craved it. If he had asked her, she would have begged him to continue.

But he didn’t ask. Instead…


The flat head of the miniature crop landed squarely on her clitoris again. Her scream was more guttural this time, torn from somewhere deep inside.

Vaguely, in the distance, she heard Erik and Don Burgoo discussing whether she might be disturbing the diners in the dining room down the hall.

After a long pause, she felt a cool, smooth shape pressing down on her lips. She was confused, but as the pressure continued, she opened her mouth and accepted the ball gag. It felt uncomfortably large. As Erik fastened the strap behind her head, she heard him apologizing for its size, but it was the smallest diameter the gag and collar vendor had brought tonight. He reminded her that her safe word with a gag was a repeated, “Ahr, ahr, ahr, ahr, until he stopped.”

He asked if she understood. When he asked a second time, she was able to focus enough to nod her head, yes. Even through the large ball in her mouth, a whimper escaped.

There was a cool silence, during which she clenched as tightly as she could.


The gag turned her scream into a growl. The fiery heat radiating from her sex seemed uncontrollable.


Her back arched as everything in her body tried to pull away, while some traitorous part of her wanted to give him a better angle for the next…


It wasn’t an orgasm, not in any usual sense. It was simply a level of stimulation that was impossible to contain. Some part of it was an orgiastic release. Some part of it was her brain overloading and simply shutting down. She went away for awhile, floating somewhere else.

She was only vaguely aware of being untied and having the ball gag removed from her mouth. When Erik lifted her in his arms, she was conscious enough to pull into him, so she didn’t hang off him like a rag doll, even though it would have been easier.

She had no idea how long it took her to swim back up toward awareness, but she eventually registered that they were sitting on a couch in a small, dimly lit room. He was holding her on his lap and stroking her hair.

She tried to speak, but her throat hurt and didn’t work properly. Finally, she croaked, “How long?”

“Not long.”

“Need water. Food.”


She felt a straw against her lips. Taking it into her mouth, she felt her jaw muscles complain. She sucked cool liquid into her mouth. It was sweet and salty. The salt burned her raw throat, but she drank it down eagerly.

Finally sated, she flopped back against him and snuggled in.

She woke up again, badly needing to urinate. “Uh, sorry. How long was I out?”

“A couple of hours.”

“A couple of… shit! I’m sorry.”

“You needed some downtime.”

“Uh, I really gotta pee. Is there…”

“You can pee on the couch if you don’t want to move yet.”

“Um, unless you want me to pee here, I’d really rather use the bathroom.”

“Good, me too.” He helped lift her up, then got up a little stiffly himself. “This way.” He led her to a door in the corner of what was a small bedroom, where there was a well-appointed bathroom.

She sat down gratefully on the toilet, releasing a loud stream into the bowl. A smile spread across her face as she sighed in relief. In front of her, Erik took off his jacket and undid his pants.

He asked, “Are you going to be awhile?”

She nodded, as her stream continued. He looked around the bathroom.

“Sink,” she suggested. Then she sat back, “Or you can pee on me…”

He snorted in amusement, but lifted up his penis and started to play a stream of yellow across her bare torso. The warm fluid felt good, and she lifted her hands up to catch it and rub the warmth across her abdomen.

He lifted the stream to wash across her neck. She dipped her head forward to take some in her mouth. His flavor was stronger than she wanted to deal with right now, so Melissa let it all dribble back out as she slumped back against the toilet.

She wasn’t sure why she had invited him to pee on her, or why he had; it had just seemed like something to do.

He chuckled, “You’ve been hanging out with Deborah too much.”

“Hey, I peed in the toilet. You’re the one who peed on me.”

“You seemed to have enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, I’m just a hopeless sexual deviant.”

“Ah, but you’re my hopeless sexual deviant.”

“Yes, Master,” she sighed, “all yours.”