On Throatfucking

In my mind, there are basically three levels of oral sex when it comes to a female mouth and a man’s cock. There’s the basic blow job in which the female is the active participant, the one who’s doing all the work while the guy lies, sits, or stands there and enjoys the stimulation. Then there’s face fucking, which is often kind of a hybrid thing, though it’s much more of the guy doing the work. Basically, he thrusts his hips to push his cock into your mouth, but not so far as going all the way to balls deep and full insertion past your gag reflex (unless he’s got a shorter than average cock, of course). Any girl can learn to do these.

But then there’s throat fucking. Throat fucking is face fucking’s debauched whore of a big sister. To most guys, it’s the Holy Grail of the oral sex world. Most men probably don’t realize that many women consider it one of the ultimate sexual achievements as well, however. Nothing will make you feel more dominated, degraded, humiliated, and slutty while simultaneously making you feel like a Sexual Jedi for being able to do it than being throat fucked. There’s a delicious dichotomy in that. This is professional stuff here. You have to work at it and hone skills to be able to do this kind of thing; it’s not something just anyone can do, or wants to do for that matter. Once you’ve learned to take a cock into your throat, though, you know you can rightfully claim the title of slut.

From my perspective, that of the one whose throat is being used, I basically become nothing more than a masturbatory device to him once we get that silky smooth rod worked into that tight little tunnel. His cock is singularly focused on getting itself off; he couldn’t give less of a shit about whether I’m enjoying it or not. I could literally be any other person on the planet. My identity, other than that of slut with a fuck hole, matters not. The rest of my body is simply along for the ride while he pistons his cock as deeply into my gastrointestinal system as he can possibly get it. And make no mistake, to him it is a competition to see how much of it he can get into your throat. Nothing less than the full length of it is acceptable. He will be disappointed otherwise, trust me on that. If he says he’s not, he’s lying. And this slut never disappoints her fuck.

I can almost cum from having my face railed as though it were my cunt or my asshole. When I am lying there, face up, with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and my legs spread open like a common whore, my cunt is on full view, and I know he can see how wet I’ve gotten just from the sheer anticipation of what is to come. So though he may initially balk when I tell him I want him to use my throat like he would my pussy, once he sees me frothing, he realizes I understand and acknowledge my role in life at that moment and he can let go. And he fucks me.

If I am on my knees, I literally have to force myself to keep from masturbating because my own orgasms will interrupt my timing. That is not a good thing. So I have learned to keep my arms folded behind my back like a good little submissive should. Besides, my hands aren’t needed for this task. He’s taken a handful of my hair in his fist and holds my head in place so I can’t go anywhere while he thrusts like a machine. Hands would just get in the way, and would give me the illusion that I have some say in the matter at that point. We both know that’s not true.

Make no mistake, being throat fucked hurts, regardless of how skilled and adept you are at taking a cock that way. But the pain is an integral part of the experience. I want it to hurt; I need it to hurt. It forces me into submission, and if you know anything about me, you know I get off from being used as a piece of fuckmeat. It’s quite the paradox, really. People who argue that allowing yourself to be sodomized is the ultimate form of submission have never been throat fucked.

Your task is to relax your throat, your gag reflex, to the point where you don’t throw up on his cock while he masturbates himself in the living Fleshlight your body provides. If you’re in an inverted position, you get his balls slapping against your nose, and have to keep your lips positioned so his bottoming out doesn’t smash them against your teeth and make them bleed. You can try to provide a suction or perhaps even some friction with them, but after a few seconds of that you come to the realization that he can’t even feel that part really. The uber sensitive head of his cock is being stimulated by the tightness of your esophagus encircling it as it moves in and out. He’s also aroused psychologically from the fact that you’ve opened your throat to him, and visually aroused from watching your neck expand as it is invaded by the instrument of your…I mean, his pleasure. Only sluts do that.

You are forced to time your breaths in some sort of synchronization with his thrusts, if you have that luxury. But more often than not, he gets lost in his own little world and you just don’t get the chance to take a breath; you have to learn to hold it for however long he can last or until he remembers that you’re going to need some air if he wishes to achieve the ultimate end result. You can cheat and tap out if you need to, of course.

If you do mistime your breathing it will cause your throat to go into spasms and interrupt the entire proceeding. You’ll only make that mistake once to be sure; it’s probably the single worst thing a slut can do to the man using her. If he lasts a while, you will literally begin to think you’re going to drown from all the thick, slimy goo that slides down your face from your mouth into your nose and eyes. Men who love to throat fuck sluts will almost invariably tell you there’s nothing sexier than seeing your face covered in throat grool and mascara-laden tears. So degrading to be seen like that; it is, quite literally, undeniable proof of your sluthood.

Then there are the visuals associated with it all. Watching his sack come at your face so fast, having it slap your nose with each thrust is intense. You can look up and see this massive rod as it draws back and know it’s about to be rammed home again. You brace your head for the impact, and when it bottoms out you can feel it all the way down to your cunt. You feel this over, and over, and over, and over again. The abuse might continue for just a couple of minutes, or it might last for what seems like an eternity. I will kneel or lie there and take it like the trained little cunt that I am, though, for it’s my raison d’etre.

I get off on the stimulation of my other senses, too. The musky scent from his crotch heightens my arousal, at least until the throat juice starts to invade my nasal canals. And the sounds! Oh, those sounds. They’re magnified inside your head several times over. Think of the difference between what you hear when someone else is eating potato chips vs. when you are eating them! The intensity of the sound is several orders of magnitude higher, no? As your throat mucous accumulates to lubricate that rod, the squishy, hydraulic, thrusting sounds of it pumping into and withdrawing from your throat are incredible, to the point where you can barely even make out his calling you whore, slut, bitch, cunt, or cum bucket as he power fucks the upper half of your body.

Want to make it even hotter for him? Reach around and grab his ass with your hands and pull him into you, letting him know you want it even harder, deeper. When you get to the point where you need him to stop while he’s buried in your throat, and you will get to that point once you accept your role as a throat whore (trust me when I say this, you will crave it like a crack whore craves her next fix), you can pull him into you and not let him out until your throat is ready to let go of his cock. While you have him trapped inside you, wriggle your head from side to side as if you’re trying to get him even further into you, and make swallowing motions that allow your tongue to massage and bathe the underside of that warm, fleshy organ. Only porn whores do that kind of thing, right? Slut!

To reinforce that you’re nothing more than a slab of meat, he’ll likely grab your tits and use them to pull himself into you if you’re lying on the bed. He may even slap the fuck out of them to make sure you stay alert and focused; this is not the time for subspace. Sometimes he’ll pull out, leaving this massive void in you, not unlike that you feel when he’s been fucking your asshole and he pulls out. You feel the incredible sense of loss, until he shoves himself right back into the depths of your esophagus. That longing you feel is your body letting you know that even it understands what your purpose in life is at that moment. There can be no other explanation.

If you’re on your knees being used, you have a unique way to communicate with him – your eyes. Use them to plead, use them to beg, use them to tell him you’ve accepted your role as cock servicer. When he withdraws his cock from your throat and pulls your head back, and you see that hand coming toward your face, don’t close those eyes – maintain that eye contact. Show a hint of feisty defiance! But don’t jerk back. Accept the slap to your face as it is intended – to reorient you and refocus you on your task. He may even spit in your face to reinforce how dirty he finds you in that moment. It’s okay to cry if you need to; let those emotions out. But open your mouth so he knows you’re ready to accept the cock once again. Remember, that’s the only reason you’re there at that point.

Eventually, as he approaches that point of no return, you can sense the change in the pattern of his thrusts, you can feel his cock increase in size and feel it begin to pulsate rhythmically. You know things are about to get even more serious now. Finally, he thrusts once and holds it. Then he pulls out and thrusts again, pressing his pubic bone against your lips as hard as he can. You have no idea how long he’ll hold it, though. Some guys prefer to continue thrusting through their orgasm, while others prefer to thrust and hold, thrust and hold, thrust and hold. Either way, you know his body is tingling with euphoria at that moment, and it’s the most incredible feeling to know that you’re the cause of this; your training has paid off.

At some point, you feel those hot, stringy jets of cum shooting down your throat and you know your job of fuck toy is done. You’ve survived. But you don’t even get the luxury of tasting his seed. Nothing. No reward for you, other than knowing you’ve served your function as a cum receptacle. Whether he loves and adores you or he just met you in a bar and you’re letting him use you while you’re kneeling on a dank, filthy bathroom floor, you know you’ve earned his utmost respect because you’ve submitted yourself to his cock, and you’ve quite literally re-earned the title of slut.

Now it’s time to breathe.