Chapter 37: Back in Chains

Melissa looked down into the cold dregs of her coffee, embarrassed now that she had told Deborah about her mother’s reaction. With a shrug, she added, “So, on my way back through the city, I thought I’d give you a call to see how you were. You invited me over, but I’ve been talking about myself the whole time.”

“Not true. You interrogated me about Michael as soon as you got here.”

“Well… I was worried.”


“I guess not. It just freaked me out to see Michael whip you like that.”

“Yeah, it was no fun to be on the receiving end either, but I was being an ass, and whipping was the consequence. I was stupid. If I were that worried about the BoJ announcement, I should have just canceled on our evening plans. The three of you could have gotten together without me. Besides, based on what I heard from Michael, you like having him and Erik double-up on you.”

Melissa felt her ears grow warm from sudden blushing. “Ah… well… I hope it’s okay that I… with Michael and Erik and all…”

Deborah laughed, “It’s so fun to watch you squirm.”

“So, you’re, ah, okay with that? I mean, with Michael and me… and Erik, of course. God, I’m such a slut!”

“Yes, silly girl, I’m fine with Michael fucking you. He gets to play with whoever he wants.”

“Uh, so what about you? Same thing?”

“What? No, I have to have his permission. I’m his sub, of course.”

“So, that doesn’t seem unfair?”

“Nooo… That’s what Master and sub mean for us. He owns my body; I don’t own his.”

“Oh, okay. I guess… that’s why he punished you the other night… like that.”

“Yes, that’s his right, his responsibility.”

“And that doesn’t seem weird? I mean, I’ve heard you complain about the men at your company being arrogant assholes.”

“They are! Michael’s not arrogant. Not at all. He’s simply my Master. Look… I know Erik’s not the same, and that’s probably part of why we’re not together. I need a Master who is more in control. Erik is just too half hearted.”

“Wow, I never thought of him as being weak.”

“I didn’t say that… I’d never say he’s weak… just that he’s not… consistent… as a Master. For him, it’s more about playing the role, instead of living it.”

“Yeah, okay, I guess. But I think that’s what I like too.”

“Good. You should find someone you fit with.”

Melissa nodded, then looked down at her hands. They sat quietly for a few moments, neither looking directly at the other.

Finally, Deborah turned to Melissa and said, “Sorry. Things got a little tense here. I didn’t mean… well… it felt like you were being judgmental, and I got upset.”

“I’m so sorry Deborah. You’re right. I was being judgmental, and that’s not fair. It’s just that I get scared about this whole kink thing I’ve gotten into, and whether it’s what I want. I keep forgetting what everyone tells me: there’s a bazillion different ways of being kink. I don’t have to change myself for somebody else. Besides, I suck at that. Every time I tried changing myself for a boyfriend – kaboom!”

“Yes, as they say, ‘been there, done that, have the t-shirt.’ It never works. I’ve learned, in business, I’m powerful. I get things done. Stay the fuck out of my way. At home, I want a man to take the lead. I’m a sub. And as a sub, I live within the rules I have chosen. You get to choose your own rules.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry I got all righteous on you.”

Deborah laughed, then teased, “Yeah, see if I ever pee on you again.”

Melissa laughed as well, “God, you eat me out like you did that night I came over, you can pee on me all you want. Your tongue is… amazing. You’ve got to show me how you do… whatever the hell it is that you did.”

“Sure, but it’ll have to be another time. Michael’s coming over soon.”

“Oh man, is it four o’clock already? I know you warned me that you two were getting together at four, but I can’t believe the afternoon’s gone by so fast – and we’ve only been talking – we didn’t mess around or anything.”

“No, and you were just down at your parents, so you’ve been without sex for awhile.”

“God, I haven’t been fucked in at least twenty-four hours. That’s, like, a record for this summer.”

“You didn’t even masturbate last night?”

“At my parents’ house? With the kinds of fantasies I have these days? That’d be too weird.”

“Hmmm… what kinds of fantasies? Do tell.”

“Ha! Okay… here’s one. I’m tied down, naked, blindfolded. There’s this line of cute frat guys outside my door, all naked. They each get four minutes with me – and they have to cum – or else they get in trouble. So, one at a time, they just use me – pound into me – mouth, cunt, ass… whatever they want. They don’t care if I cum or not, but I do, over and over again, cause it makes me so goddamn horny to be used like that. When they’re done, I’m just caked in their cum – that really strong, sour smell and taste – all over me and in me. I’m fucked sore and really happy. Contented. So… that weird enough for you?”

“Wow, that makes me horny. So where do we find a dozen frat boys?”

“God, I don’t know. But I guess that’s right. I really can do stuff like that now. I mean, with Erik’s say-so, and probably with his help too. That’s just too fucking weird. Living fantasies like that.”

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve had a couple of gang-bangs. I think the fantasy is more fun than the reality.”

“Really? A gang bang? Holy shit! Like, how many?”

“Well, certainly not a dozen guys at once. More like four or five.”

“Still, wow. But not as good in reality?”

“Oh, it was good. Lots of fun. But each time, there were a couple of guys who seemed clueless about what turns on a woman, and that’s really distracting.”

“Yeah, I hate a klutz.”

Deborah laughed, “I’m always amazed at all the Yiddish words that you Americans use.”

“What, ‘klutz’?”

“Yes. In Hebrew, it’s m’gusham – nothing like the Yiddish.”

Suddenly, Deborah looked down at her watch. “Oh shit, I really have to get ready. Michael will be here any minute.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll get out right away.”

“Why don’t you call Erik? I think he was with Michael this afternoon. Maybe they want to play together. You know – make up for Thursday night.”

“Ah, okay. I guess.”

Deborah got up from her couch to hurry off down the hallway toward her bedroom. Melissa dug out her phone and texted Erik about Deborah’s suggestion. After a minute, he texted back that he had just been saying goodbye to Michael, but was a great idea to change plans so all four of them could get together at Deborah’s place. He added that they were ten minutes away.

Melissa sat for a moment, worried about what she had gotten into. She still wasn’t completely comfortable about seeing Michael again. Steadying herself with a slow breath, she reminded herself that he and Deborah had a relationship that worked for them, and that Erik was different. Knowing that Erik was coming too made her feel safer.

After another steadying breath, Melissa snorted with a wry grin, remembering what happened when she had visited Michael’s office with Erik. She hadn’t complained at all about having both men inside her at the same time.

Feeling lighter, she hopped up to follow Deborah down the hall, calling out, “Erik says ‘great.’ He’ll join us. That okay?”

From the bedroom, Melissa heard, “Sure. You’d better hurry up and get ready.”

“Should I come in?”


Walking in, Melissa saw Deborah standing naked in front of a full-length, three-way mirror. She was fastening something around her neck. Deborah glanced at her through the mirror and said, “Strip. Hurry.”

With a shrug, Melissa undid her jean skirt and let it fall to the floor. Reaching up, she unbuttoned her tuxedo-pleated peasant blouse and slipped out of it. She had already taken off her bra and panties in the train’s bathroom, on the way back from her parent’s house.

Looking back over to Deborah, Melissa saw that she had fastened a thick steel slave torc around her neck, to which she was now attaching a thick chain, which hung down to the floor. Melissa asked, “Wow, isn’t that heavy?”

“The chain links are aluminum, just weathered to look like rusty steel. The collar, though, is real steel. So, the whole thing is heavy, but not nearly as bad as it looks.”

Deborah stepped over to her dresser and pulled open a drawer. After quickly rifling through it, she grabbed what looked like several rags made out of rough-woven burlap. She tossed two brown ones to Melissa, then shook out two red ones for herself.

The rags were about as long as she was tall, but each one was only a couple of hand’s breadth wide. Deborah draped the midpoint of the rags over her shoulders, one on each side. Reaching into a different drawer, she fished out a leather belt and fastened it around the draping cloth, just under her bust line. By arranging the fabric rectangles wide on her shoulders and then angling them inwards as they descended, she was able to cover her breasts and have the material converge, at least mostly, over her sex in front and over the cleft of her buttocks in back.

Melissa looked at her, bemused “That’s not a whole lot of coverage.”

Deborah laughed, “Well, it’s going to be even less on you, Amazonian giantess that you are.” She gestured at how the material barely reached to the top of her thighs.

“So am I going to look sexy, or stupid?”

“It’s all in how you wear it.”

Melissa started to arrange her two pieces of cloth over her shoulders, the same way that Deborah had. She muttered, “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

Deborah pulled another belt out of her dresser and helped Melissa arrange the panels of cloth while she fastened the belt around Melissa’s ribcage. She had to pull tight to get the buckle to close on the last hole.

Melissa took a shallow breath. “Wow, I didn’t realize you were so much thinner than I am.”

Deborah snorted as she hunted around in her dresser again. “I’m smaller, not skinnier. Besides, you’ve put on an amazing amount of muscle in just a few weeks, but I bet you’ve also lost weight.”

With a rueful smile, Melissa said, “Thanks, I am down a couple of pounds. Between Mistress Amy’s delightful little workouts, Mike teaching me self-defense, and now Polly turning me into a sword-wielding bitch from hell… God, I’m in better shape than when I was doing ballet five days a week.”

Deborah held up a metal collar to Melissa’s neck, trying to gauge whether it would fit. With a shrug, she used a tiny Allen wrench to open it. “Swords? Erik got you to join his little fight club soirée?”

As Deborah closed the metal band around her neck, Melissa carefully asked without moving, “Yeah, so what’s that about? Am I being really stupid to say yes?”

Deborah succeeded in closing the collar without pinching Melissa. She checked the fit to make sure it wasn’t too tight, then used the Allen wrench to fasten it closed. “Uh, I don’t know. I mean, as for me, I can be totally ‘in your face’ on the trading floor, but I really hate physical conflict. My hand-to-hand combat training in the IDF was miserable, but a lot of us girls treated it as a joke. I mean, we knew we weren’t going into a combat unit.”

“I thought all Israeli women did the whole Army thing, along with the guys.”

“Ha! I was in Military Intelligence, which mostly meant making coffee and running errands. The one time the trainers tried to get us to use pugil sticks, we just laughed at them. Except for the few crazy girls who join the Caracal Battalion, most Israeli girls spend their time in the IDF avoiding anything dangerous.”

“Oh. So, Erik tried to recruit you for this ‘fight club’ thing?”

Deborah stepped back to inspect her handiwork. Satisfied, she picked up another connecting link for the chain, then squatted down the get the end of the chain that was lying near her feet.

“Yeah,” she said, standing back up. “That went over about as successfully as him whipping me. Less, even. I didn’t try the sword stuff at all.”

Deborah fitted the connecting link through a loop hanging from Melissa’s collar, then slipped the last link of the chain in her hand through it. She stepped to the side of Melissa and waved at their reflection in the mirror, “Ta-da!”

Melissa laughed, “Oh God, it is short on me. I can see my pussy lips.”

“Nothing more than a good slave should be willing to show.”

Melissa tugged down on the fabric, trying to gain more coverage. “At least the material is softer than it looks.”

“Raw silk. It’s just specially roughed-up and dyed to look like slave rags.” Deborah took off her watch and put it on the dresser. With one final look in the mirror, she said, “Showtime! Stay close to me, so the chain doesn’t pull on us.” With that admonishment, Deborah lifted her end of the chain over her shoulder and turned to walk out. Melissa followed closely, watching the slow swing of the chain in fascination. The sway of Deborah’s hips had an oddly syncopated timing with the chain.

Melissa felt the familiar lubricated glide of her labia past each other as they walked. Being dressed as a slave and chained together had clearly excited her at an unconscious level. While they had been dressing, she had been very focused on their conversation. Some deeper part of her consciousness, however, had obviously been aroused by her dressing up as the archetype of a sex slave. 

Deborah paused in the living room, stooping to gather up two throw pillows, then continued into the front hall. Once there, she positioned Melissa to stand to her right, then dropped the pillows to the ground in front of them. With a tap and nod, Deborah motioned Melissa to kneel beside her. Deborah whispered, “Michael has a door code. He’ll let himself in.” Then she arranged herself in one of the kneeling postures that Erik had taught Melissa early on, so Melissa copied the same posture.

After a minute of silence, Melissa asked in a whisper, “So, we just wait?” She was amused that she was whispering, but Deborah was so serious about her role that speaking in a normal voice felt wrong.

“Yes,” Deborah answered. “It is what a slave does.”

Melissa quickly squelched her instinct to respond with an amused smile, wanting to respect Deborah’s seriousness. Taking a slow breath, Melissa tried to drop into a contemplative state. She couldn’t resist silently teasing herself by saying silently, “I now must get in touch with my inner slave.”

To her surprise, however, she succeeded almost instantly. A warm sense of sexuality – of being loved – flowed into her. Being a slave, waiting patiently for her master, seemed ‘right.’ She felt very peaceful, wanting only to serve her master and to be used by him.

The deep sensuousness of her mood was disrupted by anxious fears flittering around the edge of her consciousness. Lurking somewhere inside her was a dark foreboding sense of losing herself and giving up her own dreams. These fears were eating away at the peacefulness she had felt. Frustrated, she reminded herself that at the end of the summer, she would stop being a sex slave and return to her normal life. Remembering that the summer would end did quiet her fears, but it also filled her with sadness.

Taking another deep breath, she tried to put all the inner turmoil away and simply concentrate on the wet warmth between her thighs. After a moment, she succeeded in reconnecting with her sensuality. With her fears at least temporarily banished, what remained was a desperate need to serve her Master and be used by him. In that moment, she couldn’t imagine anything else as fundamentally satisfying.

She let herself float in that warm, needy space for what seemed to be a long time. At the edge of her consciousness, she heard an elevator arriving in the lobby outside Deborah’s door. Pulling back into the present, her heart leaped with excitement and nervousness, hoping it was Erik and Michael. Embarrassed by her eagerness, she tried to regain her calmness, even as she heard footsteps approaching. The footsteps stopped. After a pause to press in the door entry code, she heard the door handle turning. All her nerve endings were on fire in anticipation, even though she strived to appear outwardly calm, remaining motionless in her kneeling slave’s pose. 

With her head bowed, she saw the door swing open in the edge of her vision and the legs of two men as they walked in.

To her left, she saw Deborah bow her upper body down and forward, face to the floor, arms outstretched in front of her, palms down. Melissa copied her pose, as best she could. The material of her slave costume fell away from her buttocks on either side. She was amused to discover that exposing herself this way only made her feel warmer and more comfortable with being a slave.

In that moment, her simple embrace of her slut-hood felt as though it was an important accomplishment. She realized that she longed to be able to reach this place at any time – to be able to ignore the noise of everyday life and drop into this state of being, where she was nothing but a slut, his slave.

The men silently walked around them, pausing occasionally, appraising the view from one angle or another.

Finally, Michael said to Erik, “An acceptable greeting, would you agree?”

“Yes, although my slave was a bit slow to assume the position of respect. I may have to punish her.”

Melissa could not repress a grin. Even though her face was nearly touching the floor, Erik noticed. He asked sharply, “Does my slave find that amusing?”

“Oh Master, I constantly look forward to your loving corrections of my many, many flaws. I must admit that the prospect of your punishment brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face.”

Erik snorted. “She spends just a weekend back home, then returns spouting only the purest blarney. I tell you Michael, never trust a beautiful Irish lass. Her words may be filled with golden honey, but the truth is to be found nowhere within them.”

“Master,” protested Melissa, “there is nothing but truth in my heart.”

“In your heart… yes, that I believe completely. But as for your pretense of innocence, well, we do have rather ample proof of your willingly deviant nature.”

“Yes, Master. It is true that you have full proof of my deviance, for I am entirely your willing slave.”

“And having you as my slave gives me much joy, even if, through your sweet words, you have tried your best to distract me from your lateness in performing obeisance. So… let’s see if you are more responsive to other commands… Display!

In her peripheral vision, she could see Deborah straightening back up, so Melissa quickly followed. Then Deborah rose fluidly to a standing position, with her arms crossed behind her head and her back arched. Melissa did her best to imitate the same movement, although her transition to standing felt far less graceful than what she had seen Deborah perform. 

Melissa silently blamed her awkwardness on the numbness in her legs from kneeling so long. “At least,” Melissa told herself, “I’m in bare feet.” She was certain that she would have tripped if she had been wearing heels.

“Arch your back more! Head up. Keep you neck line long. Elbows back.” Erik walked around her, studying her pose critically, giving her directions.

Michael commented drolly, “She is a bit rough around the edges, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” Erik agreed, “Something of a disappointment, I admit.”

Melissa kept her face blank, masking her frustration over their teasing. While Erik had taught her a few slave poses, it was clear to her that this was a game Deborah had practiced until she was flawless. Melissa was grateful her years of ballet helped her keep up, but she knew there was no way she was going to match Deborah’s sureness.

Erik paced around in front of her, looking down at her. Melissa spent so much time around him wearing five or six-inch heels, that when she was barefoot, it always surprised her how much taller he was. When she was wearing stiletto heels, which still continued to multiply like rabbits in her closet, she could almost see him eye to eye, especially if he was barefoot. Now that he was the one wearing shoes, and she was not, he seemed to tower over her.

Their height difference, combined with her being dressed in slave rags and wearing a steel collar with a chain, gave her a momentary chill of fear. She stood as motionlessly as she could, head back and looking up at his powerful male presence, intimidated by his stern expression. He peered closely at her, from one side, then the other. In the briefest of moments, he gave her a quick wink. Even though his stern expression didn’t change, Melissa felt the tension that had been coiling within her suddenly release.

She carefully kept her pose unaltered, staring ahead blankly, hiding her relief. She also felt a curious sense of disappointment. Even though it had been uncomfortable, her earlier sense of powerlessness and fear had been very arousing. It had been, in fact, far more arousing than she was comfortable admitting.

“Nadu,” Michael called out.

Deborah immediately sank to her knees, so Melissa followed. Deborah returned to their initial pose, knees apart and hands resting palm up on her thighs, except her head was now held high, rather than bowed. This was a pose that Erik had her practice, so Melissa was able to quickly slip into it. Erik had never called it ‘nadu’ before, but she tried to remember the name.

“A bit tardy, but adequate form,” Michael commented. He walked around in front of them, stopping near a large vase sitting on a table near the front door. The vase held a spray of long, straight willow branches mixed with dried tufted grasses. Reaching over, he extracted two willow branches and passed one to Erik. With a grim smile, Michael swung his branch rapidly back in forth in the air, seemingly inches above Deborah’s and Melissa’s heads. The passage of the thin branch through the air made an evil buzzing sound.

After seeing Michael’s whipping of Deborah on Thursday night, Melissa clenched in fear for her friend. Deborah, however, seemed unconcerned, as best Melissa could tell, without diverting her eyes from staring straight ahead. Erik walked around to stand in front of her, holding his willow switch in his right hand and tapping it gently against his left palm. Watching Erik play with the willow switch, it looked… interesting.

“Bow,” Michael commanded.

Melissa started to pitch forward toward the head down position that she and Deborah had first assumed when the men entered, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw Deborah arching backward instead.

Borrowing from years of experience in covering up ballet missteps, Melissa turned her forward motion into a graceful arm sweep upwards, leading to a smooth arch backward. As she arched back, she turned her head up and to the side, giving her a chance to see Deborah’s pose. While Deborah’s form looked beautiful, it also looked very uncomfortable. She was arched backwards, nearly horizontal to the floor, with her head tilted back and her arms splayed open. Her fingertips just grazed the floor past her head. It did not look like a pose that anyone could hold very long, no matter how strong their abdominal muscles.

Melissa ended her motion as gracefully as she could, sweeping into the same pose as Deborah. As she had fully expected, her abdominal muscles and thighs immediately began to complain. Her back protested as well.

Melissa was also acutely aware of how this position left her completely exposed and vulnerable. Her resulting feeling of wanton sexual availability oddly proved to be a source of strength, giving her the energy to hold the pose longer. A growing heat between her legs helped mask the burning pain in her muscles.

As she arched back, gravity pulled on the chain connecting her to Deborah. The chain slowly slid along her side, over her breast, then off her shoulder. Its links clattered loudly on the marble floor.

Distracted by the chain, she was surprised to feel the tip of Erik’s willow branch tracing its way up the inside of her right thigh. He said quietly, “That was a bit showy, but nicely done.”

Michael added disapprovingly, “I’d say far too showy – lacking a slave’s true humility.”

Erik’s willow branch had finally made its way up to her labia, so Melissa was not listening very closely to Michael at that moment. She nearly missed it when he said, “You may return to Nadu.”

Her abdominal muscles screamed in pain as she levered herself back to vertical, regaining her original kneeling position. She fervently hoped that Mistress Amy would never add this routine to her morning workout.

“Hmmm…” mused Erik, “the chain gives me a notion. Belly!”

Deborah bowed forward, and Melissa quickly copied her as Deborah lay facedown on the floor, arms straight at her side, legs spread apart.

Erik crouched alongside Melissa, “Michael, if you could help me shift them around, so this chain can connect them somewhat more directly?”

Melissa was puzzled as Michael crouched on her other side. Together, the two men lifted her. She held herself rigidly flat in the air as the men rotated her body, so she faced away from Deborah. The chain connecting her to Deborah now ran straight under her body, between her legs. When the men carefully set her back on the floor, the lower part of her right leg rested across Deborah’s back.

Then they shifted over to Deborah, lifting her up and turning her to also face directly away from Melissa. This motion pulled the chain taut between them. When they set Deborah down, her legs lay across Melissa’s.

“Excellent,” Erik said, with some satisfaction. “Now, Nadu!”

Melissa wasn’t sure how she was going to get back to kneeling, with Deborah lying across her, but Deborah moved first, kneeling in a wide straddle over the top of Melissa’s buttocks, still facing away from Melissa.

Melissa drew herself forward and upwards. The chain pulled sharply against her sex as she worked herself into a kneeling position, making Erik’s cruel design abundantly clear. Melissa pressed herself as tightly as possible against Deborah’s back. Melissa could feel Deborah squirming slightly, trying to relieve the pressure the chain was also putting on her clitoris.

Michael barked, “No slouching! Straighten up.”

Gingerly both women tried to straighten, backing against each other as tightly as they could. The taut chain pulled Melissa’s steel collar sharply against her neck, while the cold links of the chain pressed insistently along the seam of her anus, vagina, and clitoris. At the same time, she felt the tip of Erik’s willow switch trace a path up along her left side and then up the underside of her breast, coming to rest on a very erect nipple.

The pressure of the willow tip went away. In the periphery of her vision, she saw the switch draw back, then whip forward, landing lightly, but still inflicting a stinging line across her breast and nipple. She jerked, momentarily pulling the chain tighter. Deborah flinched behind her as Melissa’s motion pulled the chain tighter on her as well.

She heard Erik tell Michael, “I’m afraid she’s still slouching. Nasty habit – one that we absolutely must correct.”

“Yes, yes, simply can’t allow such sloppiness. My own slave is slouching as well. Very frustrating.”

Behind Melissa, Deborah tried to straighten more. The increase in pressure from the chain made Melissa gasp.

“Titch, titch,” Erik chided, as the willow swung in an arc across Melissa’s other breast. Unprepared for this blow, she jerked harder than before, enough that Deborah pulled forward, away from being flat against Melissa’s back.

Michael gave out an exasperated sigh. “This is frustrating. I simply must find a way of pegging my slave in position, so she cannot jerk forward like that. I wonder how we might achieve that?”

Erik chuckled, “I’m certain you have something that will rise to the occasion.”

Melissa heard Michael draw down his zipper.

Erik exclaimed, “Oh, capital idea!”

Behind her, Melissa felt Deborah’s head pushed back against her own, causing the chain to suddenly tightened. Melissa could also feel Deborah’s chest tightening, as she struggled not to gag. Knowing that Michael’s penis must be lodged deep in Deborah’s throat, Melissa tried to move as little as possible, so she wouldn’t pull the chain any tighter against Deborah.

Erik complained, “Now my slave is slumping down worse than ever.”

“Whack.” The willow flicked back across her left breast. She gasped, trying hard not to flinch. Carefully and slowly, she eased herself straighter, doing her best not to jerk as a progression of light blows rained across her breasts and aching nipples.

Finally, Erik stepped back. “Adequate,” he told Michael.

“Hold on,” Michael grunted. “I’m about to come. Could you do me a favor, old boy, and continue punishing your slave? The smack of that stick is really quite intoxicating.”

“Oh, certainly.”

Melissa tried to shove down her panic as Erik stepped back into position. At the same time, she found it incredibly thrilling that her punishment was helping send another man into an orgasm. Her body responded with a rising sense of her own sexual tension. Every time the willow switch impacted on her now tender breasts, the fiery pain connected directly to a glowing heat between her legs. Each successive stroke brought her higher and higher. Behind her, Michael’s breathing deepened into a series of grunts. Deborah trembled against her back.

When Michael finally growled out his release, it was enough to send Melissa over the top as well. She struggled as hard as she could to remain absolutely motionless, even though deep vibrations rumbled back and forth between her hips.

Finally, Michael stepped away. In a satisfied tone, he said, “Obeisance.”

Deborah pitch forward. While Melissa could not see exactly what Deborah was doing, she guessed the command meant they should assume the bent forward position that she and Deborah had taken when the men first walked in. Lowering her torso forward, face to the floor and arms outstretched in front of her, the chain no longer pulled against her clitoris. She breathed out a long, quiet sigh of relief. The coolness of the marble floor also felt good, as did the pressure of Deborah’s buttocks against her own.

Erik sighed in a low growl. “I always did like seeing two slaves making obeisance, butt to butt like that. You know… ah, Michael, where does Deborah keep her double headed dildo?”

“I’ll show you.”

Melissa heard them walk away. When she couldn’t hear them anymore, she whispered, “You doing okay back there?”

“Oh yes,” Deborah purred back.

“Good. Sorry. I tried not to jerk around too much when I came. I was worried I might have hurt you.”

Deborah giggled quietly. “Don’t worry, I came a couple of times myself, small ones.”

“Oh… I didn’t know… though I guess I felt you shudder once.”

The men’s footsteps became audible again, so the women fell silent. As the men got closer, Melissa started to worry about exactly how Erik intended to use the double ended dildo. She hadn’t given herself an enema that morning because it was just too weird to contemplate doing that while she was staying at her parents’ house. She hadn’t brought anything along to do it with anyway.

Erik walked into the entry hall saying, “We’re lucky she had two of them.”

Melissa thought to herself, “Oh crap,” then suppressed an amused grin at her choice of expletives.

A moment later, she felt Erik’s hand on her buttock, gently pushing her forward and away from Deborah. After a brief pause, one of the firm, blunt ends of a silicone dildo pushed against her labia. Melissa was wet enough that it easily slid inside. Erik put his hand on the small of her back, guiding her back toward Deborah. Melissa stifled a moan of pleasure as the dildo’s firm pressure filled her completely. Her buttocks collided softly with Deborah’s. Melissa sighed quietly, relishing the fullness inside her.

Too soon, Erik separated them again, until only the tip of the dildo remained in her. Melissa flinched as a cold dollop of lubricant fell almost directly onto her anus. Then Erik rested his hand on her butt cheek, as his thumb massaged the lubricant across her sphincter. When he pressed his thumb against her opening, she let him inside with very little need for coaxing. He pressed deeper, allowing the wider base of his thumb to open her up. Melissa struggled to remain motionless, even though she wanted to press back against him and drive him inside her even deeper.

Suddenly, his thumb was gone, and she felt a yearning emptiness. Very quickly, however, a firmer, broader presence pressed against her rear. Commanding herself to relax, she opened up to allow this new dildo into her anus.

Once its head was solidly inside her, Erik’s hand grazed across her lower back, encouraging her to slide backward. In truth, she needed very little encouragement. She pressed herself firmly toward Deborah, luxuriating in the fullness of having both dildos penetrate deep inside her. Once their buttocks met, neither woman could hold back from grinding against each other.

Slowly, they fell into a rhythm, separating very slightly, then thrusting back hard at each other, trying to cram as much of both dildos inside as they could.

Michael said quietly, “I must admit Erik, watching them go at each other like that is far more arousing than I would have thought. It seems to be having an effect on you as well. Might I help you out with a quick blow job?”

Erik answered, “As tempting as your offer is, I have been negligent in training my slave to have all her holes filled at once.”

“Oh, well then, by all means my friend, proceed. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Erik walked around in front of Melissa and knelt down. Unzipping himself, he repositioned her upward, so that she took him in her mouth.

She had enough warning from the men’s conversation to fill her mouth with saliva, so she was able to drive his penis all the way into her throat in one push. Her gag reflex, however, rebelled. She found herself fighting hard against a powerful urge to vomit. Quickly sensing her struggle, Erik pulled most of the way out of her mouth. She cursed herself for not having packed her soft practice dildo. Missing her twice-daily exercises to suppress her gag reflex had been a bad idea. Over the past two weeks, it had become so easy to take him all the way in that she had grown overconfident.

After a few moments to recenter herself, she pushed forward once more, to take him in deeper. Her motion threw off her timing with Deborah, but Erik understood what she was signaling, so he slowly pressed himself forward.

Very quickly, Melissa regained her rhythm. Soon, she was moving fractionally back, slamming her butt against Deborah, taking in as much of the two dildos as she could push in, then thrusting fractionally forward, pushing her face against Erik’s torso, filling her throat with his penis. Rebounding back and forth between them gave her a feeling of wanton fullness that was enormously exciting and arousing. She joyfully subvocalized, in the rhythm of her reciprocating thrusts, “I’m… such… a… fucking… whore…” Then she orgasmed, completely losing control over her rhythm. Both Erik and Deborah, having sensed her oncoming orgasm, pressed hard against her, filling her to the fullest amount possible.

Melissa shuddered and bucked, greatly enjoying being spitted between them. Unable to breathe, however, she had to break away much sooner than she wanted. She fell onto her side, gasping for air, still shuddering from her slowly dissipating orgasm.

Laying as she recovered, she was unsure whether one or both dildos were still inside her. Only when Erik reached over and pulled the dildo from her rear, did she have an answer.

After laying on the cool, hard floor for a couple of minutes, her panting breaths had gradually slowed, but she had also started to realize how much her knees hurt. At some point, she had lost the pillow that she had been using to cushion herself from the floor.

As a greater awareness of her condition returned, she also realized that she tasted very little of Erik’s cum in her mouth. She felt guilty that she hadn’t given him a chance to cum in her before she’d collapsed.

She looked up at him, “Uh, sorry, Master.”

“Silly slave. Seeing you like that was a fantasy of mine for a long time. And it really was wonderful to see you and Deborah going at it. I loved watching you orgasm.”

From behind Melissa came Deborah’s proud declaration, “Hey, I came too.”

Erik grinned, “See – it was a two-for-one. Next time, we’ll work on getting all four of us to pop our corks simultaneously… but, you know, I really wouldn’t count on it. That sort of timing doesn’t happen very often in real life, just in fantasies.”

Deborah called out from where she lay, “Well, I say we should keep on trying. I mean, I know it’s a tough job, and it may take a lot of practice before we get it right, but we should do whatever is needed. I’m willing to make that sacrifice.”

Michael muttered, “Damn uppity slave girl. I give her a few orgasms, and she’s all full of herself.”

With mock seriousness, Deborah replied, “Yes, Master. Please accept my humble apologies. I am yours to be used, Master.”

Even though there was a teasing quality in Deborah’s voice, Melissa didn’t doubt that she meant every word of it. This afternoon’s encounter between the four of them had made it blindingly obvious to Melissa that she and Deborah both loved being slaves, and they both derived great pleasure from being used for their Masters’ enjoyment.

Just as Melissa started to once again feel a nagging uncertainty about the political correctness of her feelings, Michael interrupted her train of thought by announcing, “Sex is nice, but what I need right now is to go out for dinner. I didn’t have any lunch to speak of, and all this exercise has left me famished. What do you say Erik?”

“Aw hell, I’m sorry, I had a big lunch right before we got together. What about you two, Mel, Deborah?”

“Um, I’m okay, Master,” Melissa responded.

Deborah said as she turned to Michael “I’m starving. May I suck you off again, Master?”

“No! Food first. After that, you can suck me off.”

Deborah responded, “Thank you, Master.”

Erik laughed, “Okay Mel, you should get dressed and get your bag. I’ll drive you back to the train station so you can pick up your car. We’ll grab some food later, so this pair can have their late afternoon haute cuisine in the city.”

“Yes, Master,” Melissa grinned, “I’ll hurry. Does that mean dinner at a drive-through awaits us plebeians in the burbs?”

Erik swatted her playfully on her rear. “Get going, silly!”