Chapter 23: Comparing Notes

After a mutual shower, they both ended up in fluffy terrycloth robes, sprawled in overstuffed leather chairs in the living area that overlooked the valley below. Melissa hadn’t been able to resist the temptation to let her robe ‘slip’ open as she had sat down. She’d been happy to note Erik appreciatively eying her partially revealed form. As much as she truly disliked Mistress Amy, Melissa was grateful for the body shape that the training was giving her.

Erik commented, “You had a different reaction to that session than what you’ve had before.”

Melissa’s satisfied feeling immediately evaporated in a panic of embarrassment. She responded contritely, “I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I know I didn’t act like a proper submissive.”

Erik waved his hand dismissively. “There’s all kinds of ways to be submissive. One of them is to be the bitchy, spiteful victim of abuse, yelling and screaming like you did. That sort of feistiness can be quite fun for a dom. It’s… it’s like mastering a wild creature. It was a nice change of pace. I don’t know that I’d want a steady diet of it, but variety and spontaneity is a highly sought after quality in a sub, at least that’s true for most doms with any sort of competence.”

“Oh. I thought I was just supposed to be obedient and submissive.”

“Maybe… that might be true for a very traditional dom, like Mistress Amy. Most doms, though, like a bit of challenge, or at least the illusion of challenge.” He paused a moment, then asked, “Do you know why the change?”

“That damned purple thing is so not my favorite toy.”

When she didn’t add anything further, he asked, “How so?”

“It felt like a thousand fire ants, stinging me every second. And when you turned it up, Jesus fucking Christ!”

“But you didn’t safe word out.”

“No… I knew I could take it, I just really, really didn’t like it.”

“Some part of your body did react to it, though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you have a stronger orgasm.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, looking away in embarrassment. “I don’t know. That was… unexpected. I didn’t even realize I was aroused, then ‘Pow!’ I got whammied by… hell, I don’t know what, but it was freaking huge.”

“So… do you like the purple wand or not?”

“Fuck no! Sure, I mean, sure, it was a mind-blowing orgasm, but no way it’s worth the torment. That damned purple thing just sets my teeth on edge, kind of like nails on a chalkboard.”

“Yeah, some people have that reaction to electrostim.”

They were quiet for a moment, and then Melissa asked hesitantly, “Ah, that’s not a favorite toy of yours, is it.”

“No… but it could be.”

Melissa’s eyes flew open. She stared at him in dread, until she saw a smile lurking around the edges of his mouth and realized he was simply teasing her. “Thanks, but no need to change your favorites on my account.”

He laughed. “It’s just part of my exploring, finding out what floats your boat.”

“Who says ‘floats your boat’?”

“Apparently, I do. Perhaps we should continue your session with the purple wand?”

“Oh Master, please, I love having my boat floated. Anytime you want to float it, or talk about floating it, go right ahead.”

“I thought so. Anyway, my silly little sex slave, what I meant is that I’m actively trying to figure out what parts of kinkdom you like and don’t like. For instance, there’s a whole community of people out there who love electrostim play. Fortunately for you, I’m not one of them.”

“Thank God.”

“Indeed, but you should know that won’t always save you. Now that I have evidence of how your body reacts, I’ll have to pull out the purple wand every once in a while.”

“Oh joy.”

He grinned maliciously, “The wonderful thing is, every time that I tie you now, you’ll never know if I’ll pull out the purple wand or not.”

“You sir, are truly are an evil man.”

“Glad you noticed.”


He looked at his watch, and his face brightened up as he announced, “Oh good, we have just enough time before Mike gets here.”

She asked, “Enough time for…”

He stood up, his robe falling open to reveal his penis, which was nearly erect. “You thought there wouldn’t be repercussions for lying there, half naked?”

“Ah, actually, I kind of hoped there might be.”

He pointed to the large tufted leather ottoman. “Over there, now.”

“Yes, Master.” She hurried to obey, letting her robe fall to the floor.

“Face up,” he commanded. Once she complied, he spent some time arranging her, so that her wrists overhung the corners by her head and her ankles similarly overhung the far corners. Opening a drawer hidden in the frame of the ottoman, he pulled out several lengths of rope and used them to firmly bind her arms and legs to cleats built into the underside of the ottoman. Once he was satisfied that she couldn’t move, he slowly stroked the length of her naked body. She couldn’t help herself from trembling in response.

Reaching back into the drawer, he pulled out a red ball gag with a black leather strap. She willingly took the ball into her mouth as he buckled the strap around the back of her head.

He stepped back, admiring the view. “Ha! Perhaps I should just leave you like that for awhile?” Then he looked at his watch again, “Alas, time is pressing, and I must take my pleasure now.”

That said, he positioned himself over her, sliding his penis deep inside her in a single, smooth thrust.

“Of course I’m soaking wet,” she thought to herself, somewhat chagrined. “I’m always wet around him.”

The ball gag filled her mouth. She tried to relax her jaws, so her muscles wouldn’t ache afterward from being forced open. While there was something inarguably submissive about being gagged, it still wasn’t her favorite bondage accessory. Remembering Serena’s advice, she tried to pull back her lips, exposing her teeth clamped onto the ball. Serena had told her that Erik liked that look. It puckered her lips as if she was kissing the ball. It also gave the impression that the ball was so large that she couldn’t fit it all in her mouth.

Serena had warned her that there were indeed much larger ball gags, which were truly uncomfortable. She said the trick was to stay with a comfortable size but to make it look like it was huge. Melissa wasn’t convinced that there was really such a thing as a comfortable size for a ball gag, although Serena had promised it got easier with practice, just like a butt plug. That comparison hadn’t reassured Melissa in quite the way that Serena had probably intended.

As Erik slid in and out of her, Melissa realized that something was different. Unlike his normal lovemaking, where he would toy with her for a long time, bringing her to multiple orgasms before allowing himself to come, Erik had gone straight into a heavy rhythm, clearly building directly toward his climax.

She looked at him a little puzzled, unable to talk around the ball gag. He noted her expression and chuckled. “I have warned you; there’re times when I’ll simply use you for my own pleasure. You try taunting me with your beautiful naked body, all splayed out like that, your robe just happening to fall away – well this is the consequence.”

That said, he quickened his pace, now slamming himself into her. The frenetic pounding was oddly exciting, even though he wasn’t particularly hitting any of the zones where she was usually sensitive. As her response grew stronger, the small portion of her brain that remained intellectually engaged realized that she was really enjoying having him use her for the simple purpose of satisfying his lust. He had made love to her like this a couple of times before, and her response had been equally as positive. This type of lovemaking seemed far more memorable to her, which was vaguely disturbing. She knew she ought to be upset about wanting a man to just use her, but the reality, at least with Erik, was being used by him was such a powerful turn-on that she simply shoved her fears away, promising herself to worry about it later.

She grunted against the ball gag, the sound coming out weirdly distorted. Erik immediately increased his pace another notch higher. She realized he liked the muffled sound of her groans into the gag, so she let herself loose, squirming against him and yelling into the gag.

With amazing speed, he climaxed. She could feel the spurts of his semen deep within her. She was close to the edge of her own orgasm, but Erik’s pace subsided quickly. He let himself collapse on top of her with a deeply satisfied groan. Then he rolled off, sliding out of her. He slumped onto the floor next to the ottoman, making another deeply satisfied noise.

She lay still, tied firmly in place, mourning the near-miss of what had promised to be a very strong orgasm. She was strangely accepting, however, of his right to use her in whatever way he wanted. If another boyfriend had treated her like this in the past, she was sure the relationship wouldn’t have lasted very long. In fact, she could think of several assholes she had dumped for the very same thing. Except, she felt certain, it wasn’t the same thing. Erik could be, and usually was, an amazingly attentive lover. Somehow, it was also exhilarating for him to use her purely for his own satisfaction. She realized, paradoxically, that it made her feel powerful, as though she had so driven him to desperate sexual craving that he had thrown aside his normal thoughtfulness and simply taken her. Indeed, there was something brutally masculine in his assumption of ownership over her. She shook her head sadly, knowing the horrible political incorrectness of these feelings. She couldn’t, unfortunately, deny that her feelings were powerfully real. She was surprised to discover how much at peace she was with being used this way, at least for now.

Part of it, she rationalized to herself, was that this style of lovemaking was simply one variety within Erik’s very wide palette. She was certain that she wouldn’t accept being used this way as a standard, even if it was amazingly intoxicating when it did happen.

Lifting her head up, she turned to look at the edge of the ottoman, where Erik had slumped to the floor. She couldn’t see him and found herself hoping that it wouldn’t be too long before he recovered enough to release her. Even though she had relaxed her lips around the ball gag once he had rolled away, her jaw muscles were starting to complain. Admonishing herself that it was the role of a sex slave to suffer, she lay her head back and waited quietly.