Ass-to-Mouth Oral Sex

Ass to mouth oral sex, known by the acronyms ATM or A2M, is the practice of performing oral sex on a cock (or sex toy) that has been in your asshole without cleaning it off prior to you going down on it. Though long restricted to porn, the act has become more popular among “regular” people not doing porn in recent years.

This is not as uncommon these days as you might think. If you search on just about any porn site, you’ll find a huge number of videos done by amateurs where ATM is part of the encounter. There are a couple of groups on Motherless with literally thousands of videos of non-porn women doing ass to mouth (including several doing it with their own with sex toys). I’m not sure if it’s because the practice is so prevalent in porn, or if its associated with the fact that rimming is becoming much more mainstream these days, but the act is no longer confined to “professional” porn as many might have you believe.

Why Would I want to do ATM?

There are a couple of primary reasons. Perhaps the single best reason to do it is that it allows you to move between anal and oral sex without any interruption in the flow of the sex. Being able to move from sex act to sex act fluidly without having to interrupt to clean something off allows for a more robust experience in the eyes of many people. For a lot of people stopping to wipe off and do a serious inspection will put a serious dent in the eroticism of a sexual encounter.

Second, it’s a fantasy of a lot of guys. They see it in porn and think it’s an incredibly slutty act (which it is), and it becomes one of those sexual bucket list things for them. One of your roles as a slut is to fulfill sexual fantasies for your partners (within your own boundaries), of course. And for some women, the very sluttiness or “dirtiness” of the act makes it a fantasy for them as well.

What Will it Taste Like?

Concern about the taste is perhaps the single greatest hurdle to doing ATM for most people. The truth of the matter is that, if your butt’s clean, it probably won’t taste like anything other than the lube you’re using. In my experience, there’s usually a slightly salty taste with a hint of bitterness in it when I first go down on a cock that’s been in my ass, but within a few seconds, the only thing you taste is cock. Obviously, if the cock comes out with brown stuff on it, it’s not going to taste good at all, however. For most sluts, that would be a hard limit, anyway.

One good way to find out how you’re going to taste is to stick a finger in your own ass, pull it out and put it in your mouth to taste it. Lube a finger up, insert it into your asshole, then withdraw it and see what is tastes like. You can try just inserting it into the anal canal first, and if that’s not too nasty-tasting, try pushing the finger in as deep as you can get it. Finger fuck yourself for a couple of seconds, then pull it out and taste it. The cocks that come out of your rectum are going to taste just like that finger.

You can ameliorate the taste by using some kind of lube that has a flavor to it, by the way. There are a ton of different kinds of lubes that are flavored and are made specifically for oral sex. Most can be used for penetrative sex as well (check the label for ingredients or restrictions on use, though). If you’re fucking without condoms, something like coconut oil would also work.

When I started masturbating, I used to stick a finger in my mouth to get spit on it, and would insert the finger into my asshole when I was playing with my cunt. As I did that, over and over again I’d just pull my finger out of my butt, put it back in my mouth to get more spit on it, and then reinsert it into my backside as I played with myself. I did all of that before I even knew ATM was a thing, and was never once squicked out by any taste. So when I started doing anal with guys, it just seemed like a natural progression to me. Obviously, that’s not going to be the case for most women, but the point is that, although it has a nasty reputation in the eyes of some, it is largely undeserved in my opinion.

Health Risks

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen people make assertions that doing ATM will cause people to get sick at their stomachs, or get e. coli infections, and so forth. Everyone I’ve ever seen make those statements are people who’ve never done it. I can’t recall having seen one anecdote from anyone who’s actually done ATM claiming they had any negative side effects from it. You will also see just about every “sex educator” of note extoling the “dangers” of going from ass to mouth. And to be quite frank, I, too, used to be hesitant about doing that kind of thing, based largely on what the “pros” were saying. There were a lot of porn stars who said that the sex educators were exaggerating, but who takes the word a porn star over that of a sex educator, right?

Yes, for many it may be a bit gag-inducing, if you get over that, there’s nothing risky or dangerous about putting a cock that’s been in your butt into your mouth. I outlined the risks of getting feces in your mouth in the Health and Safety module, however, and as I explained there, gastroenterologists claim that even eating your own feces isn’t dangerous or harmful. So doing ATM, even if there is a bit of fecal matter on the penis, isn’t going to make you sick or give you any disease you don’t already have, nor is it going to give you salmonella or any other kind of poisoning. Therefore, we can conclude that those who’re making claims that doing ATM is unhealthy or dangerous have just bought into the old histrionics that have been passed down from those before them without doing their own research.

So, with that out of the way, let’s discuss the wherefores and whatnots of taking a cock that’s been in your ass into your mouth.

Doing ATM

Doing ass-to-mouth oral sex is a pretty straightforward thing, really; there’s no “trick” to it. As he’s fucking your asshole, and when you two are ready to move to oral sex, simply have him pull the cock out of your ass and bring it up to your face where you can do a quick visual inspection of it. Obviously, if there’s brown stuff on it, you need to wipe it off first (or avoid performing oral on it altogether). As I pointed out in the modules on anal intercourse, for most people, there’s not going to be noticeable material in the rectum to begin with (and if you’ve used enemas to clean out, so much the better). So in many cases you won’t see anything on it, though it may have a slightly dank smell to it. If it seems clean enough to you, wrap your lips around it and go down on it as has been explained in the course of giving head to a guy. As you become more experienced with this, you’ll be able to do the visual inspection very quickly, to the point where there doesn’t seem to be any hesitation in your actions from his perspective.

There are two ways to handle initiating ATM. One involves talking with your partner about it before you do it. This will help both of you ensure each is comfortable with the act and will allow you to prepare for it together. There’s also the option of springing it on a partner as a surprise. Keep in mind that there are a lot of guys who don’t want a woman to do this kind of thing. But if you’re playing with a guy who you know or suspect is comfortable with oral/anal contact or play (i.e., he enjoys rimming you or you rimming him), then a surprise might be a good way to go if that’s what you’d like to do. Otherwise, I’d encourage you to discuss it before going there.

If you’ve paid attention to how clean your partner’s cock is or isn’t when it comes out of your ass during your regular anal sex activities, then you’ll have some sense of whether or not ATM will be something you’ll be able to do in a spur of the moment situation. I would recommend against doing ATM in a dark environment since you cannot see his penis to know if it is clean or not (unless, of course, you don’t mind doing “dirty” ATM). You could, of course, always take a couple of seconds to wipe it off with a wet wipe from your Slut Kit (have it handy near the bed beforehand).

If you do try it and decide that it isn’t something you want to continue doing, let your partner know it was a one-time thing. He should respect that. If he doesn’t, then you probably should consider finding someone else to play with. If it is something you decide is worth doing, then you have one more really slutty option to add to your sexual repertoire.

An alternative to raw ATM is to have him buttfuck you with a condom on, and when you’re ready to do oral, he can withdraw, remove the condom quickly, and you can go down on it as you normally would. This is less “dirty” than doing it raw, but will satisfy most guys’ fantasies. You can also do it this way as a prelude or trial run before trying it raw if you like. Alternatively, you can use a female condom inserted into your butt to make this happen and still be “clean” about it. Insert the condom into your rectum and he can fuck you in the ass bareback (he should never have a condom on his cock if you have one in your butt). When he withdraws, the only thing you’d be able to taste is perhaps the latex of the condom.

If you wish to take the slut factor in this act to an even higher level, add some dirty talk into this mix. Phrases like, “I want to taste my ass” or “I want to taste my ass juice” will really get a guy hot, especially if you’re doing this as a surprise. When you’re actually giving him head, a phrase like, “Hmm, my ass tastes so good,” or the like works well also.


There is a flavor (pardon the pun) of ATM that will involve some risk. If you take a cock that’s been in someone else’s asshole and put it in your mouth, you do run the risk of catching any disease they might have, just as you would if you rimmed them directly. This is something that could possibly come up if you’re doing a threesome with a guy and another girl, and is known as “ATOGM,” or “ass to other girl’s mouth.” You see this kind of act quite often in professional porn. It is not something that the typical threesome includes, however (though admittedly some probably do).

In addition to hoping the person is free of any diseases, you also have to rely on the other person having cleaned her butt out such that it is clean enough for the cock to come out in a condition where you’d agree to go down on it. This kind of activity is something that should be discussed before getting into a position where it might become a possibility. The same process and options described above for actually doing it are basically the same.

What if I Don’t Want to do ATM?

Then don’t. Seriously. ATM is one of those acts that has a pretty significant gag factor associated with it for many (most?) women. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to do it (or any other sex act, for that matter). If you have a guy who asks you to try it and you don’t want to, explain to him that you just can’t go there. He must respect that. If he doesn’t, find a new guy to play with. The same concept applies if you try it once and decide you don’t enjoy it.

When You’re Done

After you’ve gone down on a cock that’s been in your ass, I would recommend rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash. This will kill any germs that you might come into contact with and will disabuse your mouth of any aftertaste. Otherwise, it will likely be no different than after any other instance of having performed “regular” oral sex.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a straightforward kind of thing, with the primary hurdle being getting over the “eww” factor that jumps into the mind of most people when they think about putting anything into their mouths that has been in their butts. It is becoming a more common practice, however, so if it is something that interests you, give it a shot and see how it goes.