Chapter 46: Desperate Dark Needs

Dressed in her sports bra, exercise thong, and sneakers, Melissa jogged up the steps from the lower level, heading for the front door. She saw Erik was still in the kitchen, sitting on a stool at the kitchen island as he sipped his coffee and read a tablet. Pulling her eyes away from his bare-chested form, she noted he was wearing only a pair of gauze cotton drawstring pants.

She was frustrated that he looked so gorgeous and fit when she never saw him exercise. It didn’t feel fair that she had to work her butt off. As she reached the kitchen level, she paused and asked, “How come I never see you exercising, but you’re in such good shape?”

“I’m pure of heart.”

“Bullshit… Master. You can’t be ‘pure of heart.’ You’re a twisted evil genius – the one who loves tying me up and spanking me – remember?”

“Oh, right.”


“So… what?”

“So why don’t I ever see you running off to exercise?”

Erik grinned, then looked back at his tablet without saying anything. He seemed a bit sheepish.

She sauntered over to him, slipping a finger into his waistband. “If you don’t answer, I’m going to suck you off, right here.”

He looked back at her, a bit puzzled. “I’m not sure how that’s a threat.”

She laughed. “I’m not sure either. It’s just what came to me. But, it’s just not fair. You’re too damn hunky with no shirt. It distracts me.” She started pulling his waistband down. “Exercise? What’s your secret? Fess up.”

“Okay,” he said, standing up. His sudden shift caught her by surprise. Without intending it, her finger pulled his waistband far enough down that his pants simply slid to the floor in a heap around his ankles. He crossed his arms and looked down at her reprovingly.

With an embarrassed shrug, she knelt in front of him and took his relaxed penis in her mouth. She started sucking on him as she teased him in and out. She could feel him beginning to enlarge and grow firmer.

He laughed, “Okay. Now you’re distracting me. I’ll tell you about the exercise thing. See, the truth is, I’m your dom. You’re not supposed to see me sweat.”

“Hunhh?” she asked, with her mouth full of his rapidly growing penis.

“I wait until you’re out of the house, and then I go work out.”

She pulled her head back, letting him slip out of her mouth with a loud ‘plop.’ Looking up at him, she complained, “That’s not fair. Without Mistress Amy, I’m working out by myself. You know, boyfriends and girlfriends can work out together, even if master and slave can’t.”

He shook his head in mock frustration. “Well, the local dominants’ guild hall might revoke my membership, but I suppose I could join you.”

“Okay,” she said brightly, bouncing to her feet. “Let’s go!” She turned and started toward the front door, leaving him standing naked with a now erect penis, but he reached out and snagged her by the waistband of her thong.

“No running off with your work half done.” Slipping into his British Lord accent, he said, "I’m afraid such capriciousness cannot go without punishment, young lady.”

Her heart quickened at his commanding tone. Feeling playful, she cheekily demanded, “Unhand me, you cad! If you don’t, I shall scream.”

She tried pulling away, but he caught her and spun her around. She raised her right hand in an exaggerated motion, as though to claw him with her fingernails. Before she could swipe at him, however, he grabbed her wrist in his left hand, holding her arm motionless. An arrogantly imperious smile spread across his face. Without warning, he slapped her across the face with his other hand.

Her eyes lit with anger. Despite her immediate sense of outrage, she realized her cheek only stung a little, while her belly had gone taut with need and her thong now felt drenched. Reacting with such a desperate sense of arousal was simultaneously maddening, frightening, and exciting.

Telling herself to trust Erik, she let a half smile sneak out as she drew back her other arm to strike him while she shrieked. He grabbed that wrist as well, locking both arms above her. She thrashed back and forth, letting herself fully get into character. She screamed, “You’ll not debauch me, you heartless villain.” With a twist, she tried kneeing him in the crotch, barely repressing Mike’s training to make sure she missed.

Erik responded, pulling her closer, forcing her arms to her sides. He then tried to shift his grip on her wrists, to force her arms up behind her back. Instead, tapping into her training, she broke free of his grasp and pushed away from him. “You monstrous man! I would sooner die than submit to you.”

She turned to run for the door, but he sprung forward, grabbing her shoulder from behind. He spun her around and slapped her across the face again. Then he grabbed her by her hair, forcing her head back. Looking down at her, he sneered, “Once I have finished despoiling you, I care not whether you live or die. You may choose any fate you wish.”

Reaching down, he yanked her thong down past her hips, until it was a tightly rolled band of spandex, pinning her thighs together. He groped her drenched sex, thrusting two fingers inside her, then pressing upward against her G-spot.

Melissa gasped, looking away. He laughed, taunting her, “Protest your innocence all you want, but your body tells a different story. It is a tale filled with desperate dark needs.”

In a broken, pitiful voice, she replied, “Do what you will, you horrid man. I beg only that you bind me so that I might neither see nor speak in protest what you do with me. Please, leave me this small shred of decency, so I may ever deny willing partnership in such debauchery.”

Glaring down at her, he growled, “I will grant you this small boon, but know that once I am done, you will crave submission to me. You will find yourself entirely helpless in the face of your overwhelming desire for captivity.”

He led her down the stairs. “I am taking you to my dungeon, where such wondrous horrors await your delicate, innocent body.”

When he got to the looking glass and released its secret latch, she only moaned helplessly. Stepping through, he led her to the middle of his hidden room. He left her facing the far wall, commanding, “Remove your coverings and your footwear, then kneel.”

Despite telling herself that the scene was only make-believe, she felt her rising panic competing with heart-pounding arousal. Shaking, she wedged off her sneakers and pulled off her sports bra. She slid her thong the rest of the way down her legs. The wetness of its crotch panel mocked any effort to deny her hunger. Taking a deep breath to gather herself, she then knelt on the hard wood floor.

Erik returned sooner than she expected. He gave her a ball gag and a padded leather hood to hold. Behind her, she could hear him spreading something out on the floor. She dared not turn to see what it was. Finished, he returned to take the ball gag and slip it into her mouth. She held still as he buckled the strap behind her.

Next, he took the leather hood from her hands. Holding it in front of her to inspect, his merciless voice informed her, “This will cut off your vision and hearing. You will be helpless, unable to speak or cry for help.”

Without waiting for acquiescence, he slid the mask over her head. The leather was thickly padded where it covered her ears. The mask completely enclosed her head and face, all the way down to her neck. Only a small opening remained for breathing, located near her nose and mouth. Once the mask was in place, he laced it tightly closed from behind, then buckled two straps that pressed the padded leather portions over her eyes and ears even more firmly against her head.

As he had promised, she lost any sense of sight, and she could hear nothing, except the rush of her blood whooshing rhythmically. The hood also held her mouth firmly closed around the ball gag, making the silicone ball impossible to spit out. Her heart beat faster as he lifted her, then carried her to some pads, where he laid her down, arranging her to be spread eagle, facing up. Separate pads seemed to support every part of her body. Each pad felt as though it was made of a soft, gel-like material that oddly flowed to conform to her.

She lay still for several minutes while he moved about her very deliberately. It felt as though he was binding her to each set of pads. Then she felt an unexpected lifting sensation as he hoisted her up off the floor, still spread eagle. Once he finished lifting her and stopped her slight swaying motion, she was left floating in the air. She could not see, hear, or speak. The supporting gel pads conformed to her body so softly that she could soon no longer even feel their supporting pressure. The only sensory input she had was a smell of leather as she breathed in and out, and a slight plastic taste from the ball gag in her mouth.

He left her suspended that way for a time, without doing anything further. She had no way of knowing if it was only a few minutes or a half hour. She couldn’t hear him or even be certain he was still in the same room.

Her tingling sense of abandonment ended abruptly with the sharp slap of leather across her pubic mound. She tried to protect herself by pulling away but discovered she was so tightly bound into position that she couldn’t move.

At random intervals, further slaps of a leather implement struck her, all over her body. She was already feeling disconnected from reality, and now she found herself quickly slipping away into subspace, floating away on a bed of endorphins that was even more soothing than whatever soft gel was supported her.

She barely registered when he slipped inside her, even as he started pumping in and out of her, his timing matching the impacts of his leather striker.

She felt somehow beyond orgasm, although she was vaguely aware of having climaxed several times. When he finally released himself inside of her, she barely noticed.

The pads stiffened and shifted underneath her, making her dimly aware that she must have been returned to the floor. After unfastening her, Erik gathered her in his arms and carried her to his bed. He laid her on the sheets and gently removed her hood and ball gag. She shivered slightly in their absence. Erik slid into bed beside her, pulling up the covers and cradling her in his arms.

Melissa drifted in and out of reality, before finally falling into a deep sleep.