Chapter 27: Aftershocks

Melissa accelerated smoothly onto the highway. Once she merged into traffic, she glanced over at Erik. He was scrolling through documents on his laptop while munching on the last bits of a sandwich. They had stopped off at a corner store in town, after leaving Sunstone, and gotten sandwiches for a late lunch.

Now, Erik was reviewing snippets of e-mails and legal documents that Melissa had found on the former CEO’s computer. After the employee meeting, Erik had given her the computer and asked her to see what she could find, while he was busy meeting individually with key employees.

It had been strange to use her brain analytically again. Her past week of sex-slave training had been radically different from all her years of school. The contrast made her realize that, while she had learned an amazing amount since moving into Erik’s house, it had all been experiential and emotional, not intellectual. She had been amused to discover that being a sex slave was making her a more well-rounded person.

Erik looked up from his laptop, his unfocused eyes looking out the windshield at the road ahead.

Melissa asked, “Penny for your thoughts?”

Erik snorted. “Would that it were only pennies.”

After a pause, she asked, “How so?”

Erik took a breath, coming back into the present. He looked over at her and began to explain. “So we’ve been negotiating with Crane Partners. They’re a private equity company. They like to buy up undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and juice their financials, either through cost cutting, acquisitions, investment, sales growth, or whatever combination they can pull off. After a few years, they sell off the company, hoping for an annual return around 20 to 25 percent.

“I spent the last year or so getting Sunstone to the point that a private equity firm would even look at it. You met Helen. As hard as it may be to believe, the rest of the family is just as bad. They were ready to flush the company down the tubes and live off their other inheritance. I made a deal where I got half the company – and they had to stay away.

“I also got first right of refusal, which means that I can match the best valid offer and buy the rest of the company myself. I did that in case they screwed up whatever deal I was putting together in order to sell Sunstone for bottom dollar to a shell company that they controlled, and I wound up with nothing for my effort.”

“They’d do that?”

“You did meet Helen?”

“Right, she’d do that in a heartbeat.”

“So anyway, I talked Crane up to a price that’s around six million. It’s not great; it’s certainly not what I think the company will be worth in a few years, but Crane has to see an upside for them in order to do the deal. At that price, I get three million or so for a year of my time, and I get to move on to the next turn-around so I can do it again. Everyone wins; Sunstone goes back to be a healthy, growing company.”

Melissa wrinkled her forehead at his grim tone, which made it clear that all was not well. She glanced over at him, “But?”

“But Chin Ho stepped in. Based on this…” he waved at the computer screen, “they’re willing to pay twice what Crane will pay. A revitalized Sunstone is a huge threat to Chin Ho. It’s worthwhile to them to buy Sunstone at top dollar, just so they can shut it down.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“You think Helen and the rest of her family are going to say no?”

“But don’t you have a say?”

“Two problems with that. First, why wouldn’t I want to say ‘yes’ and pocket six million instead of three? Second, I have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is best for all of the owners, so I probably can’t legally say, ‘no.’”

Melissa considered his answer for a minute. Then she looked in the rear view mirror to check traffic before pulling off the road onto the shoulder. Stopping the car, she turned to look at a solemn Erik. “Legal? What the fuck about Jake… and a hundred other employees you just promised would keep their jobs?”

“Again, two answers. First, the mercenary answer: I need them to keep working hard. If they give up, all the value I built up over the past year goes down the drain, and Chin Ho doesn’t have to do a thing. Crane Partners will walk away. Sunstone is dead. Second answer: I need some time and space to figure out something better. You see, the thing is that I don’t want to lay off Jake and everyone else. Remember, when I got to Sunstone, I laid off fifty people. Now I know I may look like a heartless bastard, but trust me, that’s not fun. I do it because when I come into these crisis situations, often the only way to save the patient is to cut off the arm. And I’m willing to be ruthless about it because I really want to save the patient, and because if I don’t do it, the whole company is going under, which means everybody will lose their jobs. But laying off everyone and destroying a company, just so I can get a higher payday, that doesn’t feel right.”

“So what can you do?”

“First, I e-mailed Helen. I threatened to expose her to the rest of her family if she didn’t stop talking to Chin Ho immediately. I also told her not to tell anyone else about Chin Ho’s interest. I sent John a similar e-mail.”

“Will that stop them?”

“I think so. I’m not a lawyer, but I think their negotiation with Chin Ho crossed over to the wrong side of what’s legally allowable and into what’s considered fraud. People go to jail for that kind of thing. Even rich people. Unfortunately, that’s not going to stop Chin Ho. They could just make an aboveboard offer for Sunstone. Hell, they already would have, except Helen lied to them about her control over competing offers and her willingness to do a deal.”

She asked, “So now that Helen’s muzzled, what’s to keep Chin Ho from just offering a little bit more than Crane?”

“Nothing. Probably. I don’t know. I could just tell Chin Ho that twelve million is the number, and they have to put their full offer on the table. They’d probably agree since they were already willing to do that deal. They might not know that they could offer less.”

“But if they offered less, then you could exercise your right of first… whatever.”

“Right of first refusal. But then Chin Ho would just counter, right back up to the twelve million that they were already willing to spend.”

“But you said that you have that kind of money.”

Erik chuckled. “Maybe I do, in a pinch, but Sunstone’s not worth nearly that much, at least not to anyone except Chin Ho. Maybe in a couple of years, I could sell it for something close to that number, but if I have to sink twelve million into it, plus supply working capital for growth, that’s nearly everything I have, just to own and run some little Podunk musical instrument company. And at the end of the day, after I sold it off for twelve million, I’d just break even. That’s a bunch of hard work and serious risk for zero return.”

He shrugged. “Besides being financially stupid, it’s just not what I do. I turn businesses like Sunstone around. I get in and get out. I don’t run them over the long term.”

“Is that what you’re going to tell Jake?”

“Yeah, well sometimes the truth is that business just really sucks.”

Melissa gathered her breath for an angry response, but Erik held up his hand to forestall her. He said, “Truly, I don’t know what I’m going to do, or even what I legally can do.” He gestured at his computer’s screen, “Fortunately, Michael e-mailed me back. He’s got some time this afternoon. Michael used to be a corporate lawyer, and he still does some outside legal work. If we hurry, we can make it back to the city in time to meet with him.”

Melissa growled in frustration, then jerked the gearshift into drive. The wheels spun as she accelerated back from the shoulder back into the flow of traffic.

After a minute, she mumbled under her breath, “Like somebody who gets off by peeing on Deborah would care about Sunstone’s workers.”

“As I recall, Deborah discovered that she really likes that particular kink, and I believe she even convinced someone who’s in this very car to indulge themselves in peeing on her.”

Melissa snorted. “You sir, are a true bastard.”

“That’s what I keep on telling you.”


*   *   *


Melissa stepped out of the elevator with Erik. She looked around as he walked forward to announce himself to an attractive male receptionist. Even though they were 42 floors above the street, the reception area felt more like an aristocratic London club than a modern office building. The lighting was low, coming from floor lamps scattered around a collection of overstuffed leather couches and chairs. There were no overhead florescent fixtures in sight.

Erik waved her forward and they walked toward a door at one end of the room. With a quiet buzz, the door clicked ajar and Erik pulled it open. Beyond lay a wood-paneled hallway, lit by wall sconces.

Melissa shook her head, finding herself more amused than impressed. The interior design felt too self-conscious. She murmured to Erik, “Somebody’s trying very hard to say, ‘old money.’”

Erik grinned and nodded. “The firm invests for ultra-high-net-worth individuals, a few pension funds, and, of course, the partners themselves. They try to look the part. Michael’s office, however, is somewhat different.”

He knocked on a paneled wood door, then opened it up. Beyond was a brightly lit space with a light-colored granite floor. As Melissa followed Erik in, she saw an enormous office, sparsely furnished with modern, angular furniture, made of dark metal and leather. The table tops were all made of thick green glass. The far wall was floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the financial district. She felt a moment of vertigo, as though she unexpectedly found herself near the edge of a deep canyon out west.

Michael came around from his desk to greet them. He waved them to a seating area of sleek chairs facing a couch.

As they sat down, Michael nodded to Erik, “Well, you always thought the Chinese might try to do something like this, but working through one of the family members on the sly… well, that’s pretty weird.”

Erik leaned back in the couch, sitting next to Melissa. Michael was sitting in a chair across from them. Erik nodded agreement, “I’m pretty sure it was Helen who initiated it. The whole deal reeks of her sliminess.”

Michael laughed. “Surprisingly stupid of her too. You’ve got legally admissible evidence showing ‘conspiracy to commit fraud.’ I’m shocked that she would do something like that.”

“I’m not. The whole family oozes entitlement, particularly Helen. She thinks she can get away with anything.” Erik glanced over to Melissa, inviting her to join in the conversation if she wanted.

Melissa said curtly, “She’s a bitch, a high school mean girl who doubled down when she got older.”

Michael shook his head sadly, “I’m grateful I never met her. As Erik will tell you, I have little tolerance for arrogant dommes or brats.”

Erik chortled. “True.”

Michael spread out his hands in question, “So what do you want to do about it?”

“I think the deal with Crane Partners is dead. Chin Ho is inevitably going to make a straight-up bid at this point. Based on Helen and John’s e-mails with them, their breaking point is around twelve million. They don’t really care about the intrinsic value of Sunstone; they just need to take their major US competitor off the board. On it’s own, Sunstone doesn’t merit that high a valuation, so the only potential opposing bidder would be me, exercising my right of first refusal.”

Michael grimaced, “Which, on the face of it, would be foolish.”

Melissa angrily blew out the breath she had been holding.

Michael turned to her, “As Erik said, the valuation just isn’t there.”

“But he said it would be in a couple of years.”

Michael nodded, “In a couple of years, with someone as good as Erik running things, it could be, assuming the economy doesn’t tank, and a half dozen other things don’t go wrong. In the meantime, Erik will be on the hook for a lot of money to the bank. So, he’d be walking away from six million right now… plus everything he could make over the next couple of years turning other companies around, and all he’d get in return is to claw his way back to the break-even point. That’s taking on a lot of risk, for guaranteed negative return that I’d estimate around ten million dollars.”

Melissa glowered in anger and frustration.

Erik interjected, “To be honest Michael, there’re a couple of important points on the other side. First off, if I sell out to Chin Ho, and they flush Sunstone down the toilet, it’s really going to screw up my working relationship with the employees at my next turn-around. They’re going to be convinced that I’m just there to rape the company and screw them over.”

“You could blame the family.”

“You know that won’t fly. I have enough problems as it is when I go into a new turn-around. Fear, despair, anger… inevitably the employees are a pretty volatile brew. The most important thing for getting employees to buy into all the pain of a turn-around is that I’ve got a solid track record of saving companies, and most of the jobs.”

“Sure, but is a minor blemish on that track record worth ten million?”

“Well, shutting down Sunstone is more than just a blemish. It would definitely put four of that ten million you just quoted at serious risk.”

“Okay, I’ll buy that, but six million still isn’t chump change.”

“No… no, it’s real money.” Erik paused, struggling for words.

Melissa was surprised to see him suddenly looking unsure, even a little vulnerable. She glanced at Michael, who also seemed perplexed by Erik’s hesitance.

Erik stared out the window for a moment, then said with quiet determination, “I didn’t drag Sunstone back from the brink just to kill it.”

Melissa could hear deep pain in Erik’s voice. She felt tears welling in her eyes. In sudden realization, she blurted out, “Saving these companies is a mitzvah for you, isn’t it?”

Erik looked down at the floor, embarrassed, and nodded.

Michael looked back and forth between them, bewildered. “A mitz-what?”

His humorous puzzlement broke the mood. Erik turned to Melissa with a grin and asked, “So what does a good Irish-Catholic girl know about mitzvot?”

“Hey, my best friend from middle school all the way through high school was Jewish. I helped her on her mitzvah project and was there at her Bat Mitzvah. She was always volunteering for something or other. I’d tag along. ‘Healing the world’ or something.”

Erik nodded, “Tikun olam. Deborah could probably explain it better than me. I didn’t really have much of a Jewish education. My mom wasn’t particularly observant, and once they were gone, well, my dad’s family is a poster child for rich WASP.” He turned to Michael, “’Mitzvah' is Hebrew for ‘commandment.’ In a sense, it just means ‘do good.’”

Michael shook his head. “I’ve worked with a lot of Jews in my business career. On the whole, they’re pretty tough businesspeople.”

“Yeah, but you remember what Mordecai did for his workforce after his factory got flooded in that hurricane?”

“Huh. You’ve got a point. Mordecai was a seriously tough negotiator and a skin flint, but after the hurricane, he really stepped up. I mean, it cost him millions, and it all came out of his pocket because the other investors and I weren’t about to dilute our share of the company’s value like that.”

“That’s what mitzvah means, at least, that’s what I got through my mom and uncle.”

Michael looked back and forth between them again. “Okay, this is a little bit scary. She already knows you better than I do, and we’ve been friends for years.”

They both turned to look at Melissa, who suddenly felt very self-conscious. She responded, “Hey, I’ll bet you that Deborah knows you, at least in some ways, better than Erik does. It’s a girl thing. We pay attention.”

Michael clasped his hand over his heart, “Oh, wounded to my core.” He turned to Erik, “I think she just called us heartless bastards.”

Erik laughed, “Yeah, well she tells me that all the time. Of course, I have reminded her, ‘what do you expect, I like whipping pretty girls.’”

Michael laughed, shaking his head. “I’m not so sure about your devotion to the dark side my young Padawan. You certainly aren’t jumping at the chance to do a deal with the Chinese.”

Erik snorted, somewhat chagrinned.

Melissa repeated incredulously, “My young Padawan? You mean you’re both Star Wars geeks?”

Michael and Erik glanced at each other, then nodded to each other. Michael announced, “I believe punishment is required.” He looked down at his watch. “Fortunately, there’s time in my schedule. It’s best not to let these things linger.”

Erik nodded his agreement, then shrugged slightly, “She is an impertinent one, isn’t she?”

“Spirited, certainly, but they’re far more fun to train.”

“True.” Erik stood up and looked down at Melissa. “Remove all of your clothing, but your shoes, then assume a kneeling position.”

Amused by the turn of events, and curious about what a scene with the two men might be, she replied demurely, “Yes Master.”

Michael stood up, saying, “Erik, if you could lend a hand?”

“Sure.” Erik got up and followed Michael to open a closet door in the wall behind the couch.

Melissa kept her eyes forward. Having slipped into slave mode, she didn’t feel it was proper to peer around and see what Michael and Erik were doing, even though she was sorely tempted.

Instead, she stood up and unbuttoned her suit jacket and the blouse underneath. She slipped the suit jacket off and draped it carefully across the coach. It was a linen and silk blend. She didn’t want it to get any more wrinkled than it already was. She shrugged off the blouse and laid it on top of the jacket.

Reaching down, she unbuttoned her skirt’s waistband, noting with pride that she didn’t have to dig in with her thumb to get underneath the waistband. Mistress Amy’s cruel exercise routine was already paying off by tightening her abdomen. She unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it.

Behind her, she heard a closet door opening and the sounds of the men moving something heavy. As she folded her skirt, she heard Michael say, “You could probably use the ‘conspiracy to commit fraud’ angle to scare off Chin Ho, at least for awhile. I mean, if this was a deal in China, they wouldn’t care. That sort of fraud is just standard business practice in a lot of Asia. But here in the US, the courts would almost certainly step in. Not only would it mess up Chin Ho’s acquisition of Sunstone, but a judge could even lay penalties on Chin Ho’s product sales in the US. God, the Chinese really hate dealing with the US legal system.”

Melissa looked around briefly and decided to kneel in a submissive pose near the couch. Once she was kneeling on the polished stone floor, however, she found herself hoping that the men wouldn’t take too long; the hard surface was uncomfortable.

Erik said, “Yeah, but if Crane bought Sunstone, then Chin Ho could buy it from them in a couple of months for a million or two more. Crane would be happy with a quick turn and Chin Ho could side-step the whole fraud thing.”

“True, but you could buy Sunstone instead of Crane, using your ‘right of first refusal.’ Then you could run the company for a couple of years. Hell, if you take a lot of the US market away from Chin Ho, that might even put them out of business. You know that Chinese companies always have lousy operating margins. By cutting into their market, they’re at the mercy of their stranded fixed costs, and it might very well kill them. Then you sell out to Crane or somebody else, with a much higher valuation. That’d be a decent return, plus nobody could accuse you of raping a company for fun and profit.”

“Yeah, but can you imagine me running the same company for years? I’d go bat-shit crazy from boredom.”

“Aw, it’d be good for you to mellow out. You know, sort of like being an adult.”

Erik shot Michael an evil look, and Michael laughed. Then Michael asked, “Okay, the spanking bench, you think?”

Erik answered distractedly, “Sure.”

Michael nudged him, “Come on, get your head in the game. After all, she did accuse you of being a Star Wars geek.”

“True, the heartless, ungrateful wench. I only have a couple of cabinets of collectibles out in my workshop.”

Melissa tried desperately not to break out into laughter and wound up snorting loudly.

Erik asked haughtily, “Does my slave have something to contribute?”

Melissa choked out, “I didn’t know that you had Star Wars collectibles, oh great and mighty Master.”

Michael laughed, “Ouch. She’s a saucy one.”

Erik deadpanned, “Oh, you have no idea.”

As the two men pulled the spanking bench out into the center of the floor, Michael said quietly, “I don’t know Erik, I think she’s a keeper.”

“First you try convincing me to run Sunstone for years; now you’re suggesting I settle down?”

Melissa’s heart sank with Erik’s casual dismissal.

Michael protested, “Hey, I told you to take the Chin Ho money and be happy. You’re the one who wants to be all ‘honorable’… plus you know how I feel about getting too tied down in a relationship. It sure as hell didn’t work for me.”

Michael then walked around behind Melissa, putting his hands on her shoulders. “But you have found a good woman here.”

Erik nodded back to Michael. He seemed uncomfortable and perhaps a little abashed at the realization that he might have just hurt Melissa’s feelings. He said quietly, looking at Michael, “I know. Melissa is special, but this is all new for her. Let’s not hurry things.”

Erik looked down at Melissa and caressed her cheek. He told her, “We’ve got all summer before we have to worry about what comes next. I know we’ll figure out what makes sense. And I’m sure I’ll figure out what to do about Chin Ho. It’s just a stupid mess that’s got to get untangled.”

Melissa nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Michael laughed quietly from behind Melissa, “Give me a couple of days to look through all the Chin Ho e-mails you dug up. I’m sure there’s a way of getting what you want. In the meantime, however, we have a beautiful naked woman in front of us, who I seem to recall is in desperate need of discipline.”

Erik gave Melissa a quick, questioning look, wanting to make sure she was okay. She gave him a tiny nod back, along with the hint of a reassuring smile that she wasn’t entirely sure she felt. She was still unsettled by Erik’s reaction to the idea that she was a ‘keeper.’”

Michael hummed behind her. “But you know, I’m not sure that a turn on the spanking bench really constitutes punishment. I seem to recall that she enjoys the touch of a lash. You have to be careful, you know, not to reward her for poor behavior.”

“True, but I do think her unfortunate outburst about our noble respect for Star Wars is in desperate need of correction. Did you have some other consequence in mind?”

“I don’t know. The sight of her beauty kneeling there certainly excites my loins. Has she ever had two men inside her at once?”

“I don’t believe so.” Erik looked down to Melissa.

“No Master.” She shook her head.

Erik nodded thoughtfully, then asked her, “And if I decided to accede to Michael’s suggestion?”

“If it would please you, Master. I would happily submit to your loving discipline, for I know that I have most foully profaned your earnest love for a great work of cinematic art.”

Erik grinned, shaking his head. “Yeah, that plus Michael and I have painfully huge hard-ons right now.”

Michael laughed, “Damned straight. Plus I love the feel of your dick sliding past me when we’re both inside a beautiful woman. It’s almost as nice as when you suck me off.”

Erik laughed in return, “Only for you, Michael. I don’t suck off every man I meet.”

“One of these days, you’ll let me fuck you up the ass too.”

“Yeah, well I’d have to go into training to take you in my ass first, which reminds me, do you have a butt plug and lube for Melissa? She’s still working her way up to taking someone in from behind.”

“Sure.” Michael walked over to the closet and rummaged around for a moment before returning with a black ovoid glistening with lubricant. He set the flattened end down on the arm of the couch and gestured Melissa over.

She got up as gracefully as she could, even though her knees were very stiff from the granite floor. Erik reached out to steady her. She was grateful for his touch and leaned against him a moment to regain her balance. Then she gave the two men a quick smile and walked to the arm of the couch with more confidence than she actually felt.

She eyed the slippery black object for a moment, before deciding to try simply squatting down on it without reaching down to guide it in. As she lowered herself over the arm of the couch, she felt a cool wetness slide across the inside of her right buttock. She subtly repositioned herself as she sank lower, feeling the tip slide toward her anus.

Continuing to press down, she succeeded in getting the tip to center itself in the circle of her tight sphincter. She coaxed herself into relaxing and letting it push inside her as she followed through by sitting down firmly over the arm of the couch.

Looking up, she saw the two men staring hungrily back at her. She was pleased that her success in gracefully taking in the butt plug in one smooth motion had clearly added to their excitement. She smiled demurely at them, saying to Erik, “Thank you, Master, for allowing me to prepare myself for you.”

Michael shook his head, “God, I love a woman who likes something shoved up her ass.” He asked Melissa, “You do love it, don’t you.”

She lowered her head bashfully, “Yes sir.” Internally, she was amused that her response was completely true. It had been a surprise to discover how much she enjoyed the feeling of fullness inside her rear. She found herself aching to have both men inside her.

Apparently, they did too, because Michael announced, “Well that’s good enough.” He sat down on in the middle of the couch and unzipped his fly, freeing his fully engorged penis which stood rigidly erect.

With a deep sigh, he lay back against the cushions and spread his arms wide to rest on the back of the couch.

“Come over here,” he commanded. “Face me, with your knees on either side of me. Then take me in your cunt.”

Melissa stood up carefully, squeezing her butt to hold the plug tightly inside. She walked over to him, using small steps, then climbed on top of him as he had directed.

As she slid him in past her wet labia, the butt plug shot out of her, despite her best efforts to hold it in. Before she could get Michael fully into her, she felt something pressing against her pliant sphincter. At first, she thought Erik must have caught the butt plug and was reinserting it, but she quickly realized that it was Erik himself, sliding into her from behind.

Melissa leaned forward to take in Erik more easily while also pressing down to fully seat Michael within her. She gasped as Erik slid all the way within her as well. Her eyes went wide, and she clutched the couch cushions. The feeling was not so much pain as it was an intense fullness that was just short of an ache.

Everyone rested quietly for a moment, letting her acclimate to the sensation. Eventually, she remembered to breathe. After several long, slow, deep breaths, she was able to relax and accept the pressure within her.

She heard a low growl and realized, with embarrassment, that it had come from her. Then Erik slid partway out. She gasped at the loss and sudden feeling of void until he pushed back into her. An involuntary groan of pleasure escaped from deep within her chest.

Slowly, they moved back and forth, working to establish a rhythm that was mutually satisfying for all three of them. After a few minutes of trial and error, they found a motion that for Melissa, at least, was soon driving her toward an orgasm. Underneath her, she could see that Michael was nearing his own climax.

Michael’s face creased into a grimace as he approached the edge. He growled a low, guttural moan, and then she could feel spurts of his semen jetting inside her, quickly overfilling her already soaking wet vagina. Their combined wetness gushed out of her every time she thrust herself backward against the two men.

The sloppy feeling between her legs made her feel desperately wanton and thoroughly debauched, which was enough to push her into her own pounding orgasm. Her muscles clamped tight around the two men inside her while she threw herself as hard as she could back against them, trying to shove every possible inch of their length into her. Her sex vibrated in painful intensity at the fullness that seemed to be splitting her apart. She gasped, unable to breathe, all her muscles locked into rigid grasping.

After what felt like forever, her body suddenly went limp. Collapsing bonelessly onto Michael, she felt Erik slide out of her rear. The abrupt loss of fullness felt incredibly sad, and she found herself quietly sobbing, her head buried against Michael’s shoulder.

Lost in her own world, it was a long time before she realized that both men were gently holding her. Someone was stroking her hair, although she didn’t know who.

Her eyes fluttered open. After a false start, she managed to lift up her head and look around groggily. Michael gave her a reassuring smile. Erik whispered, “Welcome back,” in her ear.

She tried replying, but all that came out was an inarticulate, “Umbahhh.”

Erik shushed her and said, “Give yourself longer to recover. You were gone for awhile.”

“Mmbla,” she replied, dropping her head back on Michael’s shoulder.

Gathering her effort to coordinate her muscles, she managed to roll off of Michael, flopping into a splayed-out sitting position next to him. As she had rolled away, his soft penis had plopped out of her, releasing a gush of fluid that spread across her legs and the leather of the couch. Sitting in a warm pool of wetness, she could also feel Erik’s semen dribbling out of her anus. Her feelings wavered between deep embarrassment for the mess she was making and happiness at the realization that Erik had orgasmed within her. In the unexpected intensity of her own orgasm, she had completely missed his climax.

She looked up at Erik and protested, “Ah neber used to halv orgasms like dis.” She reached up to poke uncertainly at her chin and lips. She apologized, “My mouf isn’t working wight.”

Michael laughed, “Your mouth is the only thing that didn’t have a dick in it. We should have asked Marty to come join us.”

Flopping her head to look sideways at Michael, she said, “Twue of you is unough. Tree guys, ah’d explode. Ah’d ave cum dwipping out of e’ry or’fice.” She paused and looked down between her legs. “Sawwy bout the mess on your couch.”

Michael snorted, “On another day, I’d have you or Deborah lick it clean, but you do seem a bit worn out right now.”

She nodded gratefully, feeling sleepy. “Long day.” She let her head slump back against the couch cushions as her eyes drooped.

“No you don’t!” Erik reached down to pull her up. “We’ve got to get you cleaned up and back home. You can nap in the car.”

Being suddenly pulled to her feet made her head swim, but also brought her into much greater alertness. Once the room stopped spinning, she lowered her head demurely and did her best to ignore the quickly cooling wetness running down the inside of both her thighs. “Yes, Master.”

She looked around to spot her clothing and noticed the spanking bench that the two men had pushed over before changing their minds. “But Master,” she protested, “afta all your work gettin out the spanking bench, ah wouldn’t want dat ta go to waste.”

Erik rolled his eyes at Michael and asked him, “See what a monster she’s become?”

Michael laughed, “God yes.” He waved down at his groin. “Hell, I’m becoming half hard again, and I’ve got twenty years on you. Alas, my young stud days are long past.”

Erik asked, “So do you want to whip her?”

“Hell no. I want her to suck me off while you whip her. Who knows, as sexy as she is, maybe I’ll come again.”

Erik shook his head in sad resignation, then motioned a clearly compliant Melissa over to the spanking bench. She carefully negotiated the puddle of liquid on the polished stone floor at her feet, then knelt across the padded surface on the bench, arching her back to elevate her butt in the air.

Michael walked around in front of her and unceremoniously placed his penis in her mouth. She was startled to realize he that he hadn’t been joking; he was most of the way back to being erect. She did her best to ignore the ripe taste of both of their fluids, as she slid him in all the way into the back of her mouth, determined to prove that she could take him into her throat in one gulp, just like Deborah. Fortunately for the sake of her gag reflex, he wasn’t fully rigid. Her practice with the soft dildo had also definitely helped, so she was able to take Michael all the way in and press her lips up against his torso, without embarrassing herself by throwing up her lunch all over him.

Somewhere inside, she appreciated the irony of how her sense of pride in learning how to ‘deep throat’ felt eerily similar to the pride she had felt in earning a 3.8 grade point average this past year. She told herself, “How far the mighty have fallen.” She reminded herself, however, that she was indeed learning amazing things about herself. She was discovering a completely new world. Her love of exploration, she realized, was also what had drawn her toward Archeology.

The sudden impact of a cane across her buttocks brought her introspection to a screeching halt. “Wow,” she thought, “Erik isn’t starting off easy.” In front, Michael was fully hard now, pumping his penis in and out of her, ramming himself down her throat with each stroke. Behind, Erik landed a second stroke, at a slight diagonal across the first one. As she felt the impact, she realized that he was indeed holding back, although it still stung. His caning lay just at the edge of what was painful versus what was pleasurable.

An image floated through Melissa’s mind of the evil bitch, Helen from Sunstone, laying naked and tied across a spanking bench, with Melissa being the one who was wielding a cane across her bare bottom. Despite Melissa growing acceptance that of being a submissive, her mental image of standing over Helen and mercilessly caning the heartless woman was surprisingly comforting. Each sting of the cane Melissa felt across her own butt turned into another stroke that she lay across the screaming Helen.

In her building excitement, Melissa was breathing in quick gasps, gulping air whenever Michael pulled far enough out that she could breathe. After the monstrously huge orgasm she had just enjoyed, she didn’t expect anything more.

It took her completely by surprise then, when she suddenly shuddered into an orgasm. Michael reacted to her climax with his own, pulsing semen into her mouth and throat.

As Michael gingerly withdrew, Melissa slumped forward, drooling cum from her mouth. From above, she heard Michael complain to Erik, “Oh man, I’m going to have really sore balls tonight.”

Determined not to be as messy this time around, she reached around to hold a cupped hand under her tired mouth, catching the cum and saliva drooling out. Her jaw felt so stiff; she couldn’t close her mouth completely.

Erik had stopped caning her after her climax had peaked, but her rear still felt as though it was on fire. She complained silently to herself, “I am so fucking sore.”

Erik gently rubbed her back, releasing tension she hadn’t realized was there. He told her quietly, “When you can, stand up and get dressed. We should try to get out of the city before rush hour traffic clobbers us.”

Looking up at Michael’s desk clock, Melissa was startled to realize that it wasn’t yet four o’clock. The day seemed to have gone on forever.

After a minute of working her jaw back and forth to loosen it up, she stood up slowly. She was careful not to spill the liquefying semen cupped in her hand. Looking around, she didn’t see anywhere obvious to wipe off her hand.

Michael peered at her quizzically, trying to figure out what she was looking for in his office. Seeing him standing there reminded her of Serena’s injunction about how to treat boys and their ridiculous pride over their cum. With a sly grin, she lifted up her hand and poured Michael’s semen into her mouth, as best she could. Some of it spilled out across her chin, dribbling onto her breasts, before dripping onto the floor.

Michael’s amazed and lustful grin further encouraged her to make a show of licking her hand clean. She then used her finger to wipe what she could off her breasts and chin, licking her finger clean after each stroke. When she was finished, she smiled coyly at Michael.

He returned her smile, far more wolfishly. Then he looked down at the floor, as though puzzled why the job was incomplete, and gestured to her.

Masking a grimace behind a compliant smile, Melissa took one step back before sinking as gracefully as she could to her knees. She was grateful that she had been practicing kneeling and standing in outrageously high heels since she seemed to be fated to wear them for the summer.

With another smile she knew she didn’t entirely feel, Melissa bowed forward to lick up the scattered drops of cum off the cold granite floor tiles. From above she heard Michael’s rumbling growl of approval.

Once she finished, she managed to stand back up smoothly. Erik, watching from the side, complained to Michael, “Dammit, she enjoys showing off for you way too much.”

Michael laughed in agreement, “Hey, I’ve already told you what an amazing woman you’ve found.”

“Yes, I know.”

Melissa stood quietly in her best ‘attentive slave’ posture: arms clasped behind her, feet shoulder width apart, head up, shoulders back, and her eyes unfocused off in the distance.

Inside, however, her heart beat double time. Michael’s frank words of approval filled her with pride and hope. Erik’s response made her heart simultaneously soar and crash.

At the center of her confused response was the reality that she didn’t know what she wanted. This lifestyle was so strange. The way she had willingly allowed herself to be sexually used for the past hour felt horribly wrong and absolutely wonderful, all at the same time.

As for Erik, he was rich and smart and caring and really, really attractive, but he was also remote in extremely frustrating ways. She had never known a man who was so honest and open while also being so reserved. She warned herself that he wasn’t going to change. An abundance of past experience dating losers had proved to her that men don’t change, no matter how hard she might try to convince herself otherwise.

So it was comforting to stand there blankly, safely wearing the mask of her submissive role, even though her insides were in turmoil.

Erik brought her over her clothes. He had zipped himself up and straightened his own suit.

She took the blouse he offered her first but hesitated. “Should I clean up first?”

“No, I like it when you smell like sex. It’ll be a nice reminder sitting in the car next to you on the way home.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, slipping on the blouse and buttoning it up. Then she took the skirt he gave her and put. Finally, he held out her jacket and helped her into it.

She thought to herself, “Getting dressed goes faster without underwear. Of course, it all comes off faster too.”

Taking a quick look around, she spotted a mirror near the door. While the two men put the spanking bench away, she retrieved her brush from her purse and tried to repair the worst of her ‘I’ve just been fucked fifteen ways to Sunday’ look. At least, she reassured herself, neither of the men’s semen had gotten onto her hair.

She tucked her brush away, just as Erik said goodbye to Michael and came over to walk out with her.

Michael waved at them both, “I’ll call you after I’ve had a chance to go through all the Chin Ho stuff. But please, come back anytime. This type of distraction is always greatly appreciated. And let’s be sure to get together as couples for dinner sometime soon.”

Erik agreed, “Sounds good. I’ll do a mutual calendar search, and then send an invite.”

As they walked out, Melissa was certain that she looked like a well-used whore. Her inner thighs were still sticky wet. She was worried her legs had white streaks of dried sex juices showing below the hem of her skirt. She had scrubbed the residue of dried cum off her face with wetted fingers, but she was certain that anyone looking at her would instantly know what she had been doing.

Just before they reached the elevator lobby, Erik stopped in the hallway and turned to face her. The hallway was empty. Thick carpeting and heavy wood paneling provided a hushed quiet.

Erik studied her for a moment, increasing her nervousness. He said, “You seem tense. Everything okay?”

“Ah, it’s been a long day, and kind of intense, you know.”

“True, but you seem to be getting more… nervous, stiffer… the closer we get to leaving. Are you worried about something out there?” He gestured to the door to the elevator lobby.

“Well… I feel kind of icky, grubby. A little bit used… and well, I don’t know, whorish? You know, morning-after, walk of shame stuff.”

Erik nodded thoughtfully. “Seems like a valid point. I understand the grubby, yucky bit, but to tell you the truth, that was on purpose. We are just hopping in the car and going home – it’s not like we’re going out on the town. Cleaning up at home seemed much nicer than washing up in an office building bathroom. And, well, it’s the sex slave thing. You’re supposed to be all messy with sex and smell like you’re in heat, looking hot as hell… and trust me, you do look hot as hell.”

He paused, shaking his head with an expression of bemused chagrin, “I mean insanely hot. Think about it, you just left two reasonably well-respected doms totally exhausted – I mean completely spent – and we were still desperately craving more, only we couldn’t do a goddamn thing about it. That’s just plain embarrassing.”

He leaned in to kiss her, starting lightly on the lips. After a moment he wrapped her up in his arms, pressing his open mouth more forcefully against hers.

Quickly getting over her surprise, she melted into his long kiss, still feeling confused, but also safe and desired.

A door opened further down the hallway. Melissa flinched, drawing back. He let her pull apart. Gathering up her courage, she turned to look down the hall, only to see the retreating back of a woman carrying a sheaf of legal papers.

Turning back to Erik, Melissa was chagrinned by her fearful reaction.

He asked, “You’re worried about people judging you?”

She nodded.

“Harlot versus good Catholic girl stuff?”

She nodded again.

He agreed, “Well, it’s true, some will judge you, judge us. But you can’t stop that. I think the trick is not to worry about it. No matter how you dress or what you look like, people will always be judging you. It’s not really their fault. That’s how we’re built. We constantly make judgments about other people, based on how they look. The thing is, I think that your attitude is the most important part of how you look. In Michael’s office, standing there naked except for your high heels, with his cum dripping from you, my God, you looked as elegant and beautiful as anyone could imagine. You flat-out radiated a sense of rightness, and confidence, and centeredness. I promise you, you could have walked down to the car looking like that. People might have been a little startled, but nobody would have protested.”

She snorted, “Yeah, easy for you to say. You’re the one wearing a business suit.”

He smiled, acknowledging her objection, then asked, “But you know what I mean, don’t you?”

She took a deep breath, “Yes, I guess I do. Sometimes… it’s harder than other times. In there,” she waved back at Michael’s office, “it’s easy. That’s not in front of everyone else. That’s not public. Out there,” she waved toward the lobby, “it’s a lot harder.”

Erik nodded. “I know. Tell you what – close your eyes for a minute.” He waited for her to comply. “Now remember back to how sexy and beautiful you knew you were back in Michael’s office.” He waited until she relaxed. A smile stole across her lips. “Now, just let that be. Don’t worry about it. Don’t flaunt it. Don’t hide it. Just. Let. It. Be.” He waited awhile longer until she relaxed further. “Can you stay in that place until we get to the car?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, then come with me.”

She did. He opened the door to the elevator lobby, and they walked through together, arm in arm.


*   *   *


As the car pulled away from the curb, Melissa let out a sigh and sank back into the seat cushions. Erik glanced over from driving and said, “So that didn’t go too badly.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been stared at by so many people before in my life.”

“Oh come on, we saw less than a dozen people between Michael’s floor and the front door.”

“Yeah, not counting the cast of thousands out on the street while we were waiting for the car.”

“Well, it was too nice a day to wait inside.”

“Bull-fucking-shit. You just wanted to show me off.”

“That might have been an added bonus.”


“Hey, you were doing so well inside, I thought waiting outside would give you an opportunity to step it up a notch.”

“So goddamn considerate of you, Master. Crap! I thought I’d lose it when that old biddy walked past with her teenage grandsons.”

“That was… well, humorous. I guess their tongues were sort of hanging out. And, she did seem a tad put off about it.”

“As if I was going to fucking hump them right then and there. Well, I certainly leveled-up on my “Whore of Babylon” status.”

Erik laughed. “‘Leveled-up?’ Since when did you start using gamer-speak?”

“Ah, you know, I thought I’d start using more of the idioms… well you know, the dialects and syntactic structures that would be familiar to someone, such as yourself, who’s an avid collector of Star Wars figurines.”

Erik huffed loudly. “Just for that, I am absolutely not going to tie you up and spank you when we get home.”

“Oh phooey. But on the bright side, that means you’ll have plenty of time to show me your Star Wars figurine and lunch box collection.”

“That’s certainly one possibility. By the way, it’s not figurines and lunch boxes. The other possibility is that we could have a nice, long session with a certain purple wand I know.”

Melissa sat bolt upright. “Oh please Master, I promise I’ll never tease you about Star Wars again. I mean, I was just feeling all stressed out and silly. I never meant to impugn…”

“There’re all sorts of attachments,” Erik interrupted her, “that you haven’t even seen yet. For instance, there’s a dildo and butt plug set, sort of like Mistress Amy’s exercise motivator.”

Melissa’s entire pelvic region clenched tight in fear. “Oh God no!”

“But you had such an amazing orgasm when we played with the purple wand the first time.”

“Please sir, I don’t know what the hell happened with that purple thing. My body went insane – certifiably, fucking insane. It was… it was horrible. Please, Master…”

Erik laughed sinisterly, then reached over and slipped his hand up the front of her skirt, effortlessly sliding two fingers inside her sex, curling them upwards to trap her G-spot between his fingers and his palm pressing down on her cleanly shaved skin from the outside.

He observed matter-of-factly, “You do seem amazingly wet, I mean, for someone who protests so earnestly.”

Melissa angrily cursed her body’s betrayal. Grasping for words, she finally sputtered, “You sir, are an evil, evil man.”

Erik chuckled, “Indeed.”