Felching & Other Anal Fluid Play

Felching is the act of sucking a fluid out of someone else’s asshole. Generally, the fluid is semen, but it can be anything liquid that can be introduced into another person’s rectum. Many people confuse felching with creampie eating, and they are similar. However, the orifices involved are different. Felching is to the asshole as creampie eating is to the vagina. The vast majority of sex partners you’ll encounter likely will have no idea what the term means, so you may have to educate them if necessary.

Generally, felching takes one of three forms:

  • A man sucking his own semen from his partner’s ass
  • A slut sucking a man’s semen from another slut’s ass
  • A cuckold man sucking another man’s semen out of his wife/girlfriend’s ass

What is the Allure of Felching?

For reasons not clearly understood, some of the most erotic acts in the minds of many involve acts seen as “disgusting” or “dirty” (consider for a moment piss play, scat play, etc.). Certainly, the act of sucking something from another person’s asshole falls into the category of disgusting to the vast majority of people. For some relationship configurations there is also a submission or degradation aspect involved. Either way, a lot of people see the act performed in porn and become infatuated with the idea of trying it, and so the educated slut needs to be aware of what it is and to be prepared to discuss the subject with a partner who might bring it up.

Safety Issues

The most obvious safety issue associated with felching involves STDs. Both/All people involved need to be free of any STDs before engaging in this act. Given its nature, it is not possible to do this “safely” if someone is infected.

Of course, any semen deposited in someone’s rectum is likely to be contaminated with at least a small amount of fecal matter. However, as I pointed out in the module on ATM, consuming small amounts of fecal matter is not unhealthy assuming the person from whom it came has no gastrointestinal or STI issues.

The How To of Felching

At its core, felching is a pretty straightforward concept. A guy cums in your asshole, and someone (him, another woman, etc.) sucks it out, or he cums in another person’s asshole and you suck it out. There are some subtle nuances, however, that will make things go a lot smoother for all concerned.

If the desire is to cum in your asshole with the specific intent of having another person felch it out, the guy will need to make a small modification to how he cums in order to make this easier to accomplish. He’ll need to ejaculate inside your rectum near the anus rather than balls deep inside it. This will make expelling the semen easier and make it less prone to being contaminated with fecal matter. I know the drive to go deep when he’s cumming is strong, but he’ll need to hold the head just inside the anus and, if necessary, jerk himself off into your asshole. Once he’s done, he can slowly withdraw the head. Be sure and maintain a position where you’re not allowing the semen to drain out of your asshole when he withdraws.

If you’re the one who’s going to have the semen sucked out of your asshole, position yourself according to your partner’s wishes. If he’s wanting to literally suck it out, get on your hands and knees, let him assume a position behind you with his mouth on your anus and he can begin sucking and probing with his tongue. While he’s doing this, push as if you were trying to force a fart – not so hard that you’ll actually defecate, but it may take a bit of effort. Note that, if you’ve been fucked anally for a while before he came, you’re liable to have a buildup of air in your rectum and you likely will fart.

If he wants you to “shit” or dribble the semen into his mouth, he can lie on his back, you can climb up and straddle his face positioned with your asshole above his mouth and push as outlined above. He can also probe your hole with his tongue to help facilitate the process. Gravity will likely provide some assistance as well. Again, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t push too hard causing feces to come out.

If you’re the one who’ll be eating the semen from someone else’s asshole, position yourself according to how you want to receive it. My personal favorite is to suck the semen out of her ass as a part of eating her ass as I described in the course module on performing anilingus. With her pushing and me digging my tongue into her rectum, it makes it pretty easy to get a good bit of it out. As I note above, however, she will likely have a buildup of air in her rectum so you may be on the receiving end of the occasional fart as a part of this. As a slut, you must learn to ignore the farts and continue felching without interruption.

If you want to have it dribbled into your mouth, lie on your back and let her straddle your face and have her push. This will force the semen out. Again, if you want, use your own tongue and get in there and help get it out. If she’s got a good bit of air buildup going on, you may get it splattered all over your face, so you should be prepared for that.

Regardless of how you receive it, be sure you clean all of it up from around her asshole. Remember, a good slut never wastes a drop of semen. Once you’ve got the cum in your mouth, you can either swallow it or snowball your partner(s) if that’s something you wish to do.

The Taste

Semen will not taste much more different coming out of someone’s asshole than it does right out of the cock. I’ve heard of people introducing flavored substances into the felchee’s asshole prior to being fucked to help make things taste better, but that is really not necessary (and generally makes more of a mess than actually helping anything). If you’re fine with the taste of semen to begin with, you won’t notice much of a difference during felching. This is probably the one thing that scares people the most about doing it, but it is the one they least need to be concerned with.

Having said that, if the guy cums deeply in the felchee’s rectum and you have it pushed out into your mouth, it likely will have much more fecal matter in it than it would if he’d cum where he was supposed to. That may indeed alter the taste (and the appearance), but it is not unsafe.

Using Other Fluids

While felching is typically seen as sucking semen from someone else’s ass, it can be any fluid. Milk, cream, and various alcoholic beverages are fairly common fluids to use for this purpose. When you are considering what to put in the rectum, keep in mind that material is absorbed very quickly through the rectal walls. Consequently, introducing alcohol into someone’s rectum will get them intoxicated rather quickly, and can result in alcohol poisoning if done using too much alcohol, fluids that have a very high alcohol content, or if the alcohol is introduced too quickly.

It can be entertaining to watch someone force out certain liquids and other materials from their anuses as a part of sex play. I’ve been to sex parties where there were contests to see who could shoot whipped cream the furthest distance from their assholes, for example.

That’s pretty much it – simple and straightforward. If everyone’s clean, it’s a safe act to perform even if it has a very high “nasty” factor to it.