Chapter 33: Evil Genius

Melissa backed into the garage and maneuvered the Aston Martin into its parking spot, next to her beat-up Nissan sedan and an equally beat-up old jeep. Erik had rearranged the parking spots, and she had joked that he had put her between the two worst cars, in case she hit one backing in.

He had laughed and told her that he wouldn’t have given her such a demanding car if he didn’t think she was a good driver. Despite his confidence, she always felt a little scared to back in. The view out the back of the Aston Martin was not as good as her trusty beater. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room in the garage to turn around. It was easier to back in than it was to back out.

She got out of the car and opened the trunk to get out several shopping bags. It was the first time that she had gone clothes shopping with Serena, instead of Cathy. After wrestling with her feelings, she had finally used the credit card Erik had given her. Cathy had always paid on their trips together.

All the clothes and shoes in the bags were the high-end sexy style that he liked. She simply couldn’t afford them on her own. She still didn’t believe she’d let Serena talk her into buying a pair of eight hundred dollar “fuck-me heels,” even if they were stunning.

Looking around, she realized that all of the cars were in the garage, which meant that Erik must already be home. She felt a pang of guilt for not being there to greet him but reminded herself that it was still her day off, until sunrise tomorrow morning.

Walking out of the garage, she was amused that she had a lilt to her step, clearly happy to have him back. At the entrance, she punched in the code to close the bat cave.

When she turned around, she saw Erik leaning against the door frame of the main entrance to the house. Her heart skipped. “God, he’s gorgeous,” she thought. “And I’m falling for him so fucking hard. Oh, crap!”

She walked up to him, setting her bags on a bench by the door, and wrapped her arms around him. “Long time, no see, Master.”

“The work of an evil genius is never done.”

“But you have to take breaks every once in awhile – to fuck your poor little sex slave silly – before you hatch your next plot for world domination.”

He smiled, “I don’t seek to dominate the world, only you.”

With a smile, she sank to her knees, then reached up to unfasten his belt, unzip his pants, and pull out his penis, which was full, but not yet completely erect. She took him fully into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his hardening shaft to wet it, then languidly pulled back away from him, while sucking hard, until the last of his penis reemerged from her mouth with a popping sound.

He looked down at her, content, then shook his head, “You realize it’s your day off, don’t you?”

With a feigned worried look, she asked, “Does that mean I can’t suck your dick, Master? That’d be mean.”

“No, I love it when you suck me. I love watching my penis disappear into your mouth, and I love the feeling when you take it down your throat.”

“You mean like this, Master?” She leaned forward and slid him deep inside, fighting briefly against her gag reflex, until she could make herself relax into his fullness. She realized that she hadn’t practiced on her soft dildo today, although she reminded herself that it was her day off, so she had an excuse.

She heard him groan in delight, which made the battle with her gag reflex worthwhile. She admitted to herself that she really did love serving him sexually. There was a warm pleasure she gained from being used by him for his own gratification. Even though that pleasurable feeling was wrong, by all that she had learned in her women’s studies class and all that she really did believe about the roles of men and women in society, the strength of the feeling was simply too strong to be denied.

She decided worrying about the paradox of her submissive needs could wait for another time. Right now she only wanted to concentrate on the pleasure she was giving him by sliding the head of his penis in and out of her throat.

Above her, she heard him groan, “Are you sure you really want me to come so quickly?” In response, she sped up her motion, slamming her face against him at the end of every stroke. He growled, straining against her as his penis pulsed, jetting semen into her throat. She pulled back a little, drawing the head of his penis into her mouth where she rolled her tongue around it while the remaining spurts of his semen coated her tongue and partially filled her mouth.

She pushed some of his ejaculate out, as Serena had taught her, so it dribbled down her chin. Melissa was amused, remembering what Serena had said, “Men love thinking that their load is so huge, you can’t take it all. They go crazy when they see it hanging out of your mouth, or running down your leg, or dripping out of your ass. And then, the thing is, you got to wipe it off and lick it all up like you can’t get enough of it. They’re such little boys, all proud of their cum. Of course, Erik had once told her something very similar, so he must know that she was deliberately making a show of it.”

Regardless of whether he knew that she was playacting her attraction to his semen, Erik sighed happily, leaning back against the doorway. She stood up and smiled, then pretended to have just discovered his semen dripping down her chin. Wiping it off with a finger, she stared at him as she very deliberately licked her finger clean. His eager reaction made it easy for her to ignore the taste and texture. Once she finished, he smiled and told her, “You are learning to be a very evil woman. I think you’ve been hanging out with Serena too much.”

“Don’t you like my naughty ways?”

“I love your naughty ways. Positively adore them… you, my dear, are insanely hot. Now kiss me, so I can taste myself in your mouth.”

Melissa stepped forward and leaned upwards to kiss him, her mouth opening to his as their tongues searched each other out. He wrapped her up in his arms, drawing her in close and tight. She melted into him, responding to the intense passion of his kiss.

Finally, they broke apart. She knelt back down, to put his now flaccid penis back into his pants. A drop of semen hung on the tip, which she licked off. With a grin, she squeezed his penis from base to head, milking out a final few drops onto her tongue. Then she tucked him back into his jeans, zipped him up, and redid his belt.

Standing back up, she said, “There you go, as good as new.”

He grinned back at her, “Something like that.” Nodding to her bags, he asked, “So what did you get?”

“Feed me first, and then I’ll give you a fashion show.”

“Hey, you already had an appetizer.”

She laughed, “That’d be a hell of a diet plan, ‘all the cum you want.’ I can see a lot of skinny women.”

“And happy men.”

“Yeah, so what’s not to like?”

“Hard to monetize. Getting women to pay for eating cum is not the normal arrangement.”

“Wonder why,” she said flatly.

“Hey, you did a wonderful job of making it look like you were into it,” he said with mock offense.

She became serious. Looking at him directly, she said, “I love eating your cum. I love every part of it. You have warped me. Serena helped, Deborah too. It’s not some yucky thing anymore. I mean, sure, the taste… and texture – not awesome, but I love it when you cum in me. I love feeling my mouth fill up with your hot cum. I love knowing that I made you cum in me. That makes it all good.”

He stared back at her for a long moment, then smiled slyly, “You know that got me hard again.”

She grinned back, “Yep, but you got to feed me real food first. And you got to tell me how it went at Sunstone today. You’re back early.”

He reached down to help her with the bags as they went into the house. “I got the last of the financing lined up, so we can fully fund the higher production rates. We also hired back two people today from layoff. I probably could have gotten by without them for another couple of weeks, but I wanted to make the point that we’re coming off the bottom.”

The delicious scent of cooking food teased Melissa. Setting down her bags on a kitchen counter, She asked, “How did everyone react?”

“Great. Given that it’s the first new production hires in several years, everyone’s excited. They trust me to fight off the Chin Ho bid, probably more than I trust myself.”

Melissa had been looking in the oven as he talked, but she glanced up quickly as he expressed doubt about navigating past Chin Ho. “Is there anything new with the Chinese?”

“No. The lawyers sent warning letters to both Helen and Chin Ho, threatening fraud charges, but I don’t trust either of them at all. It could still get messy. I’m trying to push through the negotiations with Crane Partners for the sale, but they’re worried about a permanent CEO, since I canned John. And selling to Crane doesn’t mean that Chin Ho won’t come back around and scoop up Sunstone from them. So yeah, everything’s still a crock of shit.”

“You’ll fix it. You’re my big, strong Master. You fix everything.”

Erik rolled his eyes, “Pardon me while I puke.”

“But dinner smells so good.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Grady got it going for me. It’ll be done in about five minutes. Your timing’s perfect. You just have time to change.”


He pointed at the bags they had carried in. “Pick out something you just got. I’m interested to see what Serena encouraged you to try out.”

Melissa snorted, “Did you hear about our afternoon escapade?”

“She did text me earlier, and we chatted on my drive home.”

Melissa walked over to the bags and started poking through them. “I felt awful about the front desk clerk at the hotel, messing up her life and then just disappearing.”

“From what Serena said, the desk clerk chose to join you, of her own free will, and then chose to leave without any further contact, also quite happily.”

“Maybe, but I know how devastating a first time experience can be. I just feel like we should have been more careful.”

“Probably, but Serena is a little impulsive. She operates more on intuition, rather than thinking things through. Sometimes it gets her into trouble. Of course, I know somebody else who’s going to be in trouble, if she isn’t changed when the oven timer goes off.”

“Yes Master,” Melissa said, as she sped up her hunt through the bags. “Any requests?”


She smiled, reaching for a particular bag, “Nasty, coming right up.” She pulled out a tangle of black leather straps, buckles, and rings, which she dumped on the counter. Moving quickly, she kicked off her shoes as she shrugged off her jacket. She pulled her blouse off over her head, not bothering to undo the few front buttons that were actually fastened. Hands dropping to her waistband, she quickly undid her pants and let them fall to the floor.

Lifting up the heap of leather and metal fittings from the counter, she turned it over until she found the beginning point she wanted. She held it up to her neck and asked Erik, “Can you fasten this?”

He grinned and walked over while she stepped away from her jumble of clothes and reached into another bag to get out the Italian pumps that Serena had talked her into. They were an arresting combination of sleek red and black leather, with red soles.

As Erik buckled the collar portion behind her neck, she slid her feet into the pumps, trying to remain as stationary as possible to help speed Erik along.

When he finished, a collection of leather straps hung down the front of her body. A single black leather strap descended from the front of her collar to a series of metal rings, each with other straps attached to them. Starting from the top, she passed him back a pair of straps that were attached horizontally to the first ring of a series, for him to buckle behind her. Jointly working their way downward, a slowly growing harness encircled her torso, until they reached her waist. Each ring in front was attached vertically to the ring above and below it by short vertical straps, with the horizontal straps coming off each side of all the rings.

In the pauses, while he was working on fastening the buckles behind her, she had put on wrist cuffs, and then arm cuffs which circled each arm just above her elbow.

Once he finished with the last waist strap, she reached down to a final long strap that hung vertically from the last ring at the waist. Widening her stance and spreading her labia, she carefully passed this strap between her legs back to him. She told him, “You’re supposed to thread it underneath the other straps and loop it through the back ring on the collar, then buckle it to itself.”

He deftly followed her instructions, then chuckled as he pulled the loop tight, “Is that how tight you want it?

She gasped, lifting a little onto her toes, “As you wish, Master.”

Still chuckling he fastened the buckle, although she was reasonably certain that he actually relaxed the tension a little when he selected the hole for the buckle.

She crossed her arms behind her for him to snap the cuffs onto rings attached to the straps that encircled her, but the oven timer started to beep before he clicked the first clip onto her harness.

“Uh-oh,” he intoned, “you were too slow. You should have picked something easier to put on.”

“But Master, I thought you’d like this one the best. Doesn’t that count for something?”

He finished clipping the last cuff to her harness and stepped away. She turned around to face him, legs spread apart and head thrown back, offering herself up to his inspection. He sighed with a horse growl. “Yeah, that means you’ll get special attention.”

She tried to bob a curtsey, but the sudden pressure exerted by her crotch strap brought her up short. After taking a shuddering breath, she exhaled with greater control and said, “Master takes such good care of me.”

He smiled at her, then looked quizzical, “How are you going to eat, trussed up like that?”

“Perhaps Master would be kind enough to feed me?”

He snapped his fingers, “Damn, the food!” Walking purposefully to the oven, he snatched up a kitchen towel and opened the door. Using the towel, he slid out a rack holding a cast iron Dutch oven and lifted its lid. He took a sniff and announced, “That’s good.”

Erik nodded at the dining table and told her, “Go ahead and sit down. I’ll bring everything over.”

Melissa walked to the table, taking small steps. The pressure of the crotch strap against her clitoris created very intense stimulation, which she tried to moderate as much as possible.

Using her knee, she slowly edged a chair out. Then she turned around, taking a deep breath to fortify herself, and very gingerly lowered herself to sit in the chair. She had to constantly fight against flinching as the crotch strap was slowly pulled forward, sliding past her extremely sensitized clitoris. When her naked buttocks were finally resting firmly on the cool wooden seat, she exhaled a long sigh of relief, punctuated by a quiet whimper.

She perched on the seat, sitting very erect, with her shoulders drawn back by having her arms bound behind her. Erik brought over a light summer stew in the Dutch oven, along with a bottle of wine and two candlesticks. He lit the candles and poured her a glass, then lifted it to her lips for her to drink. She managed to take a sip, without spilling.

Erik ladled some stew into a bowl, then took turns feeding himself and her.

Once her immediate hunger was sated, Melissa slowed down to ask, “Master, I’m not sure about, uh, the whole thing with other partners. I mean, I figure if Serena initiated something with another person, it’s okay with you…”

He nodded, “I did tell you that she had authority over you, so yeah, you’re right. At the same time, I expect you to exercise some independent discretion. As you pointed out, Serena can be a little impulsive. You can always safeword with her if something doesn’t feel right.”

“Okay… but how about with other people?”

“Well, the only other person I’ve said has power over you is Mistress Amy, and I somehow don’t see the two of you hanging out together like you do with Serena.”

Melissa grimaced, then quickly returned to a neutral expression. “Yes, that’s true. Um, but what happens if I run into someone like Michael in the city, and he orders me to, well, you know…”

“I haven’t given Michael permission to use you that way, and he wouldn’t, not without asking. But if you do run into a situation that isn’t clear to you, you should just call me before letting things progress.”

“Um…” Melissa looked down at the table, hesitating.


“Well – not that it’s happened, except maybe that bartender at the party – but what happens if I want to, you know, mess around. I’m a lot more horny nowadays than I usually am, and I don’t really know what the rules are. Sometimes, it’s like, go ahead and screw everyone in sight, and sometimes, it’s a bad thing.”

Erik nodded thoughtfully again. “In a more traditional master/submissive relationship, it’s never a question: a submissive only has sex with someone his or her Master has explicitly said, ‘have sex with this person.’ Our situation isn’t quite as formal, so we’ll just feel our way through a bit.” He paused, thinking some more, then asked, “Are you still feeling like your primary orientation is heterosexual?”

Melissa blushed. “Uh, yeah. I mean, I know that I’ve been messing around a lot with Serena… and Deborah… and Alouette… but really, it’s kind of like a fun distraction, or playtime, or something. It mostly works because I have you in my life.”

He gave her a reassuring smile. “Me too. And part of what makes it okay to me for you to be with other women is that I know it’s playtime. I don’t get jealous or worried in the same way as if it were a man.”

“You? Jealous?”

“Yeah, hey, I’m human. I’m not immune to fleeting insecurities.”

“Wow. But then, how about me? I mean, you’re screwing around with Serena and Amy and God knows who else.”

“Yes, but only around you. And only in playtime. I don’t go off and have assignations with other women in private.”

“Assignations? People really use words like that?”

A wicked grin darted around his mouth, “You might want to be careful teasing me,” he gestured at her bindings, “when you’re all tied up like that.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll be more respectful, Master.”

“Good, I’d hate to resort to a certain purple globe…”

“No need, not at all, Master. You just assignate away.”

“Indeed, except, that is the point – no assignations. I simply don’t think it’s right for me to screw around with other women on the side. At least, not without you knowing about it and agreeing to it.” He paused for a moment, then added, “And in the same way, if you come across some cute boy toy that you want to diddle – call or text me first for permission. Who knows, I might say yes.”

She gave him a wry look, “This is all pretty weird.”

“What,” he asked innocently,”having a conversation all bound up in your wonderful new harness or talking about ground rules for other sexual partners?”

She laughed. “Right. Point taken.”

“So, to be clear; women: go to town; men: ask first. I’ll do the same, vice versa. And we’ll see how it works. If it needs adjusting, we’ll adjust.”

“Okay, but somehow, I don’t see you screwing around with guys, at least, not as casually as I seem to have been making out with girls.” 

“No, I don’t, not usually. When I’m doing something sexual with another man, it’s generally part of a scene, or with a friend like Michael, who I know is truly bisexual.”He sighed, with a small shrug of his shoulders, “I can certainly enjoy another man, but it always feels just a little bit weird. On the other hand, being with a woman,” he reached out to stroke her breast, “especially such a beautiful and insanely sexy woman,” he looked deeply into her eyes, “is far more compelling.”

Melissa caught her breath, “Yes, Master.”

“So, if you’re finished dinner, I think you need to stand up and bend over the table.”

“Yes, Master.” Melissa carefully leaned forward and tried to lay her torso across the table, without changing the angle of her pelvis.

Erik, however, held out a hand to prevent her. “I said ‘stand up,’ then ‘lean over.’”

She trembled softly against his restraining hand. “Yes, Master.” With a deep breath, she slowly straightened at the waist, gasping as the crotch strap tugged and periodically broke free to slide across her agonizingly sensitive clitoris. Finally, she stood fully erect, trembling and breathing in shallow gasps.

Erik smiled, “I don’t think you tried out that harness as carefully as you should have in the store.”

“They didn’t want me to, not without underwear, sir.”

“Well, I’m glad you bought it. The harness is absolutely delicious, and those shoes are amazing too.”

“Thank you, Master.” Melissa was slowly recovering her breath, but dreading needing to bend over again.

“So tell me, given what you know now about how the harness fits, would you have bought it?”

Melissa closed her eyes. After a brief pause, she quietly answered, “Yes.”


“Because I like pleasing you, Master.”

Erik sighed contentedly. “I so love that you like pleasing me. You are so incredibly amazing at it.” He slid off his jeans, revealing a fully erect penis, jutting out. “You make me outrageously horny.”

“May I suck it, Master?”

“You already did that, my wonderful slave girl. No, it’s time to face the table and bend over.” He pushed away the plates, Dutch oven, and candles, to make room for her.

Trembling once more in anticipation, she took small steps to move into position and started to lower her upper body to lie on the table. This time, she cried out involuntarily every time the crotch strap overcame friction and jerked fractionally, sliding across her throbbing clitoris.

Finally, she lay firmly on the cool surface of the table, gasping for breath. Without warning, Erik’s hand smacked across her buttocks. Her head snapped up, and she screamed out as the orgasm she had been holding back tore free, convulsing her.

Again, Erik’s hand landed with a loud ‘thwack’ on her other butt cheek. Her orgasm built higher as she writhed forward on the table, trying to escape his spanking while simultaneously desperately craving it. There was, however, no escape. Again and again, he pummeled her rear, sustaining her orgasm for longer than she could comprehend, until she finally collapsed, unable to think coherently.

With her collapse, he stopped the spanking and stroked her back instead, while she laid limply on the table, a small puddle of drool forming where her face lay against the cool surface.

When her breathing slowed closer to normal, he undid the crotch strap and unthreaded it from underneath the many cross-wise leather straps that encircled her torso. As he pulled the crotch strap away from her sex, she clenched against the sudden release of pressure, unexpectedly struggling to keep her bladder from letting go. She did not want to urinate on his floor again. The time before in his study had been embarrassing enough. More conscious now, she moved her head away from the small puddle of drool, idly wondered why this position, coupled with an intense orgasm, seemed to result in her losing bladder control.

Before her thoughts could wander much further, she felt the head of his penis sliding past her slick labia, then filling her with delicious pressure, cresting as his hips smacked up against her buttocks and his testicles slapped the insides of her thighs. He held himself fully inside her while she groaned in deep pleasure, wanting to hold onto what felt like the sanctity of the moment, deeply enjoying a feeling of fullness and completeness. He seemed to sense her mental state and simply held himself inside her, motionless.

Finally, with a deep sigh, she relaxed around him, which he took as his cue to begin sliding in and out of her in slow, luxurious strokes. Every time the head of his penis slid past her G-spot, she felt a shiver of stimulation. Melissa was so relaxed after her intense orgasm that she found herself resenting being coaxed toward yet another orgasm. She just wanted to bask in the warm glow of post-orgasmic bliss, not be pushed into a further round.

She tried to ignore the stimulation, hoping that Erik would hurry up and have his own orgasm, but that didn’t seem to be his plan. “Of course,” she thought, “he’s going to torment and tease me. The fucking bastard, I’m just his little play toy.”

Lurking just under her annoyance, however, was a strong and hopelessly deviant joy. No matter how politically incorrect, the thrill of being his plaything was undeniable. The idea of merely being a slave girl who provided him with idle amusement was incredibly arousing, even if that image horrified the rational, self-respecting part of her brain. The truth was that she craved being used by him.

Just then, her conscious thoughts were interrupted by a sudden orgasmic tremor as his head pushed passed her G-spot once again. In and out he went, slowly and deliberately. Every stroke kindled another small orgasmic shudder until she was weeping and trembling. Finally, he slid out of her, and she cried out at the unexpected emptiness she felt within the seat of her pelvis.

She lay on the table, chest heaving as though she had run a long distance, helplessly twitching in syncopated intervals. Vaguely, she was aware of Erik moving around the kitchen, putting things away. As her breathing steadied, Erik came back and studied her for awhile. Then he slid his arms underneath her and lifted her legs up while simultaneously rolling her over and rotating her orientation. The motion made her head swim for a moment, and she closed her eyes.

When the room stopped spinning, she opened her eyes and found herself lying face up, positioned lengthwise on the table. Erik was gazing down at her, holding one of the dining table candles. With a cruel smile, he tipped the candle, splashing hot wax out, so it fell across her unprotected breasts. She whimpered and clumsily tried pushing away with her heels, but he lay a hand across her abdomen to restrain her.

With deliberate care, he lined the candle up above her other breast and slowly tipped it over, letting a steady sequence of hot wax droplets tumble down onto her nipple and splash outwards. The intensity of the heat was painfully delicious. Again panting and trembling, she steeled herself as he set down the candlestick he had been holding and picked up the other one. His cruel smile deepened as he held the candle above her torso, then veered down her body until it was over her sex.

Melissa begged, “No, no…” as he tilted the candle and a rush of hot wax fell against her clitoris. She screamed, arching her back, overcome by orgasm as her helpless body writhed, desperately wanting and hating the intensity of the hot wax clinging to her.

She felt lost in sensation, confused and overwhelmed. In a daze, she had a sense of being lifted and carried. She lay in some other place, only dimly aware of Erik holding her and softly stroking her skin.

Eventually, she became aware of being cuddled in his lap, lying with her head across his chest, while they sat in his favorite overstuffed leather chair and ottoman.

Tentatively, she opened her mouth and said, “Abba wabeeba.”

She felt Erik’s chuckle. He caressed her hair and said, “Don’t worry little one, your words will come back soon enough.”

With a more deliberate try, she said, “You are a demon, spawned of Satan, cruel and unjust.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Oh. Right. Thank you, Master.”

“Need anything else?”

“Um, you forgot to fuck me up the ass?”

“The night is young.”

“Oh shit.”

“Nope, that’s why you have an enema cleanse every morning. No shit.”

“Funny. Very funny.”

“Yeah, I killed them in New Rochelle. Anyway, you’re sounding more coherent.”

“No thanks to you.”

“I try my best.”

“Satan spawn, that’s what you are. My priest warned me about people like you.”

“It’s a pity you like it so damn much.”

“That’s the truth.” She sighed. “But what about you? I mean, I know you got balls of steel, but it’s got to be blue steel by now. Don’t you want to cum?”

“I did, early on.”

“Yeah, you’re still young enough to be recharged. Hell, you were as hard as a rock.”

“I’m fine for now. My joy is being able to take you to places like that and then keeping you safe while you return. I’m not in a hurry for my own finish. That’ll keep for a bit.”

“Does that mean I get a butt fuck later?”

“Yes, after I spank you again for using such intemperate language, you naughty little girl.”

“Oh goody.”