Chapter 28: Love in the Shower

Melissa stumbled into the shower to join Erik. The sound of water running had woken her up. She wasn’t even certain if Erik had come to bed last night. It was late when she had finally left him alone, pouring over computer screens in his study.

Stepping under the stream of one of the shower heads, she let the warm water sluice over her, hoping it would wake her up. Erik stepped behind her and began rubbing soap into her sore muscles. They spent several minutes, mutually soaping each other up, then shampooing each other’s hair.

After rinsing the last of the shampoo from her hair, Melissa stepped out from under the stream of water and stood still, with her feet shoulder width apart. She concentrated on relaxing until a stream of urine ran out of her labia and sprayed down one leg. The flow of water carried the yellow stream to the drain. Despite Erik’s claims that he didn’t share Michael’s and Deborah’s fetish for ‘golden showers,’ he had ordered her to urinate every morning in the shower, and do it from a standing pose.

He hadn’t told her why he liked it, although her guess was that it had something to do with seeing her ‘pee like a boy.’ Learning to let go from a standing position had been harder than she thought, but it helped to do it first thing in the morning when her bladder was full.

When she had told Serena about Erik wanting her to pee standing up, Serena had encouraged her to try peeing that way when she was out with Erik some day, while she was wearing a sundress and heels. Serena had said that if she could pull off an attitude of ‘little girl oopsie,’ Erik would almost certainly be turned on and, at the very least, a spanking would ensue.

While a spanking sounded like fun, Melissa wasn’t as sure about being willing to make a puddle on a sidewalk out in public, although she thought she might try Serena’s suggestion on Erik’s patio some day. Given that Erik hadn’t seemed upset when she accidentally urinated on the rug in his study, she thought that perhaps Serena was right. “No matter what,” Melissa decided, “it’s better than having Michael or Deborah pee in my mouth. God that’s weird!”

As her stream slowed to a halt, Melissa decided it was time to take care of the next ritual of bodily function in Erik’s morning routine for her. She turned around and bent forward, reaching back with her hands to pull her butt cheeks apart. Erik rubbed liquid soap onto the enema shower wand and slid it into her.

Melissa shifted, groaning as warm water filled her insides. When the pressure grew too great, she stepped away from him, letting the wand pop out. Then she squatted over the drain. A great rush shot out of her. She was glad that Erik’s shower drain was oversized with wide openings. The initial result of the enema cleansing process washed away much quicker than it did in the shower of the guest bedroom she had used upstairs. While that shower also a separate enema wand on a long braided hose, the drain was a standard shower drain. Once she was full of water, she either had to run for the toilet or deal with shepherding the aftermath down much smaller drain openings.

When the flow out of her rear stopped, she stood up and turned toward the wall again, leaning forward to present herself once more. Erik slid the wand back inside her, and she relaxed against the pressure as she filled up. It usually took several cycles before the flow out of her was clear.

It had surprised her to discover that she actually enjoyed the feeling of fullness from the warm water inside her. While she had gotten to the point where anal sex was mostly fun, the mechanics of clearing herself out every morning was not her favorite grooming and primping exercise. In some ways, the worst part of the enema ritual was that it always took a half hour or so before she expelled the last bits of water, which meant she couldn’t wake up only minutes before throwing on clothes and running out the door.

This morning, Erik seemed to take a greater interest in her clean state. He pressed her up against the wall. Erik slid something much larger than the enema wand into her rear. She realized, with a start, that he had slid his erect penis in her. Then he reached around and trapped her clitoris between his forefinger and middle finger. He rubbed his two fingers back and forth.

Despite all the water, she immediately felt a lack of lubrication. Her rectum felt as though it was on fire. She tried pulling away, but he pulled her in tighter. She hoped the pain would diminish, but it only increased.

“Yellow! Red! Red! Stop!”

Erik immediately stepped away. He asked, “Are you okay?”

“That hurt!” She turned to look at him, filled with anger, ready to strike out, but stopped when she saw how much his expression looked like a small child who had done something horribly wrong. His eyes were closed, seeming to hold back tears.

He took a deep breath, opening his eyes and forcing himself to look at her. “I am so sorry. I… I wasn’t… I screwed up horribly.”

“What happened?”

“I didn’t stop to feel where you were, what you wanted. All the crap from yesterday built up and come out sideways. I was just using you, so I could feel more in control.”

“Well, sometimes you do just use me, and it’s okay… I am your sex slave.”

“Not like this. In fantasy – if it was in our shared fantasy – yes, then it can be okay, but this wasn’t part of that. This was me, being an asshole.”

She nodded, agreeing with what he said. Then she tried to reassure him, “I don’t expect you to be perfect all the time.”

He looked up at her, “Thanks, but I should have known better than to try topping you from such a negative place. Bullshit, I do know better.”

She cocked her head at him and ventured, “Sooo, yesterday kind of fucked you up, huh?”


“Hey, you can fix it. I mean, it’s only money, right? And if it all goes to hell, hey, I can show you how to live cheap.”

He looked at her stunned for a moment, then his face suddenly relaxed, and he laughed. “True. It is only money. Crap, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. Well, that and scared.”

He shook his head, “I don’t like being scared. And I really, really don’t like wallowing in self-pity. Arghh!”

She nodded back to him, taking moment to give the mood a chance to settle.

He drew himself up to stand straight, which made her realize that he had literally been hunched over. Looking down, she saw his penis was flaccid.

Glancing back up in surprise, she asked, “You came? I didn’t feel it.”

He shook his head, “No. There’s nothing like knowing that I abused my position as a dom to take the joy out of it for me.”

A sarcastic response hung poised on her lips, but she hesitated, unsure how to break the mood. Finally, she drew herself into an upright posture to match him, then shook her finger at him, as though she were an admonishing teacher. “Your ‘poor me’ nonsense is absolutely no excuse for not coming. By God, if you’re going to fuck me up the ass, then you’re going to come!”

On impulse, she held out her hand. “Alright mister, fill this up with cum. Right now.”

Erik was a little taken aback. “Um, you do realize that I’m the dom?”

“Not when you act like this, you aren’t. Now hurry up. I’m getting all wrinkly in the shower. Jack off on my hand.”

Erik shook his head with a smile and answered, “Yes, mam.” He reached down and started masturbating himself.

As he stroked himself into a growing erection, Melissa used her free hand to lightly trace lines across his chest, teasing his nipples and occasionally giving each nipple a little pinch.

A growing look of concentration crept over Erik’s face as his orgasm neared. Seeing the change, she reached down and lightly stroked the sensitive skin between his anus and scrotum. She was quickly rewarded by a thick stream of creamy semen, jetting out across her palm. Most of the first spurts overshot her cupped hand because she hadn’t expected how forceful they would be. She did manage to catch enough, however, to make a small puddle in her palm.

With a sly smile, she reached up and wiped the contents of her hand off across his pectorals, leaving shiny wet streaks. Then she leaned forward to lick his semen from his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples.

Erik shuddered as her tongue first caressed him; then he relaxed with a delighted moan.

Finally, Melissa lifted her head away from his chest and looked up at him. She momentarily found their height difference jarring. Wearing high heels around him so much had made her forget how much taller he actually was.

Using a submissive smile, she sank to her knees, carefully kneeling in the posture he had taught her. Casting her eyes down, she asked playfully, “Is my Master over his bullshit moment?”

Erik laughed, the last bits of tension seeming to flow out of him. “Yes, thank you, I am indeed immeasurably better.”

He reached down, stroking her cheek, and said softly, “You are amazing. I do love you.”

Melissa was stunned, not sure that she had heard him correctly. She replayed what he had said in her mind, confirming that the words ‘I love you’ were really in there. She panicked about how to respond, not certain how she felt.

When she finally looked up, she realized that he was washing himself off under one of the shower heads. When he finished, he stepped back, gave her a quick smile, then walked out of the shower to grab a towel.

She roused herself from her stupor and walked to the shower door. Slowly, she turned off the knobs that supplied flow to the different shower heads, using the distraction to gather her courage.

Still not certain what she wanted to say, she stepped out and went over to Erik. She laid her head against his chest and wrapped her arms around him. In a soft voice, she said, “I love you too, Master.”

Erik stroked her wet hair. After a quiet moment, he jokingly observed, “You do realize you’re all wet, and I just finished drying off.”

She responded, “Fuck you, Master.”

“Anytime. Anytime you want. But right now, I’ve really got to get going. Somebody wants me to figure out how to save a company, instead of just walking away and pocketing a few million.”

She looked up at him, feeling eagerness surging through her. “You really are? I mean, you’re going to save Sunstone and their jobs?”

“Well, I’m going to try. I can’t make any promises. It isn’t an easy situation. There’s a whole bunch of variables I can’t control, but it’s a mitzvah, right?”

“Right, you big softie.”

“Softie? Hah! Uppity sex slave, you’ll pay for that when I get back tonight.”

Melissa squealed loudly with delight, “Oh thank you, Master!”

Erik winced, rubbing an ear. “You don’t make noises like that often, do you?”

Melissa solemnly nodded ‘yes.’ In an exaggerated whisper, she added, “Sometimes I even giggle.”

“Oh foreswear. Well, I suppose it’s really my fault for wanting you in my life. Guess I’ll have to learn to live with it. Although… a ball gag could do wonders.”

“As my Master wishes.”

“Oh God,” he shook his head. “I’m going to get hard again, and I’ve really got to get going.”

“Oh please Master, you can shove your nice hard dick down my throat, up my ass… wherever you want to put it. After all, I’m not going to have you for all the rest of the day.” She knelt submissive pose and opened her mouth wide to receive him.

He stood over her, with his hands on his hips. “Your choice: I go off to save Sunstone, or I stay here and screw around with you.”

She slowly closed her mouth into an unhappy pout. “You sir, are a cruel and heartless man.”

“Yeah, well that is what I keep telling you.”