Chapter 6: Decision

“So we didn’t say anything more. We got back to his house, and I didn’t really say goodbye or anything. I just kept on walking up to where I’d left my car and drove away.” Melissa looked up from her unfinished bottle of beer, which had grown warm while she told Malcolm about her day with Erik. Shame and sadness tempered her voice. She did feel a little lighter, now that she had finished. It had been a relief to tell someone.

Malcolm had sat quietly throughout, listening thoughtfully. Occasionally he had laughed with her when she remembered something funny, but otherwise, he had been uncharacteristically silent. In the past, whenever she had told him about her latest ‘date gone bad,’ he would playfully tease her about her missteps while constantly making snarky comments about the man she’d been with and how awful he had been.

Instead, his brown eyes were gentle, and he seemed puzzled. He asked, “So you didn’t tell him ‘no’?’

“No, I didn’t. I was a wimp. I don’t know. I should have screamed it at him, but… I don’t know why.”

“Babycakes,” he said more urgently, “you’d better pick up that phone. Or text him if you’re too much of a wimp to call.”

She nodded, “You’re right.”

“And you tell him ‘yes.’ You beg him to take you back.”

“Okay, okay,” she said, picking up her phone, “I’ll tell him… What? What did you say?”

“Sweetie pie, this one’s a keeper.”

“But, but… he beat me!”

“Yeah, and you came again and again, like a cat in heat, making way too much noise and begging for more.”

“I didn’t make a lot of noise… At least, I don’t think I was loud… anyway, that’s not the point.”

“So what is the point?”

“Well… the point is that he was mean to me. And besides, sex slave? Like I can put that on a resume?”

“Girl, the only way he was mean to you is he didn’t make you cum a whole bunch more times, and that’s only ’cause you ran off, going ‘wee, wee, wee’ like the little piggy running away from the big, bad wolf.

He laughed and continued, “And your resume? You’re all worried about your resume? I got news for you girl, all us first-year grad students, we’re screwed this summer. So you might as well get paid for it. And paid pretty damn good.”


Malcolm held up a finger, “Sweetie pie, hold on for a second.” Melissa paused mid-breathe, then slumped back in her chair, waving at him to continue.

He counted off his points, “First, he’s cute. Second, he’s way too rich. Third, honey child, he’s got your number. He played you dead to rights. He knows more about what makes you go boom than you do. Fourth, he’s cute – naw, done that – fourth, he calls his housekeeper Mrs. Grady. I mean, what kind of self-respecting evil villain calls his housekeeper Mrs. Anything? So, as far as I’m concerned, he fails the evil villain test right there. And fifth, wow fifth, that bit about his uncle. I was in tears listening to that poor man’s story. I just wanted to get down on my knees, suck him off, and make him feel all better.”

“Who, Erik?”

“No, silly. His uncle. Course, if Erik swings both ways, he can have me anytime he wants.”

“Malcolm, you are… I don’t know. Disgusting? Twisted?”

“Damn straight. Well, maybe not ‘straight’, but you make sure to tell Erik he can slide that big dick of his into me anytime he wants, anywhere he wants. I’ll know how to take care of him, even if someone else is too much of a fraidy-cat to try.”

“I’m not a fraidy-cat.”

“Meoww,” he responded.

“Well, maybe a little, but ‘sex slave’? I mean, really?”

Malcolm looked at her more seriously and asked, “Are you scared you’ll like it?”

She sat up straight, angry, ready to scream at him, then hesitated. Slumping back down, she stared at the floor. “Oh wow. Shit!” She paused, slowly parsing through her feelings, “That kind of went ‘clunk’ somewhere inside, you know, like something got shoved into place, and then everything lined up.”

“I was wondering. I mean, when he was talking about all that sexual fantasy stuff, which sounded like a pretty cool take on the whole thing, by the way – anyway, you said that he talked about rape fantasies. You sort of skated around it, but I got the sense that you might have indulged in those once or twice. Yes, Kimo Sabe?”

Melissa blushed and looked away. “Ah, it’s, well kind of… yeah.”

“And maybe even being a sex slave?”

She took a deep breath, exhaled, and whispered, “Yeah.”

“All this year that I’ve known you, you’ve been attracted to bad boys like flies to… well, whatever. Anyway, maybe it’s somebody like Erik you’re really wanting, not one of those bad boy twerps. I mean, they all turned out to be self-absorbed little boys. Erik, on the other hand, he’s this grown-up, Mr. Dominant Man. Problem is, now that you’ve found him, you’re running for the hills.”

“I kind of got weirded out by the whole ‘sex slave’ thing.”

“And yeah, if it does get all weird, you can bail anytime you want.”

“What if he chains me up in his basement?”

“So, you call me every day. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll sic the cops on him.”

“Yeah, and they’ll find my mutilated corpse.”

“That really what you’re worried about?”

“Uh, no. It’s, well, it’s kind of scary to go explore my dark side. What if I don’t like what I find.”

“Now you’re being a drama queen. I don’t know – you sound like some good little girl in catechism class calling her horny little secrets her ‘dark side.’ I can just hear her, ‘Oh my, all these dark thoughts? I must need an exorcism. Oh, that sounds like fun! I’ll be all tied down, some hunky priest standing over me…’”

Melissa took the pillow she had been leaning against and threw it at him. It bounced off, and they both laughed. Then each grew quieter and more somber.

“So girl, what are you going to do? Really?”

“I guess maybe I’ll give it a try. You’re right, I can walk away. And if he brainwashes me or something, you’ll come rescue me, right?”

“Honey child, you can count on this little sissy boy to round up some gang bangers from back in the hood, and we’ll come gunning for you.”

“You grew up in the burbs, not the hood.”

He looked around cautiously and put his finger across his lips. “Shush. You’ll ruin my reputation.”

She laughed, “But you’re my hero.”

“Oh, now you’re just getting gross.”

“Talking about gross, what’s with guys wanting to come in your mouth? Is Erik right about it being like a dog pissing on something? That’s kind of disgusting. And while we’re at it, why does every guy want to stick his dick in my ass? And talking about asses, what was that with Erik putting his tongue in me? Is he going to want me to do that to him? I mean, definite eww, yuck, gross-out.”

“Oh, you innocent little puppy. Okay, in order, from the beginning, having a guy cum in your mouth or on your face. Well, Erik’s ideas on that one are sort of interesting. I don’t know; it sounds like he thinks about sex way too much. Anyway, he’s come up with some cool ideas. And yeah, he’s probably onto something about it being about marking or claiming ownership.

“Let’s put it this way,” he continued, “every guy I’ve ever known has wanted to cum on my face or in my mouth. And I sure as hell love the feeling of doing it right back. In my world, honey girl, you better act like getting a face full is the biggest gift, ever. I mean, if you’re with a guy who just goes through the motions of letting you cum on him – total turn-off! What a waste of perfectly good spunk!”

Melissa made a face at him. He nodded and continued, “I know, cum can be nasty tasting stuff. And the texture isn’t the best either. I mean think about it. It’s this sticky fluid that a guy’s body knows how to make.”

“Oh thanks Malcolm, that makes it ever so much more attractive… not!”

“Melissa, darling, you’re missing the point. I mean, if you think about it that way, of course it’s gross. But that’s not how to think about it. The point is that you’ve got this lovely, hunky man that wants to share his orgasm with you. He’s just so proud and preening about it. And you better be all psyched about being so sexy that you’ve driven him to that point. It’s like a huge win for you too. So when that hot cum hits you, it’s party time! Yeah, hooray! Happy days. You’re supposed to treasure it, play with his cum, lick it all up.”

“Eww! You’re as bad as he is.”

“I see you’re going to need some work on this one.”

“Yeah. Is it… is it really that important?”

“Look, if it’s not happening for you, then it’s not. And maybe you can fake it enough to keep whoever happy, or maybe you say ‘no way.’ Me, I think the key is getting to the place where you really do like it; where it’s fun; where you like teasing the boy by playing with his cum and licking it all up. Cause trust me, it really is a huge turn-on for guys. But if you’re faking it, I don’t know… I mean, some people just can’t get past the gag factor. The taste just totally makes them want to puke. Then it’s not worth it, cause, I mean, it’s got to be good for both of you. In my lifetime of depravity, if I got to fake it, it ain’t worth it, unless the guy’s really, really cute.”

“Okay, okay, I mean, I guess I can try. It’s not like eating out pussy could be the most awesome thing going.”

Malcolm shrugged his shoulders, “Never been there. But I know lots of lesbos who say they love it. Probably the same deal; if making the other person go wild is enough fun for you, then you don’t mind the other stuff.”

“Okay… so what is it about guys always wanting to stick their dicks in somebody’s ass?”

“Hey, don’t go insulting one of my favorite pastimes. I love plugging someone’s hole. Plus, I love having some big boy back there slipping his meat in me. And oh wow, when I can do a congo line – you know, where I can be banging away on one guy and have another guy doing me at the same time. Oh, that can be heaven.”

“Malcolm, you know that thin little line between just enough information and way too fucking goddamn much information?”

“No,” he answered with as much innocence as he could muster. “Besides, you asked.”

“Anyway,” he continued, “why heteros like it, I don’t know. It’s got to feel as good for him as it does for me, and that’s plenty wonderful. I mean, if a guy really knows how to play you with his sphincter muscle…”

Melissa held up her hand to stop him, “Again! Way more information than I need.”

“Okay, little Miss Prissy. But you did ask.”

“Oh, and one last bit,” he added. “Again, I’m not sure about heteros, but there’s something about the naughtiness of it. You know, it’s like, ‘this person is so turned on by me that he’s letting me put my dick in his ass,’ I mean, ‘her ass.’” He paused a minute, thinking about this perspective. “Okay, that’s just too weird. Anyway, you got that whole forbidden fruit thing going on. Major turn-on, feels good, what’s not to like about it?”

“Okay, so… I hesitate to ask, but that tongue in the ass thing?”

“Oh mama, one of my absolute favorites. Having someone tongue me, it’s just yummy. I mean, didn’t you like it? How could you not?”

“Well yeah, it was kind of a turn-on, I mean, at the time. But… gross! What if he wants it?”

“Then honey, you just pull those cute little cheeks of his open and diddle him good.”


“Hey, I didn’t say he shouldn’t be clean. The best deal is fresh shaved, flushed out, and showered. You know, shit doesn’t taste great. There’s no reason for putting up with somebody who’s always messy down there. I don’t care how cute he is.” Malcolm paused, a wistful look on his face as he seemed to remember someone in particular.

Melissa waited a bit and finally said, “Earth to Malcolm.”

“Oh well… he was very cute. Just a little clueless, that’s all. Anyway, is there anything else you wanted to ask Uncle Malcolm?”


“Then don’t you have a phone call to make?”


“Erik? Sex slave? You desperately want to have his baby.”

“Let’s not go there yet.”

“‘Yet?’ Oh, that sounds promising. Anyway, Missy, I’m not seeing you dialing.”

“Ha! I’ll send him a text.”


“Yep, absolutely,” she agreed. She pulled out her phone, got to the right screen, and typed in, ‘yes’.” Then she stared at the screen for a long moment. With a deep breath, she hit ‘SEND’.

“There,” she said, “It’s done.”

“Good. Hey, remember, ‘twere be done, twere best be done quickly.’”

“‘Yeah, isn’t the next line, “Screw your courage to the sticking point’ or something?”

“Hey, worked for Macbeth,” he replied with mock seriousness.

“Until MacDuff killed him in the end.”

“Hey, embrace your dark side, kiddo. Why settle for lowly Thane of Cawdor when you can be King of Scotland, least for awhile. Besides, it’s just a summer job, right.”

“Yeah,” she said, suddenly feeling a little sad, “It’s just a summer job.”