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Was the ending satisfying?
Even though the genre of the story is erotic romantic fantasy, did the characters seem emotionally real?
The story is set within a subculture of BDSM and kink. What is your own context for reading the story?
Venus or Mars?
Which character(s) would you like to see in their own story?
Which naughty bits were fun?
There was a wide variety of kinky sexuality in the story. Please click on those activities you enjoyed reading in the story. (The question below this one gives you the chance to click on the activities you that disliked in the story.)
Which naughty bits were a turn-off?
Some of the kinky sex might have been something you really didn’t enjoy reading. Please click on those activities that you found disturbing or uncomfortable and would rather not have been in the story.
If I wrote another story, would you read it?