Chapter 24: On Display

Melissa shifted her weight, trying to get comfortable. She squinted at the setting sun, wondering how long she had been tied up. Looking over at the post that her left arm was tied to, she flexed that arm slightly, trying to keep it from cramping.

When she had come downstairs to the living area, she had been wearing nothing but a pair of black six-inch sandals, as instructed. The living area had a wall of sliding glass doors that were arranged in a gradual arc, separating the indoor living area from the outdoor patio. The floor of both the living area and the patio were covered with the same sort of irregularly shaped pieces of slate.

Standing by the windows, waiting, she admired how the continuous flow of stone connected the inside to the outside. The patio was shaped in a broad oval, nestled against the house, with its far side overlooking a meadow that descended to a stream valley below. The left and right edges of the patio were enclosed with knee walls, but the center was open, so nothing blocked the view downslope.

She realized that the patio furniture had been rearranged. Chairs and loungers were grouped along the far edge, facing back toward the house instead of toward the view. Then she saw that two posts had been set up on the patio. The posts looked solid, which made her think that some sort of mechanism must be built into the patio to hold them, which told her Erik had probably designed this set-up as part of the original plan for the house. She contemplated the two posts with equal measures of suspicion and nervousness.

Hearing Erik’s footsteps, she turned to greet him. He smiled happily as he swept her into his arms, kissing her gently, but passionately. She responded enthusiastically, her tongue searching out his. Finally, he stepped back a little and said, “You, my dearest one, are absolutely ravishing, as always.” 

He stepped over to slide open the door to the patio and beckoned her out. Leading her to stand between the two posts, he lifted a rope from the right-hand post that she hadn’t seen from inside the house. The rope was firmly tied to an iron ring set into the rough wood of the post about six feet high. In her heels, the ring was only slightly above her head.

The loose end of the rope was tied to a padded black leather wrist cuff. He raised her arm and buckled on the cuff. Giving her a smile, he went over to the other post and repeated the same process, leaving her stretched between the two posts.

Next, he walked over to a table and picked up two padded black leather ankle cuffs. Melissa stared at the table as he walked back. A wide variety of whips, floggers, and canes were artfully arranged on the table. Her eyes widened a bit, as she wondered what she had gotten herself into this evening.

After he buckled on the ankle cuffs, he went back to get some short lengths of rope, which he used to tie each of her legs to a post, so she stood with her feet about shoulder width apart. Then he tied a rope between her two ankles, so she couldn’t move her feet more than a few inches in any direction.

Next, he selected a heavy chrome steel slave collar. Once he had fastened it around her neck, she was grateful to realize it was much lighter than it looked.

Finally, he brought over a black rubber ball gag with a leather strap. Holding it up so she could see it better, he said, “It’s a cheater gag. There’s a piece of black elastic hidden back by the buckle. When you have it on, you can push the ball out of your mouth, to give your jaw a rest.”

He slipped the gag in her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head, taking a little while to adjust her hair, so it fell past the strap just the way he wanted. Then he said, “Okay, try pushing it out now.”

She was relieved to discover that it was easy to pop the ball out of her mouth, so it rested softly against her front teeth.

He nodded, “Good, it’ll be a little while until everyone gets here, so you’ll probably want to leave it out until we all come outside to admire you. If you can, keep it in your mouth while guests are around, at least until I take it off you. If it’s obvious that it’s a cheater gag, it’ll ruin the mood. Okay?”

Melissa nodded, not sure how to talk while holding the gag out of her mouth.

Erik smiled, then walked back to the house. She heard the door slide shut behind her. She looked out across the valley, toward the sun that was low in the sky.

A couple of minutes later, the door slid open again, and Melissa let the gag pop into her mouth. Abigail Grady came into her view, lighting citronella candles and setting them down all around the patio. Melissa was embarrassed at having Erik’s housekeeper see her tied up naked, but Abigail handled the whole situation very nonchalantly. Abigail came over to Melissa and conspiratorially whispered, “Can’t have the mosquitos eating you up while you’re waiting. Do you want any water or a quick snack?”

Melissa shook her head ‘no’ and the other woman went back inside. Relaxing a little, Melissa pushed the gag back out.

After what felt like a long time, the sun had gotten much closer to the horizon and was nearly setting. Melissa was regretting not saying yes to a snack. She had been too nervous to eat any dinner, and now it was getting late. This early in the summer, she was pretty sure that sunset was around nine o’clock.

She shifted posture again, hoping that whatever was going to happen would be soon. She’d been hearing noises in the house that sounded like people arriving and chatting, but it had been hard to tell exactly how many.

Without warning, she heard the sliding glass doors being pulled back. The sound of sliding rollers went on a long time, and she realized that Erik must have had the entire wall of sliding glass doors pushed back into the pockets that were built into either side of the living area, opening up the full width of the house onto the patio.

A cool gust of air-conditioned air flowed past her legs, and she heard people walking out onto the patio. At the last minute, she remembered to let the ball gag slip back into her mouth. She tried to subtly straighten her posture. Holding her head straight, she let her eyes shift in an unfocused gaze off into the distance. She knew the formal role of a sub was not to be a person, at least in an ordinary sense. She was not supposed to look at other people or react to them. Her role was to be an object that was looked at by others.

People did indeed come around her, inspecting her. Without shifting her eyes to look, she could still recognize Michael leading Deborah on a leash. He was in a finely tailored business suit. Deborah was barefoot and naked, except for a collar and leash. Michael didn’t seem to have the same fetish for high heels that Erik did.

She also saw Serena walking past, leading a pudgy middle-aged man on a leash as well. Serena was wearing a dominatrix outfit, including tall black lace-up boots, a close-fitting black leather dress, and an Edwardian large-brimmed black sun bonnet. The man only wore a black g-string and a collar. He looked faintly ridiculous, but Melissa was very careful not to appear to notice him.

A moment later, Mistress Amy stepped into view. Melissa successfully repressed her immediate instinct to kneel, which the ropes would have prevented in any case. Feeling relieved, Melissa was glad that she’d been so careful about her posture and about not obviously looking at the guests.

As Mistress Amy turned to walk over toward the chairs, Melissa let herself take in a little more of the scene. She was startled to see that Mistress Amy was leading two attractive young women by thin silver chains that were attached to nipples rings. The women were naked and almost seemed to be a matched set, although clearly not identical twins. Mistress Amy was dressed in a tight-fitting, dark blue business suit, no blouse, and six-inch red and black pumps with a one-inch platform.

Melissa decided that leashes and naked subs seemed to be the order of the evening. If she ever did decide to get her nipples pierced, she thought, she couldn’t image letting Erik lead her around in public with chains connected to both nipple rings. After a moment’s reflection, however, she had to admit that it did look really sexy. She wondered how she would look with piercings.

Her wandering thoughts were shattered by a loud, adolescent female voice right behind her. “Oh look, Daddy, Master Erik’s got a new toy. Can I play with it? Please, please, pretty please?”

The girl came into view, and Melissa was relieved to discover that she was actually in her forties or fifties, even though she was dressed in a plaid jumper and saddle shoes. The woman carried herself like a girl barely out of childhood. A middle-aged man in black jeans and a black silk shirt followed her into view. The man said, “Now Tabitha…”

The woman interrupted, pleading, “Please Daddy, I’ll suck you off and everything.”

Melissa struggled not to react to the weirdness unfolding in front of her. She knew it wasn’t really father-daughter incest, but she was shocked and disturbed by the woman’s promise nonetheless.

Being careful not to let Mistress Amy see that she was doing anything other than staring off into the distance, Melissa slowly studied the couple in front of her. ‘Tabitha’ was a bit overweight, although her jumper and the shear white blouse she wore underneath it did a reasonable job of hiding that fact. Her partner, ‘Daddy,’ was similarly heavyset. The couple reminded her of two amateur actors at a local community playhouse, playing a farcical scene and greatly enjoying themselves.

Erik walked into her view, and Melissa nearly turned to look at him. She quickly steeled herself back into an unfocused stare. Even looking blankly off into space, however, she could sense disapproval emanating from Mistress Amy. Melissa guessed that Mistress Amy must have seen her brief reaction to Erik’s arrival, which she found frustrating. While it was oddly exhilarating to be ‘on display’ in front of everyone, the rules surrounding the whole affair were annoying. Not being allowed to make eye contact with anyone felt silly. On the other hand, she told herself, fashion models never made eye contact with the audience either. ‘Being on display’ just didn’t seem compatible with behaving like a regular person, no matter the setting.

Her musings were interrupted by Tabitha, who ran over to Erik, flouncing in an exaggerated fashion that seemed like it ought to have been ridiculous, except that she was so earnest that she somehow pulled it off. Reaching Erik, Tabitha suddenly adopted a bashful pose, looking down at her feet, hands clenched behind her while slowly pivoting her body back and forth. “Master Erik, can I please play with your nice new toy? I promise not to break it.”

Erik seemed a little taken aback. He looked over at Tabitha’s ‘Daddy,’ who gave Erik a very subtle nod. Erik gave him a slight shrug and turned back to Tabitha. He said, “Well little girl, if you promise to be very, very careful, then yes, you may play with…”

Tabitha shrieked, hopping up and down, clapping her hands. She ran over to the table with all the whips and floggers. Erik shook his head, amused at her antics. He shrugged and went over to sit down.

Reaching the table, Tabitha snatched up a wicked-looking whip with a long flexible shaft and a two foot tail of black leather on the end. She swung the whip back and forth over the heads of everyone who was sitting, as she giggled happily. The whip audibly whistled through the air, its leather tail snapping at the end of each stroke.

Melissa felt her belly tighten up in fear. She desperately hoped that Erik would intervene.

Then Tabitha discarded that whip, picking up a rattan cane. This device too, she swung forcefully back and forth in the empty air. The cane made an evil buzzing hum with every swing.

“Oh Daddy, this one looks so cool.”

Her partner grinned but shook his head. “Honey girl, maybe you should start with something a little… less aggressive.”

“Oh pooh, where’s the fun in that?”

“Remember, you promised not to break the nice man’s new toy.”

Tabitha stuck out her tongue at her ‘Daddy,’ but she set down the cane and picked up two floggers. Swinging the floggers madly in a windmilling motion, she glared at her partner, then stalked around behind Melissa.

Trying not to show her fear, Melissa commanded herself not move or flinch. Once the impacts came, however, they were not particularly painful. The flying leather tails spun past her buttocks, just grazing alternate cheeks as each one passed.

As her fear drained away, Melissa slumped a little against the ropes holding her. As soon as that happened, however, the impacts became more forceful, and Melissa quickly resumed her proper slave posture. The intensity backed off a little, but Melissa noticed that the strokes, instead of gazing, now seemed to strike her with a more pronounced thud. The effect was not exactly painful, and it did seem to connect more deeply with her sense of arousal. As often happened in Erik’s sessions with her, Melissa found herself floating along, buoyed by a combination of submission and thrill.

Melissa heard grunts and groans growing louder with every stroke. She listened carefully and realized that she was the one making the sounds. Embarrassed that she had slid so quickly into ‘subspace,’ as Erik called it, she opened her eyes and saw that everyone was watching her raptly, except for Deborah, who was kneeling in front of Michael’s lap as her head bobbed up and down. Michael had his hand on the back of her head, his fingers intertwined with her hair, softly guiding her head while he watched Melissa being whipped. His eyes were half-lidded, and his face was relaxed in blissful enjoyment.

“Sure,” Melissa thought. “You’re getting sucked off by a woman who loves to deep throat while another woman is being whipped for your pleasure. What’s not to like about that, asshole?”

Pushing her resentment aside, Melissa let herself drift back to the edges of subspace. Through a haze, she saw a woman she didn’t know walking over to Erik. The woman’s arms were bound behind her, and she was naked, except for black high heeled sandals and some sort of black feathered headdress. When the woman turned to kneel at Erik’s side, Melissa could see that a tray containing cocktails was somehow fastened to a strap around her torso, positioned just below her generous breasts. Thin gold chains ran from the front corners of the tray upwards to wrap around behind her neck, as though the tray was somehow a halter top that had fallen open, exposing her breasts.

Erik had been watching Melissa’s whipping intently. He glanced briefly at the woman with the drinks. He gave her a quick smile and took one of the glasses on her tray. Nodding his thanks, he turned back to watch Melissa.

The woman stood up and walked around behind Erik. Despite Melissa’s floating sense of consciousness, she was sufficiently aware to admire the woman’s grace. Rising up from a kneeling position, with both arms tied behind her, didn’t look as though it could be easy, especially while wearing six-inch heels. Melissa felt certain that she must have practiced for hours in order to make it look so effortless.

As the woman rounded behind Erik and headed toward Mistress Amy, Melissa realized that she was also wearing a ball gag, although hers was bright red and seemed uncomfortably large. A line of drool hung suspended from the woman’s mouth to a small puddle on the lacquered wood of the tray.

Watching the woman, Melissa started to understand why Erik had said drooling around a ball gag could look sexy. There was indeed something completely submissive about the woman’s graceful poise coupled with her complete lack of self-consciousness about the drool spilling from around her gag.

The woman knelt at an angle in front of Mistress Amy, careful not to block the dominatrix’s view of Melissa’s punishment, although she was in front of one of the matched pair of woman that knelt to either side of Mistress Amy’s chair.

After a moment, Mistress Amy leaned forward and stroked the bound woman’s left breast. Then the dominatrix picked up what seemed to be an empty shot glass. Holding the glass up to the bound woman’s left nipple, Mistress Amy used her other hand to again stroke that breast, slowly tapering her fingers down to the nipple and then squeezing. A white stream of milk shot out into the glass.

Melissa was so shocked that she almost pulled completely out of the warm enveloping sense of subspace that she had been falling into. At first, she didn’t believe what she had seen, but Mistress Amy repeated her motions until the shot glass was at least half full.

Turning to one of her kneeling slave girls, Mistress Amy handed her the glass. The young woman accepted it in both hands and raised it to her lips. She drank it all in one motion, then returned the empty glass to her mistress. Melissa watched, dumbfounded. She could see white droplets of milk still emerging from the bound woman’s left nipple, running down the curve of her left breast and dripping onto the tray.

Mistress Amy held the shot glass up to the bound woman’s right nipple and repeated her ministrations until the glass was again half filled. Turning to her other slave, Mistress Amy repeated the drinking ritual. When the second slave had finished, Mistress Amy returned the glass to the tray. She then picked up a snifter full of amber liquid that seemed to be her cocktail. Mistress Amy settled back into the cushions of her chair while the bound woman rose to her feet and walked gracefully past Melissa, toward the house. Slick milky trails led from both of her nipples, tracing wet lines down the arc of her breasts where white drips gathered, falling in droplets onto the tray below.

Once the woman was gone from her sight, Melissa found herself again amazed at the enormous variety of kinkiness. She was relieved that Erik didn’t seem to be into this particular variety, although knowing that he must have invited the drink server for the evening left Melissa a little unsettled.

Forcing herself to let go of her misgivings, Melissa relaxed against the ropes holding her wrists, and she thrust her butt out to receive the rhythmic impacts of the floggers, settling back toward subspace. She was dimly aware of what seemed to be a heightened state of arousal in the audience, which seemed to match her own rapidly ascending sexual need.

Vaguely, Melissa noticed that Mistress Amy had unbuttoned her suit jacket and commanded her slaves to lick her breasts. She seemed, however, frustrated by their efforts. She pushed them away and stood up, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the ground. Irritatedly, she shrugged off her jacket, letting it join her skirt in a crumbled heap. Now naked, except for her red and black pumps, she strode over to the tables of whips, snatching up a long, thin, black cane.

Melissa lost sight of Mistress Amy as she circled behind her.

The woman who was whipping her suddenly stopped. Melissa heard her adolescent tone complaining, “Hey!”

Mistress Amy snarled, “Back to your pissant Daddy, bitch.”

“Oh yeah?” The woman pouted back, “Well, you better be careful or he’ll beat you up.” Then she fled to her partner, pointing back at Mistress Amy, “Daddy, she was mean to me!”

He took her into his lap and said, “Now, now, Daddy’s got a surprise for you. See, you got me all hard by playing so nicely with your toy. So, what are you going to do with Daddy’s rock hard dick?”

“Ohh! I’m gonna fuck it sooo hard.” As she was speaking, she excitedly lifted herself up and then slid down on top of him. She immediately started bouncing up and down, crying out, “Daddy’s hard, Daddy’s hard!”

Melissa wasn’t sure whether to be horrified or amused. The whistle of a cane cutting through the air, however, yanked her attention back to her current predicament. Bracing herself for an impact, all that happened were continued angry buzzing sounds as Mistress Amy whipped the cane back and forth through the air behind her.

Just as Melissa relaxed an infinitesimal amount, the cane struck her buttocks. Fire leaped through her pelvis, seizing hold of her sex and squeezing hard. Simultaneously, electricity ran up her spine, and her head snapped back. She screamed into the ball gag that filled her mouth.

Letting her head slump back forward, she again heard the cane whipping back and forth through the air behind her. A line of fire burned across her butt where the rod had struck.

Opening her eyes, Melissa saw Deborah staring back at her with wide, hungry eyes, as the dark haired woman braced herself against the back of a chair and Michael pounded into her from behind. Michael’s rapt gaze was also fixed on Melissa, not on Deborah. Closer to the whipping posts, the woman pretending to be Daddy’s girl had spun around on her partner’s lap, so she could watch the action as well. She was still vigorously slamming up and down on him while they both intently stared at Melissa’s whipping.

Serena had splayed back on her lounger and used her leash to pull her slave on top of her, where he was busily thrusting in and out of her. Both of them, however, were watching the scene unfolding at the whipping posts, rather than each other.

Even Mistress Amy’s slaves were surreptitiously masturbating each other while otherwise giving their entire attention to the whipping.

Melissa noted with surprise that the bound woman with the tray of drinks had come back to stand next to Erik. She was intently watching Melissa as well, while standing with her legs spread shoulder-width apart to accommodate Erik’s fingers, which were sliding in and out of her soaking wet opening.

Erik was sprawled comfortably back in his chair. He appeared to be enjoying the scene immensely.

Once again, the cane struck, and Melissa jerked against her bonds, screaming. Her heart was pounding, and her sex was throbbing. Falling forward against her constraints, she was puzzled by the slow realization that Mistress Amy was not actually inflicting much pain at all. Instead, it was the theater and drama of the moment, as well as the wicked sound of the cane whipping back and forth through the air, that all conspired to make the whipping seem far more intense than it was. 

After a brief period of the cane whizzing harmlessly past her, Mistress Amy struck again. This time, Melissa’s resulting scream was closer to a moan, filled with her sexual need. Soon, Mistress Amy’s cane was raining blows on her, one after another. Melissa’s entire rear felt as though it were on fire. She was gasping against a rising orgasm that finally tore loose, leaving her writhing against the ropes holding her to the whipping posts and screaming into her ball gag.

When the last vibrations of her orgasm finally died away, she found herself slumped, facing down, only the ropes around of wrists holding her upright. Her knees were akimbo, and she wasn’t sure she could stand if she wanted. Her throat was raw from screaming.

As she stared at the slate stones of the patio within her view, she saw a pair of black and red pumps come into view. Realizing it was Mistress Amy, Melissa tried to stand, but failed. Instead, Mistress Amy slipped one of her hands through Melissa’s hair and, grasping her hair in her fist, pulled her head back. While the motion looked uncaring, Melissa was surprised at how gentle Mistress Amy had been. With her other hand, Mistress Amy pulled the ball gag from Melissa’s mouth, slipped it down over her chin, and let it drop around her neck.

Melissa tried to work her mouth to say, “thank you,” but nothing came out, except inarticulate half-noises.

Mistress Amy smiled and quietly said, “Now I see why Erik values you so highly.” With that, she leaned forward and kissed Melissa deeply.

Surprised, Melissa tried to close her mouth to properly present her lips for a kiss, except that Mistress Amy’s tongue was already exploring the inner reaches of her mouth. The dominatrix stepped closer, pressing her naked body up against Melissa’s sweaty torso. Melissa clumsily tried to respond to the other woman’s kiss with her tongue, but gave up as her whole body suddenly shuddered with a weak, twitching orgasm.

Mistress Amy stepped back, a thoughtful and surprised expression stealing across her face. Still holding Melissa’s head up by a fistful of hair, Mistress Amy gestured backward, toward the gathered audience. Melissa slowly registered that almost everyone else seemed to also be collapsed in some sort of post-orgasmic bliss.

Moving her lips close to Melissa’s ear, the dominatrix whispered, “See what you’ve done? This is you. It’s your sexual energy that drove this whole group into a frenzy. Do you know, Little One, how vanishingly few people can achieve such a thing? All these people fed off your energy, and you off theirs. It was amazing to watch.”

After a couple of tries, Melissa finally responded, “It was you too, Mistress.”

The other woman simply quirked a wry smile, then walked back toward her two slaves, growling at them, “Did I give you permission to come?”

Terrified, they ducked their heads down, “No Mistress.”

She pointed at the whipping posts and ordered them, “Take that girl down, then take her place.”

They hurried to obey.

Erik quietly stepped forward and motioned the two women to unbuckle Melissa’s ankle cuffs first. While they were working below, he gently unbuckled her gag and let it fall to the ground. Once her ankles were freed, he lifted her in his arms, letting the two women unbuckle her wrist cuffs. As each wrist was freed, Melissa felt her arms simply flop down limply. She didn’t think she could make either arm move through conscious control.

Erik kissed her tenderly and carried her over to a cushioned lounge chair that was wide enough to accommodate both of them. He laid her down gently, then walked around and snuggled in behind her, wrapping his arms around her. Mewing softly, Melissa managed to wriggle in closer, letting her eyes close and feeling his warmth.

She awoke to shrieks from Mistress Amy’s slaves. Confused, she looked around fuzzily, not entirely aware that she had fallen asleep. Time had clearly passed, however, because she saw the two women bound in an intricate predicament. Each of them was tied in such a way that the ropes binding their wrists led past the other woman’s labia, between her spread-open legs, and to the opposite post. Any movement by one woman meant the other woman experienced a tightening upward force on the rope running between her legs. Whenever one woman moved, the second woman jerked in response, causing the rope between the first woman’s legs to tighten, making her flinch in return, creating a chain reaction that bounced back and forth until both women could finally calm their motions.

The silver chains fastened to their nipple rings had been tied together so they could not pull away from each other in an effort to reduce the pressure exerted by the ropes.

Mistress Amy stood behind them, whip in hand. She would periodically flick the end of the whip, so it struck one or the other of the women on their buttocks. Despite each woman’s best efforts, they would inevitably flinch or jerk as the whip struck, setting off a shrieking cascade of rebounding twitches and jerks that only slowly died out between the two of them.

As wickedly amusing as their predicament was, Melissa felt a nagging sense of worry as well. She asked Erik, “What if one of them really slips and yanks away from the other girl? Won’t their nipple ring… I mean…”

“No worries. There’s a trick. Those light chains are attached to the nipple rings and to each other with special magnetic links. With a hard enough jerk, the magnetic connections just pop apart.”


“Don’t be fooled; it’s a strong enough connection so that a good tug will definitely get the wearer’s attention, but it’s not so strong to actually do any damage.”

Hesitantly, she asked, “Um… do you think I’d look good with my nipples pierced like that?”

She felt his erection stiffen behind her. He chuckled, knowing that she had felt his involuntary response. “Yeah, I do like the look, but it takes several months for your nipples to heal.”

“Ouch! Does it hurt the whole time?”

“No, not really. In fact, most people say it doesn’t even hurt all that much when they’re first pierced. Mostly, you’ve just got to be very careful and gentle as they heal, so the new tissue can get strong, without any infection. If your nipple gets bumped or twisted before it completely heals, it can really hurt – and then whole healing process has to start all over again.”

“Yuck. So why do it? I mean, is it just decorative?”

“Well, I’ve never had it done, but I’m told it makes your nipples more sensitive. Some people say ‘a lot more sensitive.’ Others, maybe not so much.”

“It is kind of pretty, I mean, the two girls are sort of like a matched set.”

“Yes, Mistress Amy truly loves having things ‘just so.’”

“Where did she find the girls?”

“Not sure. They look like ‘poor little rich girls’ to me. You find them hanging around the right sort of edgy clubs. They’re too scared to go to the hardcore BDSM clubs, but they’re really interested. Amy is good at spotting them and seducing them.”

“Somehow, I didn’t get the sense that Mistress Amy was a lesbian.”

“She’s not. I’m pretty sure she prefers men for sex. She just prefers women for slaves. She says that most male slaves are too high-maintenance. She hates it when a slave tries topping from the bottom.”


“‘Topping from the bottom’ – that’s what it’s called when a sub tries to control the scene, instead of letting the dom have control. It drives Amy crazy. That’s mostly why she had such strong reservations about working with you. She thinks my more mellow approach encourages topping from the bottom.”

“But I love giving you control, at least in, you know, scene-related stuff, and sex, of course.”

“I know. And I think Mistress Amy better understands that about you now.”

Melissa returned her attention to the scene at the whipping posts, to see that Mistress Amy had changed out her whip for a vibrator wand in each hand. The buzzing ends of the vibrators were pressed up against each of the young women’s sex. Both women were balanced on tiptoe, trying hard not to set off another cascade of tugs on the interconnected ropes.

Finally, one of the women slipped, jerking forward. The ropes tightened instantly, pulling upwards, and both women were thrown into orgasm, thrashing against each other. As the first woman slipped, Mistress Amy dropped the vibrators and grabbed the ropes holding both women’s wrists, keeping the women from tumbling over.

Eventually, both women came to a halt, trembling and whimpering. After a moment to make certain they wouldn’t fall over, Mistress Amy reached up and released a catch, letting the ropes go slack. Both women slumped gratefully to their knees, amidst scattered applause from the audience.

Melissa snuggled back against Erik while Mistress Amy untangled her slaves from the ropes. She brought them over to a nearby cushioned lounge chair that was also wide enough for two people. She directed the women to lie down as she picked up a light cotton blanket that had been folded on the foot of the chair. She shook out the blanket, then covered both of the women, carefully tucking them in.

After waiting a moment to make sure her slaves would be okay, Mistress Amy turned and walked over to Erik and Melissa.

She smiled crookedly at Erik and complained, “Nice party. I do all the work, and everyone else gets to cum all they want.”

He protested, “Hey, I haven’t had a single orgasm yet.”

“So, why don’t you get off your ass and fuck me?”

“Gosh, you ask for sex in the nicest way, don’t you.”

Melissa turned to look at Erik. He twitched an eyebrow back at her in question. She responded, “She has earned it, Master.” Sliding out of the lounge chair to her knees, Melissa assumed a slave’s pose in front of the other woman asking, “May I be of assistance, Mistress Amy?”

Gazing down in amusement, the dominatrix quirked her mouth, then pointed back at the middle of the chair. “Lie there. You can lick my clit while he’s fucking me from behind.”

Shaking his head, Erik slid off the lounge chair and slipped off his clothes while Melissa positioned herself as directed. Mistress Amy swung her knee over Melissa, facing the other way, and lowered herself directly over Melissa’s face, while arching her back so Erik could enter her from behind.

Melissa started to dutifully lick around the perimeter of the other woman’s clitoris, trying to gauge how sensitive she was to direct contact. Erik slid into her, and Melissa could feel the other woman’s sex pressing down. From her inverted position, Melissa could see Erik’s engorged penis sliding in and out of the other woman. She felt jealous that Mistress Amy was getting Erik’s attentions, but Melissa reminded herself that she already had a couple of amazing orgasms, courtesy of Mistress Amy, who probably deserved some release. She realized it was also likely that all the other men had spent themselves earlier.

Startled, Melissa felt Mistress Amy’s tongue licking along her labia as well, softly probing deeper. Reminded of her duties, Melissa refocused on exploring Mistress Amy’s clitoris as Erik continued to thrust in and out of her. Absentmindedly, Melissa noted that Mistress Amy’s pubic area was as completely smooth as Deborah’s. She wondered how she could go about asking if Mistress Amy had her hair removed by laser as well. If so, Melissa thought it might be a good idea. She truly appreciated the smoothness.

As she flicked her tongue past Mistress Amy’s clitoris, Melissa discovered that the other woman didn’t seem to be nearly as sensitive to direct stimulus as she was herself. Reaching up, she used her thumb to slide Mistress Amy’s hood away from her clitoris, exposing it to quick darts of her tongue. In response, Mistress Amy ground herself down onto Melissa, clearly seeking firmer contact, which Melissa did her best to provide.

Mistress Amy was groaning in effort, clearly aroused, but she also seemed frustrated. Finally, she told Erik, “This angle’s not working. Fuck me up the ass!”

Erik slid completely out, then slipped his thumb deep inside her vagina, coating it with her juices. After a moment, he slid his thumb out to press against the puckered ring of her sphincter. Massaging in little circles, he waited until her sphincter started to clench open and shut. Slowly, he slid his thumb inside, pressing it further and further in. Soon, the base of his thumb was pressed firmly into her opening, stretching it to the diameter of his penis.

Once he was sure she was comfortable with the width, he slid his thumb out, replacing it with his penis. Starting slowly, he pumped in and out. As close as Melissa was to the whole evolution, she was relieved to see that Erik’s penis stayed clean while his rhythm accelerated.

Mistress Amy lay across Melissa’s body, groaning in satisfaction. “Yeah, that’s lots better. Fuck my ass good! Hey bitch, keep licking!”

Melissa realized that she had slacked off in her duties while her attention had been distracted by seeing Erik shift between openings. She returned to licking Mistress Amy with vigor. The intensity of the other woman’s response built quickly. After several hoarsely shouted grunts, Mistress Amy’s orgasmed explosively. She bucked forcefully back and forth. Melissa had to quickly pull her tongue back into her mouth, to avoid biting herself as the other woman’s pelvis slammed against her.

Once Mistress Amy’s orgasm finally exhausted itself, she slumped downward with a satisfied groan. Erik’s timing, however, was delayed. He thrust several more times before withdrawing his penis, grasping it firmly around the head with his hand. He pumped with his hand twice more before his semen shot out, splashing against the Mistress Amy’s still open sphincter.

After the first two spurts, the force of his jetting semen tapered off, and some of his cum spilled down onto Melissa’s face. She wriggled forwards underneath the other woman, so Erik’s semen wouldn’t drip into her eyes.

Finally finished, Erik slumped back on his heels, hanging his head down, his eyes closed and a very satisfied expression spread across his face. Melissa stared up at him, waiting for him to open his eyes. After a moment, he did. When he saw her looking up at him, he smiled and mouthed the words, “thank you.”

She smiled back, although most of her face was still hidden by the curve of Mistress Amy’s body. Erik’s semen was slowly running down, across the arc of Mistress Amy’s labia, and dripping onto Melissa’s face. Playfully, Melissa lifted her head up, straining to reach high enough, and began to lick the other woman clean. At the touch of Melissa’s tongue, Mistress Amy began to stir. She arched her torso up and hips down, so Melissa could reach her more easily.

Melissa obliged, enjoying the bemused expression on Erik’s face. Then Mistress Amy tilted up enough to bring her sphincter directly over Melissa’s mouth. Fortunately, Mistress Amy’s muscle tone had returned sufficiently that her sphincter was closed again. Melissa was still not wildly excited about the situation, but despite her misgivings, she dutifully thrust her tongue in and out of Mistress Amy’s rear end, who responded with a deeply satisfied moan.

Melissa could feel movements as Mistress Amy began to masturbate herself in front, so Melissa continued to use her tongue to stimulate her from behind. Mercifully, Mistress Amy quickly orgasmed once more and fell forward into a heap, sliding off of Melissa. 

Freed from the other woman’s body, Melissa could once again see Erik’s face. He grinned, shaking his head slowly. In a quiet, bemused voice, he said, “You are such a wanton sex slave. Dear god, am I ever in trouble.”

She laughed and reached up to wipe off some of his semen that had dripped onto her face and was now liquefying. Grinning back at him, she licked her finger clean with exaggerated enthusiasm. He shook his head again, “Oh, you are just bad.”

As innocently as possible, Melissa asked, “Whatever do you mean, Master?”

He answered by simply smirking back at her.

From her position, collapsed face down in a heap on the other side of the wide lounger, Mistress Amy growled, “I don’t know why you put up with her crap, Erik. Hell, you encourage it.”

Erik gave Melissa a little shrug, out of Amy’s view. He was clearly not wanting to get into an argument.

After a long moment, Mistress Amy rolled over and continued more temperately, “On the other hand, she is your slave. So I can’t argue that you get to train her however you want, no matter how much you might be ruining her. Thank god, she’s got innate talent and solid instincts. Plus, you had the good sense to have me give her some real training, even if most of it is just physical conditioning.”

Erik grinned disarmingly, “Although we do see the world differently, I truly am grateful for the time you’re spending with her.”

Mistress Amy snorted derisively, knowing she was being fended off. Swinging her legs off the lounger, Mistress Amy paused before she stood up. “Thanks for the ass fuck. That was nice. Sorry you couldn’t finish off inside.”

“Anytime. I always enjoy having sex with you. You do have a magnificent body, and you certainly know how to use it.”

Mistress Amy snorted again at his flattery, before standing up and walking away.

When she was out of earshot, Melissa quietly asked, “Did she actually just apologize about something?”

Erik chuckled, equally quietly. “After she came, she completely relaxed her sphincter. That’s why I finished off outside. I was close, but it wasn’t going to happen otherwise.”

“Oh. It wasn’t just so I’d have to lick it off?”

“No. Not that I don’t love watching you do that, but I’d have much rather finished off in her. It’s… less satisfying, having to take care of myself.” He paused, then asked, “But, I thought you loved slurping up my cum?” After a moment, he grinned at her wryly, showing her that he knew she didn’t really feel that way.

“Oh yeah, and sticking my tongue up another woman’s ass. I absolutely live for that.”

“Well, it is in the job description.”

“I know, I know… but that’s twice this week that I’ve been on the bottom of one of these messy sandwiches. Don’t I ever get to be in the middle sometime?”

Erik was thoughtful for a moment, and then looked around the patio at the other groupings of play partners, most of whom seemed to be exhausted, for the moment at least. He nodded at Melissa and started to get up, saying, “I’ll see if one of Mistress Amy’s slave is available.”

“Ah, are you sure you’re…” Melissa halted, seeing Erik’s penis already becoming firmer.

Erik laughed, “I’m not that old yet.” Then he whispered, “Besides, a night like this, I take a sildenafil tab. No refractory period. Of course, my balls hurt like a son of a bitch if I cum too many times.”

Shrugging, he walked over and spoke quietly with Mistress Amy. He came back, leading one of her slaves by the thin silver chain attached to her nipple rings. Melissa sat up, feeling both embarrassed and self-conscious about using someone she didn’t know for her own sexual gratification. She reminded herself that the whole point of a sex slave was to serve someone else’s desires. If she liked being used that way, why wouldn’t another woman feel the same way?

Without saying a word, the young woman walked around the lounger and laid down, face up, with her head positioned so that Melissa could easily straddle her. Melissa looked up at Erik, still feeling uncertain. She couldn’t help but notice, however, that he was now fully erect in anticipation of enjoying himself.

Erik waved his fingers at her, indicating that Melissa should position herself over the other woman and present herself so he could enter her from behind.

Reminding herself to be more careful of what she asked for, Melissa complied. She cautiously positioned her hips, until Mistress Amy’s slave was dutifully able to lick her labia and clitoris. At the first full contact with her clitoris, Melissa flinched away from the intensity. When she let herself come back into position, the other woman was careful to circle her clitoris and not press on it directly.

Then she felt Erik ’s weight on the cushions behind her. She looked back at him and asked, “Where are you going to stick it in?”

“Any requests?”

“Ahh, maybe in front? I’m still building up to being able to handle all the anal sex.”

He smiled, then gently pushed her down to a more horizontal position and placed the broad head of his penis against her very wet labia. After a moment of anticipation, he slid inside in one long, slow movement. She caught her breath as he pushed himself all the way home, holding that position for a long count. She found herself greatly enjoying the pressure of him inside while the other woman continued to lick her outside. She could see why Serena and Mistress Amy both enjoyed it so much.

Erik began to smoothly slide in and out of her, his pace building very gradually. With the added stimulation in front, she wasn’t certain how long she would last. She could feel, however, an awkwardness in the geometry of Erik’s coupling. She wanted to press herself down harder or lift herself up in the air more. Either option, however, wasn’t practical with how the other woman was positioned. She understood now why Mistress Amy had asked for him to take her anally.

Feeling a growing frustration about being close, but not able to reach orgasm, she finally asked Erik in exasperation, “Okay, Mistress Amy was right. Can you put it in my ass?”

He laughed, “Anytime.” With the same care as he had taken with Mistress Amy, he eased open her rear with his thumb and gently stretched it wide enough to accommodate him. Melissa found herself softly growling with eagerness. The constant cunnilingus was driving her crazy, but it was only serving to prolong her teasing. It wasn’t enough to push her over the edge.

Finally, Erik slid into her rectum. Even though she still felt sensitive in spots, she hardly flinched. Instead of the discomfort she had feared, the fullness in her rear felt immensely satisfying. Erik settled into a steady rhythm that brought her closer and closer to what promised to be a wonderful orgasm. She could feel Erik’s arousal building as well.

Just as she hovered on the precipice, she found herself distracted by a thought. Ever perceptive, Erik noticed and asked, “What’s wrong.” He slowed down his pace, worried that she was feeling some pain.

She reassured him, “No, that’s okay. I was just wondering if you were going to cum all over my ass and make her lick it up?”

He resumed a faster pace and asked, “Do you want me to?”

She was too embarrassed to say ‘yes,’ even though she was very curious to feel what it was like to be on the receiving end.

Erik shook his head, knowing what she wanted. “Mistress Amy is right. I really do spoil you.” He began smacking her across her buttocks with the back of his hand. She came in bucking heaves before the third stroke, gasping for air, only dimly aware of the need to not injure the woman underneath her by the violence of her motions.

After what seemed to be agonizing minutes, she finally was spent and collapsed downwards, between the woman’s outstretched legs. As requested, Erik pulled out and finished manually by orgasming on her tingling anus. She felt his warm cum splashing against her puckered opening. Lying there inert, she felt the warmth as it slowly dripped down over her labia.

Erik laughed and lifted Melissa’s shoulders and torso up, so Mistress Amy’s slave could lick her clean. Melissa initially clenched. The sensation was very close to being tickled. Cautiously, she relaxed and let herself enjoy the sensation. It was almost like having someone else brush her hair or groom her.

When the woman’s tongue reached the ring of Melissa’s anus, Melissa froze, uncertain if she wanted someone else to stick their tongue in there. Before she could decide, however, the woman had already slipped passed Melissa’s opening. Feeling the soft firmness of a tongue pushing in and out of her made Melissa realize why people liked this feeling. She still wasn’t certain it was at the top of her list, but she had to admit it was very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, she felt too self-conscious about degrading the other woman, so she lifted herself away and rolled over onto her side. Stroking the other woman’s flank, Melissa said, “Thank you.”

Mistress Amy’s slave slid gracefully off the lounger, into a kneeling position. “The honor is mine. Thank you.”

Erik sat down with an exhausted and somewhat frustrated groan. Waving away the kneeling woman, he said, “You may return to your Mistress. Convey my gratitude.”

She bowed from her kneeling position and said, “Thank you, Master Erik.” Gathering up her chain, she stood and walked back to where Mistress Amy was busily occupied with her other slave.

Erik grumpily asked Melissa, “Happy now?”

Melissa rolled off the lounger as gracefully as she could to the same kneeling position and bowed as well. “Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

“Yeah, well you’re going to pay for that. As soon as I recharge, I will cum inside you.”

Melissa noted his penis was still reasonably firm. Leaning forward, she said, “Yes, Master.” Then she slid him all the way into her mouth, struggling hard against her gag reflex so that the head of his penis could slide down her throat.

“Oh, you little vixen. I’m going to whip you silly.”

Melissa let his penis slide out of her mouth with a wet ‘pop.’ She looked up and eagerly replied, “Oh thank you, Master!”

He shook his head in amused frustration.

Swallowing him back down again, she concentrated on getting him to cum once again. She felt very pleased with herself as he quickly became quite hard. “If being a sex slave is my job,” she told herself, “there’s no reason not to be good at it. And… there’s no reason not to enjoy it. After all, I’d hate to be stuck in some dull summer job.”

She sped up her efforts, amazed that she had so quickly learned to take him deeply enough in her throat that her face was rhythmically colliding with his smooth torso at the end of each stroke. She reminded herself that she had practiced every day, with the special dildo he’d given her. It was softer than a regular dildo and closely matched his general dimensions.

She wrapped her hands behind his buttocks, giving herself extra force with each stroke. With each rhythmic pull against him, she felt his muscles tensing under her fingers, signaling his approaching orgasm. She loved the feeling of being able to arouse him so quickly, and she was also grateful for the nearness of his oncoming orgasm because she was certain her throat was going to be very sore afterward. Between screaming so loudly while she was being whipped and the stretching from his penis, she was certain that she would pay a price for her eagerness to show-off for Erik.

As Melissa shifted a little to get a better angle, and the soreness in her rectum reminded her of another place she was going to regret her over-enthusiasm. She still wasn’t as comfortable with anal sex as Serena or Mistress Amy seemed to be.

Melissa was glad, however, that she had dutifully inserted her graduated set of butt plugs every day. She was taking the larger ones much more easily. She had also given herself enemas morning and afternoon, to stay clean for anyone who wanted to play down there. She was grateful that attention to cleanliness seemed to be a standard, at least for Serena, Erik… and even Mistress Amy, she now realized. She had a difficult enough time with oral-anal. If the other person was messy back there… that was just too disgusting to contemplate.

Melissa had been surprised, however, to find out that she really enjoyed the feeling of fullness in her rear. Anal sex had never been that appealing when boyfriends had managed to convince her to try it before. Now, she found herself fantasizing more and more about having two men at once, front and back. She chastised herself, “Yeah, like I’m not getting enough kinky sex already.”

Erik grunted deeply, and Melissa’s full attention returned to his imminent orgasm. She took him as deeply as she could stand and held him there until she felt him spasm and twist, pulsing his semen deep into her throat. His groan edged higher in pitch, bordering on real pain. Finally, he collapsed back out of her, holding his penis protectively with both hands. He moaned quietly, “You are an awful woman. I’m going to make you pay dearly for that.”

Melissa giggled quietly in response, while kneeling submissively in front of him. “Oh thank you, Master! I deeply appreciate your loving attention to correcting all of my many faults. Your firm discipline and your unhesitating willingness to punish my errors is… so amazingly generous.”

“Yeah? Well, I’m going to ‘generous’ your ass with a certain static electricity purple wand I happen to have.”

Melissa visibly blanched. “Ah… perhaps I went a little too far?”

“I’ll tell you when I recover. Get Yvette to bring me some water.”

“Yvette?” Melissa was momentarily puzzled. Then she guessed, “The woman with the drink tray and the… ah, the breasts…”

Erik filled in for her, “Lactating breasts.”

“Ah, right. Okay, now that was really weird. Piercing, I kind of get. Well, sort of. But squirting milk out like that?”


“Yes, Master.” Melissa quickly bowed, then rose to her feet, teetering for a moment on her six-inch heels, then walking back to the house as quickly as she could. She felt her gut clenching as she walked, hoping that Erik wasn’t serious about using the electrostatic wand on her again. Just the memory of it made her skin crawl. She still couldn’t figure out how the damn thing had given her such a powerful orgasm, but there was no way that enduring the fiery tingling of the static charge was worth the eventual result.

“Damn it!” she cursed to herself, realizing that her nipples were now achingly erect, and she was dripping wet between her legs. “I can’t fucking believe that thing makes me horny. God, am I so fucked up!”

Angrily, she strode into the house, heading to a temporary bar that must have been set up while she had been outside, tied between the whipping posts. A very attractive man her age stood behind the bar. Except for a black bow tie, he seemed to be naked. She couldn’t be certain, though, because the drink bar he was standing behind hid everything below his torso. He had, however, a gorgeously muscled torso. His face was stunning too, like a ruggedly handsome movie star. He seemed distracted, however, looking blankly off into space with an odd sort of half smile. 

She slowed her pace as she approached the bar. Looking around, she didn’t see any sign of Yvette. The bartender finally noticed her approaching and quickly straightened up, looking embarrassed to have been caught daydreaming. Melissa stopped in front of the bar, trying not to stare too obviously at the bartender’s sculpted body.

Melissa was startled to realize, however, that he was was much more openly staring at her, clearly admiring her figure. All this past week, she had been struggling to accept that she was attracting much more attention than she was used to receiving. She knew that dressing provocatively definitely had something to do with it, but she also had to admit that Erik and Selena were at least a little bit correct when they said that some of it was her. She knew that she felt more sensuous, and it somehow was radiating out.

She was still a little unnerved, however, that a man who was handsome enough to have any woman he wanted would be so clearly ogling her. She wondered if it was the way she was dressed – then nearly panicked as she remembered that all she was wearing was her slave collar, ridiculously high-heeled black sandals, and a set of red stripes across her butt.

She avoided his gaze by looking around again, asking, “Do you know where Yvette is?”

He then glanced down, a little embarrassed, but saying nothing. After a moment, Melissa’s eyes followed his gaze. Behind the bar, she could now see tufts of black feathers swaying back and forth.

The bartender gave Melissa a little embarrassed shrug, and she suddenly realized that Yvette was hidden behind the bar, giving him oral sex. All Melissa could see with the tip of her black feathered headdress as it swayed in and out.

Finally, the bartender said, “You know, it’s like she was all horny watching you out there. She made me keep on getting her off with my tongue. God I’m sore.” He grimaced a little. “So this is like, my payback.”

Melissa thought to herself, “Okay, so he’s really cute… and really dumb. But cute works.”

Out loud, she said, “Um, the thing is, Erik wanted her to bring him some water.”

The bartender’s eyes widened in fear. He stepped back from Yvette, as she shot up to her feet. She still had the tray fastened to her front, and her arms were still bound behind her, but her ball gag was resting down around her neck. She looked at the bartender, who was still frozen, and barked out, “Don’t just stand there, idiot, get some water!”

Spurred into motion, the bartender grabbed a glass and filled it with ice. Melissa was amused to see his erect penis bobbing around as he worked. Looking at the size of the glass, however, she asked, “Do you have something bigger? I think he’s really thirsty.”

Yvette, who was walking around to Melissa’s side of the bar, said, “Fill a carafe too. Quickly!” Exasperated, she muttered, “This is way too good of a gig to piss off Master Erik.”

Curtsying in front of Melissa, Yvette asked, “Can you please put my gag back in, Mistress?”

Melissa snorted quietly at being called ‘mistress,’ but reached out to help. From behind the bar, the young man asked pitifully, “But what about me?” He gestured to his upward jutting penis with a hurt puppy dog expression.

Yvette rolled her eyes. Melissa laughed and told her, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.” Then Melissa reached out to take the full glass and carafe from the bartender and carefully balanced them on the tray. Yvette curtsied again and went off to deliver the water.

Melissa watched her go, amazed at her ability to keep the drinks from spilling while walking on stiletto heels, with her arms tied behind her back. Turning back to the bartender, she was greeted by his eager, hopeful expression. He said, “You were so awesome out there. I mean, I didn’t get to see so much, with my face stuck between her legs and all, but wow, that was cool.”

Melissa smiled a little uncertainly as she walked around the bar to his side. Bemused, she replied, “Ah, thanks.”

“Oh, this is going to be so awesome, getting sucked off by Master Erik’s private slave. I bet you’re amazing.”

Melissa put her finger up against his lips, quieting him. “God,” she thought to herself, “if only he didn’t have to open his mouth.”

With a discreet smile of personal amusement, she sank to her knees, then took him all the way into to her already sore throat, determined to prove that she was indeed ‘amazing.’ “After all,” she told herself, “if you’re Master Erik’s private sex slave, that means you’ve got to be pretty damn hot.”