Chapter 8: Dinner

Erik looked up as she entered the main part of the house. He had a black dishtowel draped over one shoulder and had been stirring something in a pan. She noticed that he had changed. He wore black leather jeans and a pressed white button-down cotton shirt.

She wasn’t sure at first that his jeans were leather because the material looked softer and less shiny than what she had seen before. They actually looked comfortable. “Of course,” she thought, “he looks gorgeous in them.”

He flipped the towel off his shoulder, setting it down on the counter as he walked over to greet her.

She had been so distracted by his appearance that she had completely forgotten about what she was wearing. As she suddenly remembered the leash and her nearly naked state, her confident stride faltered, and she involuntarily ducked her head in embarrassment.

He paused as well, tilting his head to the side. She was instantly angry with herself for her uncertainty. She had wanted to be sophisticated and confident, not awkward or ashamed. Seeking to turn her stumble into something that seemed more intentional, she sank slowly to the floor into the first kneeling position he had taught her, as best as she could remember it. Ducking her head and sitting back on her calves, she thought to herself, “That’s a hell of a lot harder in these damn heels.” She was proud, however, that she had managed the move in a mostly graceful transition.

She asked, “Does Master find me as he had wished?”

Soft laughter rumbled in his chest. “Yes indeed, my slave. You meet my expectations… rather nicely.”

He walked closer. “It sounded as though you enjoyed your room.”

She successfully avoided flinching in embarrassment. Instead, she mustered her confidence and insouciantly replied, “Yes Master.”

He slowly paced around her in thoughtful appraisal. Stopping in front of her, he reached down to take hold of her leash. She could see the growing outline of his erection through the soft leather of his pants. Emboldened, she lifted her head and opened her mouth, trying hard to keep the posture he had taught her.

He laughed with delight. “Oh you are a saucy one, aren’t you? Perhaps it’s just that you’re hungry.” He unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and eased out his fully rigid penis. Stepping closer, he inserted himself into her mouth.

She felt a powerful sense of joy about her ability to arouse him. Determined to prove her submission, she took him deep into the back of her throat. She heard him gasp at the sudden sensation, but then her gag reflex kicked into overdrive, and she involuntarily jerked backward, sprawling back on her buttocks, struggling not to throw up.

He swiftly knelt down next to her. “Whoa there. We can take that a little slower. Swallowing me like that is something you’ve got to build up to.”

She coughed back her bile, nodding in embarrassment.

“Let me get you something to drink…” He suddenly straightened up, “Oh shit, I’m going to burn the chicken.” He rushed back to the kitchen while she tried to get her coughing under control. She was just returning to normal as he came back with a glass of water. She took it gratefully, trying not to spill as she took small sips and washed the foul taste of stomach acid out of the back of her mouth.

After a few more coughs, she handed the glass back to him. “Thanks. I’m better.”

He gave her a hand up, and steadied her as she wobbled for a moment on her heels. She laughed self-consciously. “So much for being suave and debonaire.” She deliberately mispronounced the French as “swavey” and “de-boner” to make fun of herself.

He laughed with her. “I wouldn’t have you any other way. It’s part of what makes you so wonderful.”

She struggled not to show how her heart leaped at hearing such a loving compliment. After an awkward pause, she said, “Uh, thank you.”

He smiled, and her pulse quickened again. From the beginning, his smiles had radiated his obvious joy in his feelings toward her. She felt a sudden urge to see if someone was standing behind her. It seemed impossible that he was so happy about simply being with her. Thinking about it, she marveled at the casual confidence that allowed him to show such a feeling, without needing to hold back. It wasn’t as though he had a goofy love-struck look, which she had experienced with a couple of would-be boyfriends. He just seemed to enjoy being with her and was completely secure about showing his appreciation to her. She found the effect was potently magical. It simultaneously scared her and put her at ease.

“Here,” he said, “Come sit down. Everything is ready.”

The dinner was indeed marvelous. Erik turned out to be a good cook. She was a little embarrassed to realize that he was better in the kitchen than she was. “Of course,” she reminded herself, “my budget mostly runs to Raman noodles.”

They shared a bottle of French white wine that was different from anything that she had tasted before. It had a deep fruity flavor, without a cloying sweetness. After gulping her first glass more quickly than she had intended, she slowed down, worried that she might get giggly or say something stupid.

While they ate, Erik talked about his expectations. “So this is going to be a bit odd, figuring out how everything works. First off, you are clearly a strong, competent woman. As I told you out by the stream, I value that, and I’ve no desire to take it away. My working assumption is that the whole submissive thing is simply how you enjoy your sexuality, not how you live your life. I’m not planning to confuse those two.

“What’s going to make it a bit difficult is my being your employer.” He paused for a moment, then continued with carefully chosen words, “There were a couple of reasons why I thought it made sense to set it up this way. At a practical level, you need a job. At a deeper level, I was worried that your earlier years of being a good Catholic girl might be a tad bit at odds with the whole notion of exploring all the hidden nooks and crannies of your sexuality.”

Melissa laughed and asked ironically, “You think?”

“Yeah, well, so what I’m hoping is to pull off some mental judo. Your ‘job’ simply requires you to do all these horrible deviant things. Plus, I’m your mean and nasty boss. In the war between your deeply implanted moral imperatives, I’m counting on your adherence to authority and work ethic overruling any objections about sexual mores. After all, aren’t good little Catholic girls supposed to do what they are told?”

Melissa sat up primly and folded her hands in front of her on the table. She cast her eyes demurely down. “I always do what I’m told, Master… now may I suck your dick?”

Erik laughed. “Indeed, that’s the idea. But before we go there, I want to make sure we’re clear on a few things.

After a moment to organize his thoughts, he continued, “So we’ve got this wonderful dominant/submissive thing going on. On top of it, I am your boss. At the same time though, we’re just two people together, with equal rights and all that. The way that works from my point of view is that, as your boss, I’ll lay out your schedule and responsibilities. As your dom, it’s my job to train you and satisfy you.”

She asked, “I thought my job is to satisfy you, not the other way around.”

“Well, in the end, all of the satisfaction should be mutual, at least hopefully. But as a dom, my primary responsibility is taking care of my sub’s needs. I’ll also make sure that I instruct you in how to meet my needs.

“In any case, I’m not a big believer in 24/7 dom/sub roles. I’ll try to make clear the transitions into and out of the dom/sub play-space. I’ll also try to keep your scheduled time, from a ‘work’ point of view, limited to a reasonable number of hours. At the very least, you’ll have off from 7 am on Wednesday to 7 am on Thursday every week, and every other weekend from 5 pm Friday to 7 am Monday.”

“Okay… so what is this schedule thing?”

He smiled, pulling out his phone. Opening up a calendar, he said, “Let’s see. Tomorrow morning at seven, you have an hour with your personal trainer, Mistress Amy. Then you’ve got a massage with Serena. After that, it’s off to Henri for hair, nails, and a pedi. I’ll meet you for lunch, then off with Cathy for clothes shopping. Back here by four for an hour of martial arts training with Sensei Mike.”

“Wow. That’s not exactly what I was expecting when you said ‘sex slave.’”

“Oh, we’ll have plenty of that too. But you’ll be busy with lots of other stuff. Some of your teachers will be vanilla. Some of them are part of the scene. I will let you know which ones I’ll allow to do whatever they want with you.”

“Ah… I didn’t know there would be others.”

“Selected. Vetted. But yes, there will be others. And remember two things. You always have your safe word, and you can always quit.”

“Um, sure.”

“Do you remember your safe word?”

“Red light.”

“Good. Hopefully, you won’t need it… at least, too much. When people with some experience in this lifestyle begin a relationship, or even just negotiate a scene, there’s a whole process of comparing kinky desire lists, going over hard limits and soft limits, and then working out the details of how a scene might unfold. You’re completely new to this, however, so that process just doesn’t make much sense, at least right now – later on, it will. For the time being, it’s my responsibility to carefully feel my way through – to find out where your boundaries are and see what delights you within those boundaries. I might push a bit on those boundaries at times, in fact, that’s pretty much guaranteed, but saying ‘yellow light’ will hit the pause button on anything, so we can talk about it, and saying ’red light’ will always shut everything completely down.”

He grinned wryly, “A safe word is essential because I don’t know if you’ll wind up loving to yell, ‘Stop! Don’t do that!’ as part of being in sub head space. If so, then that’s part of the game. ‘Red light,’ on the other hand, means the game is over. If you have to use your safe word, then something I’ve done has pulled you out of the scene, which means I’ve screwed up. So while there’s going to be lots of stuff that’s challenging, and probably even uncomfortable, the point is, all of it should pull you into the scene, not push you out. If something isn’t working and I don’t notice, you can also say ‘yellow light.’ That means that you’re starting to pull away from being in the flow of what’s going on. It can be as simple as a restraint that’s too tight. Or it can be finding yourself drifting toward a head space that’s not present. That’s a problem because when there’s a lot of intensity going on, you’re safest when you’re present. Drifting away is generally a no-no.” He paused to see if she had questions.

She nodded slowly, “Okay. I think I get all of that. I’m just not so sure I signed up for being available to somebody else simply because you say so.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “I don’t think it’s going to be as horrible as you might fear. If it is, you can use your safe word. And if that’s not enough, you can always quit.”

After a thoughtful moment, he continued, “Look, no matter what, if we really aren’t in the same place, if this simply isn’t working out, I’ll let you know, and you can go your own way. The good news is that you’ve already made the money you need for the summer. So for the rest of your summer break, you can just do whatever you want.”

She took a thoughtful breath. She didn’t really want to be fired. That felt like failure. At the same time, she realized the truth of what he was saying. If she didn’t want to do what he told her to do, she could simply leave.

She looked up at him and nodded again.

“Good. So, you should know that Mistress Amy, Serena, and Cathy are all part of the scene, at least to one degree or other. I’ve told Mistress Amy and Serena that they can have free rein with you. I didn’t say anything to Cathy either way. She’s a submissive, so I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything without asking in any case. Mistress Amy, on the other hand, is definitely a dominatrix. Serena enjoys both top and bottom. I’m pretty sure that all of three of them are primarily hetero, but I also know each of them enjoys women as well. For tomorrow though, I don’t think any of them will be too aggressive with a newbie. They’re all good people. I trust them.”

“Ah, you are kind of assuming that I’ll make out with another woman…”

“Yep. It’s part of the job.” He looked at her carefully for a moment, then continued firmly, “Remember, you’re my good little Catholic girl now. You have to do what I tell you.”

Melissa took a breath to remind herself that it was indeed her job. “Okay…”

“Or do you want a spanking?”

The possibility of being ordered to have sex with another woman, combined with the threat of punishment quickened her pulse. By this point, she wasn’t surprised to feel her sex clenching as well. It seemed to be the new normal for her. She decided not to fight it, at least for the time being. Taking another deep breath to steady herself, she answered with a sly grin, “That’s always your option, Master.”

Erik laughed. Gesturing at the table, he said, “I guess we’re mostly done with dinner. Let’s go out to get desert.” He stood up and offered his hand.

She slipped her hand into his and stood to join him, discovering that with the outrageously high heels he had selected for her, she was glad for the support. As they walked away from the table, a cool breeze of air slipped through her lace dress, reminding her how exposed she was. She couldn’t help but glance down. She saw, with no great surprise, that her nipples were prominently erect. As they walked away from the table, she also felt her wet labia sliding past each other.

Betrayed by her body, a brief flash of anger shot through her, upset that her arousal could be caused by the thought of being with another woman. When a boyfriend in her senior year had suggested a ménage à trois, she had broken up with him. “Of course,” she told herself, “that guy was a complete asshole anyway. I was looking for an excuse to dump him. And even if Erik is a bit full of himself sometimes, well, he’s not an asshole – at least so far. Plus he’s right, my job description is being his sex toy. I signed up for it. If it gets too weird, I can always use the safe word thing, or just quit. I’ll be okay. In the meantime, I guess it won’t hurt to explore. I was thinking about trying out dating a woman anyway, the morning I met him. Besides it’s not like being with Jill was horrible or anything.” She felt herself growing warmer and even wetter at those memories. “Damn, shaved and no undies. I’m going to be walking around way too slippery. This is going to be annoying if it lasts all summer. It can’t, can it?” A grin curled her lips, as she decided it might be fun to find out.

When they reached the door to the courtyard, it suddenly dawned on her that Erik had said “go out” for dessert. She suddenly froze. “Uh Erik, you mean go out in public, with me, dressed like this?”

He grinned, “Don’t worry. This is one of those ‘trust me’ moments. You’ll be fine.” He pulled something black from one of the coat hooks near the door as he led her outside.

The sun had set during dinner, and the evening was noticeably cooler. Erik paused, shaking out the black silk wrap he had taken from the coat hook. She realized that the wrap was surprisingly long, almost like a cape. He set it on her shoulders and fastened a small tie in front. The front panels of the wrap perfectly counterweighted the rear draping, so it rested evenly on her shoulders. Then he lifted the chain of her leash out from under the wrap’s tie and used the leash to lead her around the asphalt perimeter of the courtyard that surrounded the paving stone center.

She was amazed at how being led on a leash could be so arousing. Her heart wasn’t quite pounding, but she knew it wouldn’t take much to get her wound up even tighter. She barely noticed when he punched in the garage code. The inside lights flickered on as the doors swung silently inwards.

He led her over to a black Porsche 911. “Here,” he said, “this should be a good way to start.”

His voice broke her out of her reverie. Looking down, she saw the car and laughed. Erik looked at her puzzled. Embarrassed, she quickly explained, “Ah, the last time I was in a Porsche with a guy, it didn’t work out so well.”

He nodded his understanding. “Well,” he waved his free hand at the rest of the cars, “we could take something else.”

“No,” she replied quickly. She looked back at the black sports car. “This will be imminently satisfactory.”

He chuckled, and then he led her to the driver’s door. Unsnapping the leash from her collar, he reached down to open the door for her. She looked at him puzzled. He said, “You said you drove a stick.”

“Ah yeah, but with these heels…”

“You can step out of them before you get in. I’ll keep them with your leash.”

She looked down at her shoes, realizing that her attempted excuse had failed. “Well, I guess I could try driving in them, but don’t blame me if I wrap this thing around a tree.”

“Try not to,” he said, handing her into the car. She slipped into the low seat. He waited while she adjusted her dress and wrap, then gave her the seat belt to buckle. As she turned to take the seat belt from him, she found herself eye level with his crotch, encased in buttery soft, smooth leather. She smiled at the contrast from her last ride in a sports car. Then she turned the other way to fasten the seat belt, and he closed her door.

While he came around the car and got in next to her, she took the opportunity to examine the gauges and controls. The high-priced unfamiliarity was unsettling. She located the headlights and turned them on.

After he had gotten settled, he nodded to the dashboard and said, “The keys are in it. Why don’t you ease it out of the garage and get a feel for the clutch?

She pressed the thin leather of her sandals down on the clutch and the brake. With a quick breath, she started the engine. It revved into life behind her. Having the engine sound in the back of the car confused her for a moment. She put that feeling aside. Looking around one last time, she reached down to release the parking brake. Then she worked the gear shifter to make sure it was in first. She was grateful that the front of the car was facing towards the door.

Worried she was looking too hesitant, she let out enough on the clutch to let the car slide through the garage doors and out into the courtyard. Erik reached up to punch a button on the small console above the rear view mirror. Looking into the mirror, she saw the garage lights flicker out, and the doors start to swing shut.

She looked back to Erik. He smiled and gestured down the driveway. “Ready?”

After a few miles, she found herself really enjoying the experience of driving such a responsive car. It was a thrill to zoom around corners on the Parkway into the city. She had to be careful not to let her speed creep too much up past the speed limit. Only halfway to the city did she remember that she didn’t have her purse or driver’s license. After that, she was careful to keep her speed moderate. The traffic was growing thicker in any case.

Erik directed her through the city to a restaurant she had never been to before. As they drove up the street to the valet stand out front, he reached out to lay his hand on her arm. “The trick,” he said, “is to be utterly unselfconscious and normal. This is a frequent hangout for folks who… live a different lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what shows or doesn’t show. All that matters is total confidence in yourself.”

She glanced over at him, thinking, “That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one who’s half-naked.” But she said nothing, only giving him a quick nod before bringing the car to a complete stop for the valet. The uniformed young man opened the door for her, and she carefully swung her legs out, not wanting to snag a heel and look like a klutz. She stood up, pausing for a moment to be certain of her balance with her new height. Despite knowing that she was nearly six inches taller, she was surprised to find herself looking down at the valet. In turn, he seemed a little startled looking up at her. She noticed his eyes were dilating wider. In a sudden flash of realization, she realized that he was dumbstruck by her appearance, as though she was some sexy, supermodel unexpectedly emerging from an expensive sports car. “Hey,” she said to herself, “I am. Own it bitch. I’m hot!”

With a knowing smile, she took the claim ticket that he held out, but had momentarily forgotten. “Thank you,” she whispered in a deliberately sultry voice, as she stepped past him. She was indeed grateful. His reaction had given her the boost she needed to feel secure in such blatant sexuality. She walked around the car to Erik, feeling far more confident in her heels. Taking his arm, they walked together into the restaurant.

A second valet stepped away from his stand and opened the restaurant’s front door. Erik swept into a dark paneled foyer with Melissa, stopping at a small podium where a tuxedoed mâitre d’ held a phone to his ear, scribbling something down. He glanced up, nodding to them welcomingly, and quickly finished his call. As he hung up, Erik said, “Richard, I’m sorry for not calling ahead. I was hoping we could drop in for a bit of dessert and perhaps some coffee.”

The mâitre d’ smiled widely and replied, “Certainly Master Erik. It is, after all, a Sunday evening. You have your choice of rooms.”

“I think we’d like the patio. By the way, let me introduce Melissa.” Erik turned to smile at her.

Richard took Melissa’s free hand and bent over to briefly kiss it, “Enchanté, Miss Melissa. Welcome to our small world.”

She smiled back, a touch uncertain, then answered, “I look forward to exploring it.”

He released her hand to lead them inside, “Then, I hope we will not disappoint.”

Erik chuckled, “How could you possibly, Richard?”

The mâitre d’ shook his head, “Oh there are nights, Master Erik.” He sighed as they walked down a heavily carpeted dark hallway. “Tonight, however, all is quiet.”

He stopped at a set of curtained French doors on the left side of the hallway. Opening the doors, he waved the couple through. The first thing Melissa saw as she entered was a pudgy man sitting on the tiled floor of the courtyard, dressed only in a leather collar and leather shorts that were far too small. He was caressing the tall black boots of a striking woman who sat at a table sipping wine.

The sitting man looked towards them as they entered. Melissa saw the woman swing a riding crop down across the man’s face. Tightening her grip on Erik’s arm, she flinched a little as the crop struck with a “thwack.” The man quickly returned his attention to his companion, mumbling, “I’m sorry mistress.” Melissa didn’t see any sign that the woman had noticed his apology before they had walked past the couple.

A little stunned, Melissa looked around the room. It was a two stories tall, filled with tables, two fountains, and trees in large ceramic planters. The ceiling was painted a velvety black, with a sprinkling of white pinpricks of light, which looked like stars. A narrow balcony encircled the room on three sides. She could hear birds somewhere distant. The whole feeling was remarkably like being outside at night.

There were only a few tables occupied. Most of the patrons seemed more normal than the first couple she had seen, although the women were dressed in more revealing outfits than she had ever seen in public, even while clubbing. Compared to racy clubwear, these women’s outfits were clearly more expensive and refined, although like her own dress, their clothing left very little to the imagination. Two women she was passing on her left were seated together at a table in nearly transparent chiffon silk tops, with no bra or camisole underneath, although one of the women looked like she would have benefitted from some support. Melissa silently reprimanded herself, “Meow, bad kitty! No mean comments.”

They walked past two aging gay men, both dressed in exaggerated black leather biker gear. Melissa tried hard to take everything in without staring.

As Richard walked them toward a table at the back of the patio, she heard a man call out, “Erik!” They turned to see a couple seated at a dark table under the balcony. The man waved pleasantly. He was very distinguished looking, dressed in a dark suit with gray hair and a goatee. The woman, Melissa realized, was naked except for a gold collar and three thin gold chains, two of which were attached to gold rings through her nipples. The third chain dropped straight down past her navel, disappearing behind the tablecloth. Melissa had a strong intuition about where the third chain was attached. She successfully squelched a negative reaction. Rings through one’s nipples or clitoral hood had never appealed to her. She had always considered piercings to be too painful a form of decoration. Getting her ears pierced had hurt for days.

Erik waved back, “Hello Michael, Deborah.” Nodding to Richard, Erik escorted Melissa over to the couple. Melissa noted that the woman’s skin was dusky, somewhere between Mediterranean and African. She also saw that the man’s shirt and tie were nearly as dark as his suit. He was deeply tanned.

Erik said, “It’s wonderful to see you here tonight. May I introduce Melissa?”

The man stood as he replied warmly, with an oddly formal half-bow, “Good evening my dear.”

Deborah reached out her hand to shake, “I’m so happy to see Erik with such a lovely companion.”

Melissa took her arm from Erik and shook hands with the other woman. Deborah had a nice, firm grip. Melissa was bemused at how normal it seemed to be shaking hands with a beautiful naked woman in a restaurant. Melissa shook Michael’s hand as well. He held onto her for a moment, patting her hand with his other hand and saying, “It is indeed very special to see Erik with you tonight.”

There was a pause in which the couple seemed to expect Erik to say something in response, although he remained silent. Michael tried to cover over the pause by saying, “Please join us. We finished eating and were just chatting, but we’d be happy to enjoy your company while you eat.”

Erik said, “Oh we’ve eaten too. We just dropped in for some dessert.”

Deborah smiled broadly, “That’s perfect, please join us. I’d love to get to know Melissa.”

Erik chuckled quietly, “I suppose so. It’s probably good that you two have a chance to meet each other. Be forewarned, however, this is our first night out.”

Michael raised a questioning eyebrow. Melissa was momentarily jealous of his ability to raise only one eyebrow. She had tried practicing that trick for a long time in front of the mirror, but she never mastered the technique. With Michael, the gesture seemed perfectly natural.

Erik, however, ignored the implied question. He simply pulled a seat out for Melissa. The mâitre d’, Richard, magically appeared at her elbow. He asked, “May I take your wrap, or do you wish to keep it?”

With a glance at Deborah, Melissa reached up to her wrap’s tie and pulled it open. “Please take it. Thank you, Richard.” He slipped the black silk from her shoulders and then quietly disappeared. Michael took in her lace-covered nakedness with an approving glance and gestured her to sit. With a smile, Melissa sat down, letting Erik push her seat closer to the table.

Erik sat down as well, although somewhat nearer to Michael than Melissa. The two men quickly fell into a detailed discussion of a business deal that they had both been considering. It was clear to Melissa that Erik did not want to be led into a discussion about their relationship, so she turned to Deborah.

While Melissa tried not to stare, it was hard to avoid noticing how gorgeous Deborah was. She had jet black hair and high cheekbones, with a strong nose and a luscious mouth. The thin gold chains hanging from her collar were beautifully accented against her dark skin tone. The two chains leading to her nipple rings draped in soft curves from her generous breasts.

Deborah smiled at her reassuringly, “It really is nice to see Erik with you. He has needed somebody in his life.”

“I… I’m not sure exactly what I am… to him, I mean, at least right now. But it’s been interesting. I just moved in today… to his place.”

Surprise and delight flitted across Deborah’s face. She said quietly, “Oh my, that is wonderful news. Perhaps now he will settle down a bit. Erik is a very special man, but he’s always been a bit adrift. He needs something, someone, to help hold him steady. Of course,” she laughed self-deprecatingly, “that’s what all women think. Too bad we’re so often wrong.”

“Hopeless romantics, yep. So, can I ask? What’s the story with you and…?” Melissa nodded toward Michael to avoid saying his name and attracting his attention to their conversation.

“Oh, we were together for awhile. He’s amazing… just not the best fit for me.”

“How so?”

“Well… you’re new to all this, right?”

“Yeah, I guess it’s sort of obvious, huh?”

“We all had to start somewhere. Let me see… first off, I’m not into being spanked or whipped. Lots of subs are, but it doesn’t work for me. The second thing is harder to explain… I’m a currency trader, which is a very competitive, male-dominated world. I’m more successful than most of the men, so I’m good at taking care of myself. My problem is, when it comes to my personal relationships, I want my man to be my Master, completely. Erik isn’t really that kind of Dom. Michael is, but he’s not like those Doms who only want a compliant, meek submissive. They’re little men, trying to be big men. Michael is so much more. It doesn’t bother him at all that I’m successful and make a lot of money. He sees beyond that. He knows what makes me tick, which is I love being his sex slave. If he ordered me to get on my knees, right here, and lick your pussy until you came, it would totally turn me on. I love being used.”

Melissa did her best to avoid looking shocked, and mostly succeeded. Then she realized that the men’s conversation had stopped. She looked over and saw them coolly staring back at her and Deborah. As she had feared, as soon as Deborah had mentioned Michael’s name, it must have attracted his attention.

“Indeed,” Michael rumbled with humor, “I think you need to put proof to your claim, my dear. On your knees.”

Deborah bowed her head, “Yes Master.”

Michael’s eyes flicked to Erik, “With your permission, of course.”

Erik smiled back at Michael, then cast an appraising glance at Melissa. She was fighting against panic, trying hard not to let it show. Deborah was already on her knees in front of her, waiting for Erik’s response. Melissa’s panicky feeling of being trapped grew more urgent. It was clear that nobody was asking her if it was okay.

Erik reached out gently and put a reassuring hand on her arm. She saw that she was gripping the table tightly and tried to relax.

Erik asked softly, “Do you remember what your safe word is?”

Her mind spun for a minute, not sure what he was asking. Then her world steadied as she remembered, “Red light.”

“Okay, that’s good, but in this setting, you say ‘red light…’ what?”

“Red light, Master.”

He patted her arm reassuringly and turned back to Michael, “Certainly Michael, you have my permission.”

Both men turned to watch the women. Deborah leaned forward and brushed her lips against the top of Melissa’s right thigh, where the front of her lace dress had pulled open, exposing smooth skin. Melissa took a sharp intake of breath, trembling slightly as Deborah drew her tongue along her exposed thigh. With deft fingers, Deborah reached up and unfastened the front buttons of Melissa’s dress, up to her waist, allowing the black lace to fall away to either side, exposing completely what had only been minimally covered.

Melissa stilled herself, closing her eyes. As Deborah’s gentle kisses continued, she heard Erik’s softly spoken command, “Melissa, open your legs for her.”

With a slow, deep breath, Melissa complied, slowly opening her legs to expose her vulnerability. Deborah kissed her way toward Melissa’s burning hot mound, evoking a series of shudders from Melissa. Then Deborah’s lips drifted across her engorged labia, ever so delicately. Melissa arched back, pushing against the back of her chair. All she wanted in that moment was Deborah’s tongue inside her. Without asking, Deborah seemed to understand her need. Beginning just above her anus, Deborah stroked her tongue firmly upward, sliding deep into Melissa’s cleft and then sliding out again, up past her aching clitoris.

Deborah’s tongue circled Melissa’s clitoris as her breath started to come in short, sharp intakes. Without warning, Deborah’s finger slipped into Melissa’s soaking wet entrance and firmly pressed upward against her G-spot, while Deborah’s tongue pressed equally firmly down on her clitoris. The almost instantaneous result was an explosive orgasm. Melissa bucked in her chair, thrashing back and forth. Deborah stayed attached to her, extending the orgasm to the point where it was almost painful. Just before crossing that threshold, she backed off, letting Melissa gratefully slump down into her chair.

As Melissa struggled to catch her breath, she gasped out, “My God, Deborah, what did you do to me?”

Deborah smiled broadly and slipped back into her chair.

Through her post-orgasmic haze, Melissa saw that her guess about the third chain was correct. It was attached to a thin gold ring that penetrated Deborah’s clitoral hood. Instead of being put off, as she had initially felt, all Melissa wanted to do was to bury her face in Deborah’s smooth silky sex and tease that chain with her tongue.

Melissa was thoroughly bewildered by how quickly her whole attitude had changed. “My god,” she thought, “A beautiful woman just ate me out in a public restaurant; I had a huge orgasm; and all I want to do is return the favor. This is so not Kansas anymore.”

Across from her, Deborah giggled and said to Michael, “That was so fun. Thank you, Master.”

Michael smiled lovingly back at her, “Well, perhaps we could compound your pleasure?” He turned to Erik, “Could I entreat you into sticking your dick in her mouth? I would consider it a very special favor.”

Erik considered this request for a moment. Deborah giggled again and pleaded, “Please, please, please. I’ve been a good little girl.”

Erik sighed, “I suppose it would be rude to say no.” Then he stood and walked around to Deborah, unzipping his pants and pulling out his semi-erect penis. He stood slightly to the side of her chair, so Melissa and Michael could both watch.

Melissa watched, stunned, as Deborah reached out with two fingers to tease Erik’s penis into her mouth. Then she swallowed the entirety of him, her lips bumping up against his torso.

Melissa wasn’t sure what she was feeling. Part of her reaction was anger, because “her boyfriend” had just inserted himself into another woman’s mouth, even though she knew that this same woman had just licked her into an explosive orgasm. She also wondered if her reaction was due to seeing Deborah casually suck the entire length of Erik into her mouth, as though he was simply a piece of delicious candy. Melissa had never seen another woman sucking a man, except in the porn movies that a couple of former boyfriends had coaxed her into watching. There was something different and fascinating in seeing it only a few feet away.

Deborah drew back, letting Erik’s now fully engorged penis slide most of the way out of her mouth, keeping only the head inside her lips. Melissa could see Deborah take in a deep breath. She realized that Deborah must have taken him in so deeply that she couldn’t breathe. Deborah smiled up at Erik. Maintaining eye contact, she slowly slid the entire length of him deep back inside until her lips once again pressed up against his torso.

Erik groaned deeply. Melissa looked up at his face, jealous to see such a profound sense of contentment on his face. Then Deborah pulled back again, this letting his penis slip all the way out of her mouth while she grasped her hand firmly around his shaft and pumped hard. Melissa could hear Deborah quietly breathing hard, catching her breath, and then Deborah suddenly slammed him back deep into her mouth, her lips rhythmically banging into his torso as she thrust her head back and forth. Melissa saw Deborah’s breasts swaying and bouncing in time with the pounding rhythm of her head.

Erik gasped, his expression quickly morphing into urgency. Deborah pulled away from him again, pumping once more with her hand as she gulped in air.

Erik complained, “You nasty woman! You just want to make me come as quickly as you can.”

In response, she laughed gleefully, “Serves you right for all those times when you kept me on the edge of an orgasm for hours. Then she took a deep breath and pushed the full length of him back into her mouth. This time, she strained against him, pressing her lips hard into his torso, as though she was desperately trying to swallow him whole. He grunted with the intensity of the sensation.

Then Deborah pulled her head away again, gasping for air, while she resumed pumping him hard with her hand. Suddenly, Erik arched back, and a thick, ropy stream of white semen shot out from his straining penis. Deborah immediately took him back in her mouth deeply as he finished ejaculating into her. He leaned forward, shuddering.

As Melissa watched Deborah swallow down his climax, a thought flashed through her mind, “That’s one way to avoid the taste. Straight down your throat. Jesus!” Melissa felt her head spinning from the speed and intensity of what she had just witnessed, only a few feet from her.

Deborah pulled back very slowly, letting Erik’s penis slip softly from her mouth. He reached down to stroke her cheek. His fingers strayed into some of the cum that had splattered across her face from his first spurt. Deborah noticed and turned her head like a cat to lick his fingers clean. Melissa felt her breath catch as she watched. Deborah noted her reaction out of the corner of her eye. As Erik stepped back and zipped himself back up, Deborah brought her hand up and gathered up some more of Erik’s cum from her chin. She held her fingers out to Melissa, inviting her to taste.

After a moment’s hesitation, Melissa adopted a seductive smile and leaned forward, bringing Deborah’s fingers into her mouth, to suck them clean. “At least,” she thought to herself, “if I’m going to act out some porn film fantasy, his cum doesn’t taste too terrible. Maybe a little sour, but I’ve had worse.” The last thought made her laugh, and Deborah looked at her questioningly. Melissa was too embarrassed to explain her laugh, so she covered for it by nodding toward Deborah’s face and saying, “You missed a spot.”

Gathering her courage, she told herself one of her uncle’s favorite sayings, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Leaning forward, she licked a large glob of cum that had been dripping down Deborah’s chin. Holding it on the tip of her tongue, she offered the cum up to Deborah. With a knowing grin, Deborah leaned forward to meet her, brushing her tongue up along Melissa’s. They slowly merged into a passionate kiss.

As the kiss lingered on, Melissa was stunned at how much she was drawn deeply into the intensity of the emotion. She had only meant to pretend being aroused, trying to show off a porn movie fantasy for the men, but the heat rapidly spreading through her body made it clear that her feelings were real. She found herself fighting to hold back against her powerful response to Deborah, but the intensity threatened to break past her defenses. She rationalized, “What the hell; it’s a summer thing. I’ll figure it out later.” With that rationalization, she gave herself over completely to her passionate need to explore this new feeling.

The soft smoothness of Deborah’s face was very different than kissing a man. The smell and taste of Erik’s cum on both of them turned out to be surprisingly arousing. Even the lilac fragrance of Deborah’s perfume was a novel experience. Perhaps some of this was familiar from her college fling with Jill, but Melissa had been so drunk that she didn’t remember it very clearly.

She alternated licking Deborah’s face with long, deep kisses. She wondered why so few men seemed to enjoy kissing as much. They were always in a hurry to move on to something else.

Her world narrowed to the soft smoothness of Deborah, but in the dimness of her external perception, she heard Michael say, “Erik, I don’t think I can take much more of this. Could I impose on you to help me out?”

Then she heard Erik’s reply, “They are pretty amazing. Sure, come on over here.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Michael stand up and move over to Erik. A little more distracted now, she shifted her head to watch them better. To her amazement, Michael unzipped his fly and Erik helped him pull out his fully erect penis. It wasn’t quite as large as Erik’s, but she soon lost sight of it as it disappeared into Erik’s mouth.

She was so startled that she stopped kissing Deborah. Melissa felt knocked off balance yet again, “Is Erik gay?” She realized that she must have mouthed her question because Deborah shook her head. Then Deborah stroked a finger alongside Melissa’s chin, using her hand to gently turn Melissa’s face back to her.

Deborah whispered, “No more than we are. Don’t worry.” Deborah smiled reassuringly at Melissa, noting her stiffness, “Just breathe. It’s okay. Relax.”

Melissa realized that she indeed had been holding her breath. She took a couple of deep breaths, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. Once Deborah saw her features soften, she asked quietly, “Everything okay now?”

Melissa nodded her head, feeling sheepish about her reaction. She thought to herself, “After all, I was just getting horny as all hell making out with a beautiful woman, why can’t the men enjoy themselves?” Thinking back to the porn movies, she realized that two men together wasn’t in the scripts of the movies that she had seen, but maybe real life was different.

Still embarrassed about her reaction, she hung her head and nodded again to Deborah that she was okay. When she finally opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was a glistening streak on Deborah’s right breast where a drop of Erik’s cum had liquefied and run down toward her nipple. The sight brought back with a rush the taste and smell of Erik that was still in her mouth, and then she remembered the amazing kisses that had put it there. Very rapidly, the chain of connections brought her aroused state flowing back into her awareness.

Mischievously, Melissa said, “Oh, there’s another spot I missed.”

Deborah followed her gaze and then grinned back at her licentiously, arching to bring her breast up towards Melissa’s mouth.

As Melissa leaned down to lick Deborah’s breast, she thought, “Hah! Now we’re back in the porn movie script.” The soft firmness of Deborah’s breast under her tongue was a new surprise. Jill, from her college experimentation, had been much less endowed.

Melissa tried to remember the ways that she had been turned on when various boyfriends had licked her breasts. She experimented with long soft strokes around her areola, trying to tease Deborah. From her soft moans, it seemed to be working.

Out of the corner of her eye, Melissa watched the men. Michael’s penis was still sliding in and out of Erik’s mouth. Like Deborah, he seemed to be effortlessly able to take the full length into his mouth. Melissa thought, “There’s got to be a trick to that.”

Then she noticed both men were avidly staring at her playing with Deborah’s breasts. “Guys are so fucking predictable,” she thought dismissively. When Erik saw that she realized they were watching her, he gave her a wink. She grinned back, despite herself. Taking their interest as impetus, she changed her technique to flicking her tongue across Deborah’s nipples, shifting from one breast to the other.

Deborah’s reaction was a sharp intake of breath, followed by little shudders. Knowing that she was performing for the men, Melissa gently lifted one of Deborah’s nipple rings with her tongue and took Deborah’s stiff nipple between her teeth. Then she flicked her tongue across the portion trapped inside her mouth. Deborah arched a little further, and quietly moaned, “Oh god!”

“Wow,” thought Melissa, “Either she’s also putting on a real show for the boys or she’s way more sensitive than I am. Maybe it’s those damn rings. Nobody’s ever turned me on like that just by playing with my boobs.” Melissa wondered if Deborah was close to coming, and felt guilty for having brought her to this point without any plan for going further.

“In for a penny?” she asked herself. Then she slipped out of the chair and knelt in front of Deborah. When Deborah saw what she was doing, she smiled gratefully and spread her legs.

As their eyes met, Melissa was shocked at the intensity of the connection. The warmth that filled her was not just all arousal. Melissa felt as though they were kindred spirits, connected in some deeper way. That idea made the thought of burying her face between Deborah’s legs less of an act. Instead, making love to Deborah suddenly seemed much more intimate and scary. She told herself, however, that it was too late to back out now.

She crouched down to lick across the soft, bare skin above Deborah’s mound. Melissa was amazed at how smoothly it was shaved. She couldn’t even feel the little rises of hair follicles under the skin. She found herself wondering if the smoothness came from waxing everything. The bikini waxes that Melissa had gotten in the past were unpleasant enough to dissuade her from ever having all of her pubic hair taken off that way.

Melissa realized that she was distracting herself with these stray thoughts, so she pushed them aside. She drew her tongue slowly up alongside Deborah’s swollen labia. She could see the glistening line that lay between the folds. There was even a slick spot on the seat cushion between Deborah’s legs. It seemed that Deborah hadn’t been faking the intensity of her reaction for the benefit of the men.

With a grin, Melissa blew a stream of air softly across Deborah’s sex, causing her to moan loader. Eagerly, Deborah wriggled down, half laying in her chair, so she could present herself more directly. Melissa scooted back a little and was surprised to find herself admiring the view. Deborah’s motion had opened up her labia, exposing a drenched cleft, with the wetness running all the way down to the pinkness of her anus.

With a devious grin, Melissa ran her tongue around and across Deborah’s tightly puckered sphincter and then swept upwards, parting her labia, reaching deeply into her vagina, ending up circling the ring that pierced the hood of her clitoris. Deborah shuddered as Melissa’s tongue lifted her ring and chain.

Finally, Melissa lay her tongue down on top of Deborah’s exposed clitoris and pressed downwards, careful not to let her tongue move too much, afraid of overstimulating her raw nerve endings. Deborah’s breathing sped up into shallow pants. Melissa slowly rocked her head back and forth, varying the angle of her pressure on Deborah’s straining clitoris. Then Melissa softly slid her tongue back and forth with the rocking motion, and Deborah exploded into a gasping, quivering orgasm.

As her motion subsided, Melissa slowly pulled away, sitting back on her heels. She looked around and saw that the men had finished. Michael was already sitting back in his chair. Seeing that she still had the men’s rapt attention, she adjusted her kneeling position into the submissive posture that Erik had taught her.

Erik chuckled and told Michael, “She learns quickly.” Melissa thought she heard pride in his voice, which made her feel good. She worried that her warm feeling was the same as a dog might feel being praised by its master, but she decided to set aside her fears for the moment.

Michael nodded agreement, “Indeed, she is a natural.” Looking over to Erik, he added, “And, of course, your training is impeccable. I should know,” he continued, gesturing toward Deborah, “I am already the beneficiary of your wonderful technique.”

Melissa looked up at Deborah. She seemed to have recovered from her orgasm and held her hand out to Melissa asking, “Can I help you up?” Deborah turned to the men and told them, “Us girls need to go to the potty.”

Michael complained, “You know I like to watch.”

Deborah replied, “Don’t worry Master, I’ll save some pee for when we get home.”

Michael reluctantly agreed, “Well, all right then, I suppose you may go. Erik and I have some business to talk about in any case. And the details aren’t for your ears – can’t have you trading on inside information.”

Deborah stuck her tongue out at him. “Currency, I’m a currency trader. Your piddling little penny stocks hold no interest for me.”

He laughed, “Wounded, I am, wounded to the heart. ‘Penny stocks’ indeed! I’ll have you know that all you are is a quant. I, on the other hand, am a true arbitrage artist.”

“Then maybe I won’t save any pee for later… Master.”

“Hah. I’ll tie you up and play with you, and I won’t let you come until you piss all over yourself.”

“That’s a promise I’m going to hold you to.” Deborah held her hand out to Melissa again and said, “Come on. Let’s go before he tries to renegotiate the deal.”

Melissa had been so amazed by the conversation that she only remembered at the last moment to get up gracefully. After all the time on her knees, however, she was wobbly in her tall heels. Deborah held her hand to steady her until she got her balance back.

Then Deborah stood to join her, and Melissa found herself towering over the other woman. Deborah was barefoot. She was also a few inches shorter than Melissa, even without the difference in heels. Despite the difference in height, Deborah linked her arm with Melissa’s and guided them towards to women’s restroom.

As they walked, Deborah commented softly, “You seemed… a little shocked by that last bit.”

“Well, ah… well the whole evening, really. I mean, ah, do you actually…”

“Pee for him?”

Melissa nodded.

“Sure. He loves it. Gets him all hot and bothered. And I like pleasing him. It makes me feel wanted and sexy. I mostly get hot just from knowing what it’s doing to him. That’s part of being a submissive, you know. So sure, peeing on the floor wouldn’t really do anything for me if Mike wasn’t around, but I love to do it for him. Of course, I try not to pee on anything that’s too hard to clean. The only time I ever got angry about it was when he pissed on me when I was sitting on my old couch. It was fabric. I’ve replaced them now with waxed leather.”


“Yeah, he loves to pee on me. He really loves filling up my mouth and having it dribble all down my chin and front.” Deborah saw Melissa’s shocked look and reassured her, “It’s pretty harmless. You know urine is sterile. It’s not like poop. Yeech!”

Melissa looked down at the floor, embarrassed, “Ah, about that, I’m sorry about the ‘back to front’ thing. I mean, I’ve been taught since I was a little girl, always wipe front to back. I didn’t mean to, well…”

Deborah laughed, “Don’t worry, my OB a long time ago prescribed me some antibiotics to take after any of that sort of play. I take a pill before I go to sleep, and that’s all I usually need. Besides, it was really fun. I like getting my ass licked. And you were really good everywhere else too. I had a wonderful orgasm. Thanks.”

“Uh, you’re welcome.”

Melissa looked around to see if anyone had overheard Deborah. There was nobody immediately nearby, but she realized that she had been so intrigued by their conversation that she hadn’t paid attention to how strange it was to be walking with a naked woman through a restaurant. She looked down and saw that the buttons on the lower part of her dress were still undone, and her dress had parted completely open from the waist as they were walking. She fought back a panicky need to grab at the fabric to close it. She reminded herself that the dress was only sheer lace anyway, so closing the front wouldn’t really change anything. Taking a breath, she repeated to herself that being a sex slave was her summer job, so she should just go with it.

While Melissa was sorting out her feelings, Deborah had led them down a carpeted corridor to the women’s restroom. As Melissa walked in, she saw it was very plush. There was a softly lit anteroom with leather upholstered stools in front of a long mirror and a narrow counter.

Deborah sat on one of the stools and patted on another to encourage Melissa to sit down. Melissa gathered her dress to sit, but Deborah stopped her, “Nope.” Melissa paused, looking puzzled. Deborah explained, “When you’re dressed like that, you’re supposed to sit with your naked bottom on the stool and let your skirt hang over. Even when Erik’s not around, it’s best to practice.”

Melissa said slowly, “Okayyy…” Then she arranged herself as Deborah had told her. “I guess there’s a lot to learn. It’s all so weird. I mean, well, I feel kind of unstuck from reality. It’s like suddenly waking up in Hogwarts. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah. You have very definitely stepped through the looking glass. And on this side, well, the rules are a bit different.”

“No shit. I mean, being told to make out with a woman. I’ve never done that before, well, except once, when I was really drunk.”

“Did you have as much fun that time too?”

“Ah… yeah. Probably. I’m not sure. I was pretty drunk. But the thing is, I know I like boys better. I mean, it’s not just a homophobia thing.”

“Sure, and I like men better too. And Erik likes women better. So does Michael. Doesn’t mean that we can’t play around.”

“Oh that’s good.”

“What, playing around?”

“Ah, well, that too. No, I meant knowing that Erik likes girls better. I kind of got a little worried there. I mean, with his uncle and all.”

Deborah laughed quietly. “I see. Well on this side of the looking glass, we call it polyamorous, or polysexual, or whatever. The bottom line is that a lot of kinky people are willing to… experience other ways of being, without worrying too much about labels. People try hard to just be comfortable in themselves. Kink can be weird enough. Being judgmental makes it way too hard.

“Aren’t there any rules?”

“Sure. The core rule, at least for the people I hang out with, and frankly for the vast majority of the kinky world, is ‘safe, sane, and consensual,’ or some variation of that.”

Melissa had a puzzled expression, so Deborah continued, “Okay, so what that means is that stuff doesn’t ‘just happen.’ People talk about it first. They negotiate details and limits. They check in with each other while the scene is happening. Nobody does something that puts another person in jeopardy. Ever. And no matter what, there’s always a safe word. Anyone who’s truly crazy is simply not tolerated.”

“But, like the fat guy on the leash, licking that woman’s boots. You know, the couple we walked past? Isn’t that a little crazy?”

“That’s just his kink. It’s what gets him off. Sure, it’s pretty weird and who the hell knows why he likes it, but the thing is, it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Plus he’s found a woman who will indulge his needs. Of course, that’s Mistress Valerie. She charges a shitload. Man, I tell you, there’re so many rich male subs in this town, a female dom like Valerie really cleans up. Anyway, true craziness is someone who’s a psychopath, or schizophrenic, or whatever. Real mental illness. Those are the sickos. Newbies have to learn to watch out for them.”

Deborah shook her head, then continued, “Which means you’re really lucky to have started out with Erik. Besides being gorgeous, and rich, and smart, he’s mostly got his head on straight. What’s really important is that this stuff only works for him if his partner is enjoying it. So sure, he’s into all kinds of interesting kink, including spanking and whipping, and so on. But it only works for him if the woman is really into receiving it. The ones you have to watch out for are the guys who get off on causing somebody pain that they don’t want or like. Nonconsensual. Involuntary. Those guys are the true psychotic sickos. Their empathy isn’t wired right. Not just guys, women too. The ones who enjoy the power of hurting somebody against their will. That’s a scary situation. Those assholes are the lurkers around the edges. People find out about them quickly, and they get banned. The good thing is that Erik will help you stay clear of all that.”

“Wow. That whole thing sounds kind of scary.”

“Yeah. Well it is, but it’s actually pretty easy to manage. Especially for somebody strong like you. It’s not like you’re some pathetic little sub who can’t think for herself. Besides, Erik can’t stand that kind of sub anyway.”

“So, ah… you’ve known him for awhile?”

“Yeah. Like I said, we were together for awhile. That was a couple of years ago. Relationships don’t seem to last long with Erik. Sometimes, I think it’s that whole orphan thing. He tell you about his parents?”

“Yeah. That must have been terrible.”

“His grandparents sure as hell didn’t help. They didn’t give him anything that resembled love.”

“What about his uncle?”

“Wow, now there’s an amazing guy. It’s like if you took all the sweetness and compassion from Erik – and he’s got plenty of it, even though he tries to keep out of view – anyway, if you took all that good stuff and made someone who’s only that, then you’d have his uncle. I ran into the two of them once at an art gallery. Erik was funny about it. He was so protective and gitchy, but his uncle was incredibly warm. He invited me to join them. I could tell their relationship was very important to Erik. If Erik ever takes a girlfriend to visit his uncle, now that’s how you’d know it was serious.”

“So it wasn’t serious between you two?”

“I’m not sure Erik’s ready to be serious, but it was… intense. Wow. Yeah, ‘intense’ hardly describes it. Erik is such an awesome dom; he’s got this incredible antenna for understanding what his partner is feeling. The way he gets off is by taking his partner to a whole different… I’m not sure what to call it… maybe a ‘plane of existence.’ Anyway, calling it ‘subspace’ is just too kitschy for where he can take someone. With me, lots of things can take me there. For instance, I love, love, love being tied up. And I hate it, well, actually love it when someone keeps me right on the edge of an orgasm for a long time before they finally send me over. Let’s see, I love playing dress-up and role-playing stuff. Hell, I even really loved making out with you. That was awesome. My problem is, though, spanking and whipping, that really doesn’t do it for me.”

Deborah shrugged, then explained further, “It’s, well… I can sort of get into it. As a submissive, anything that gets my Master excited does something for me. Even Mike peeing in my mouth is a turn-on – mostly because I know what it’s doing to him. Even swapping cum with you was the same way. I know what it does for my Master because it sure isn’t the taste. I don’t know anybody who actually likes the taste of cum. It’s dick snot!”

Melissa looked unsure, so Deborah explained, “The thing is, your body only knows one way to make thick liquidy stuff. You know, like when you get a cold, and all this disgusting stuff is pouring out your nose and down the back of your throat. That’s the same as cum. Yummy, isn’t it?”

Melissa blanched, “Okay, so now I’m never swallowing a guy’s load again, ever.”

“Sure, but keep in mind that we don’t taste much better. Pussy juice is the same idea, only a little thinner. And squirters! Man, a woman who gushes all over your face when she comes – that can be a little too intense.”

Deborah paused, then leaned over and casually drew the back of her fingernail up the inside of Melissa’s thigh, “So if you don’t want to suck down cum ever again, does that also mean you don’t want me kneeling down in front of you, ever again?”

Melissa blushed and stammered, “I guess, I mean, it’s just that, well, sure it was kind of… really wonderful. So I guess we could, sometime…”

Deborah smiled, “Hey, I really did like it. You… you’re a pretty cool person. I think I see some of why Erik likes you. And yeah, sure, we can get together again. It doesn’t just have to be for awesome girly sex.” She smiled mischievously, “We’ll leave time for other stuff.”

“Thanks. That would be… nice. Does that mean I have to go back to swallowing ‘dick snot’ though? Yuck.”

“Afraid so. And hey, come on, it wasn’t that bad swapping Erik’s cum. You weren’t just faking it out there. I could tell that you were really into it.”

“Well, I sort of got turned on, by you actually. And it was really hot, knowing that what we were doing was making the guys all horny. I mean, for God’s sake, they went down on each other. That kind of thing didn’t happen in any of the porn films that I ever got conned into watching. Sure, I mean, the girls in the movie make a big deal about how much they like sharing some guy’s load, but…”

“That’s just acting. Being a submissive, on the other hand, is fundamentally different. A true submissive gets turned on just by the effect that she’s having on her Master. Sure, there’s a little bit of theater, but it’s not fake. You weren’t just pretending. You were turned on by what we were doing. That’s the key thing.”

“Okay… I’ve got a friend. He’s gay, and he said something a lot like that. That I had to get to a place where I really liked swallowing down somebody’s cum. Playing with it, even. Like licking it off my fingers and all. But that if I were only faking it, then it wouldn’t work, and I shouldn’t bother doing it. He said that guys have this big thing about their cum being this huge precious deal, and it gets them all happy to know that somebody really wants it.”

Deborah thought about what Melissa said for a moment, then replied, “Yeah, wow, I guess a gay guy would know. Sure. I never really thought about it from that perspective. But still, I can’t believe a gay guy would like the taste of cum any more than anyone else, except for what it does for his partner. That’s what makes it work.

“Anyway, like your gay friend, sucking down my Master’s cum is something that I can get honestly excited about. I can get past the whole taste/texture thing because I know how much he likes watching me suck it down, and that makes my little sub-self happy. My problem with Erik was that, try as I might, I just couldn’t get into that same sort of place when it came to being spanked and whipped. I could, sort of, but it was more a matter of being enthusiastically willing to submit to him, but not ever really getting off on it. The thing is – Erik’s too good of a dom. He could tell the difference, and I couldn’t fake it – I wouldn’t want to fake it. The feelings have to be real. So the whole thing felt sort of wrong and empty to him, because he knew that it wasn’t really fun for me.

“That part of his kink is really important to him. Please understand, it’s not like he wants to hurt somebody. It’s really important to him that the other person gets off on being spanked as much as he likes spanking. But that wasn’t me. On the other hand, he doesn’t like a total pain slut either.”

“A pain slut?”

“Yeah. That’s somebody whose wiring is completely crisscrossed. A hardcore pain slut can get a little scary, because they keep on wanting more. And that’s just not safe. They wind up getting hurt, for real. Nasty stuff. Plus, they get drawn to people who are into abusing others for their own jollies, like those psychopaths I was talking about. In truth, I really feel sorry for serious pain sluts. It’s a pretty fucked-up way to live.”

Melissa felt her stomach drop, worried she might be the sort of pain slut Deborah was describing. She hesitatingly asked, “So, if you like getting spanked, then, like, that means you’re a pain slut?”

Deborah saw the fear underlying Melissa’s question. Reaching over, Deborah patted her reassuringly on the knee. “No, no. I was talking about hardcore pain sluts. That sure as hell isn’t you. I knew that much about you right away. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of people who aren’t hardcore pain sluts, but who do really enjoying being spanked. Sometimes those people even come, big time orgasm, just from being spanked. So yeah, there’s plenty of people who like being spanked, but aren’t serious pain sluts.

“My problem was, though, I just don’t get off on being spanked, ever.” Deborah stopped suddenly and looked at Melissa wide-eyed, “Oh man, you do, don’t you? I am so fucking jealous! This totally sucks. You’re beautiful, you’ve got great tits, you’re smart, spunky – not some wimpy little submissive – Erik hates those, and you’re tall – oh God, he loves tall. Shit! It’s just not fair!”

“Uh, but you’re way prettier than I am,” Melissa protested, “and you’ve got an incredible looking body, with amazing breasts…”

“Look, thanks, but I’m not in my twenties anymore. And these,” Deborah pointed to her breasts, “they cost more than my first car, and that was a Lexus. Well, a used Lexus, just coming off lease. Anyway, those pert little puppies,” she pointed at Melissa’s breasts, “well, not so little, anyway, they’re still original equipment, aren’t they?”

Melissa nodded sheepishly.

Deborah looked truly upset, “Life is just so fucking unfair.” She shook her head, calming down a little, “It wasn’t like Erik was looking to marry me and settle down anyway.”

Melissa asked softly, “Was that what you wanted?”

Deborah’s expression turned wistful, “I don’t know. It was almost two years ago. I was just turning 30. Kids weren’t so important to me back then, but yeah, I wanted something more. Don’t get me wrong, Michael’s great, but he’s already had kids and a marriage. Of course, his marriage went south. Imagine a vanilla wife who couldn’t stand his kink. She went apeshit when he when outside for it. The thing was, he never had intercourse with any of them. Oh well. She’s an ass – his ex, I mean. The thing is, Michael’s done with marriage, kids, and all that. Plus, he’s a lot older than me.

“So, I don’t know. I’m working 12 hours a day, making shit loads of money, but I like being tied up for sex. So, you know, it’s a pretty weird combination. Problem is, us currency traders, we’re an obnoxious, totally aggressive bunch. The men, and it’s still mostly men, they’re real He-Men. Like I said, I can run with the best of them, and I outperform most of them, but, God forbid, if anyone at work ever found out I’m a submissive, they’d totally trash my reputation on the trading floor. It’s like a boy’s locker room, and those little boys gossip like no one’s business. They’d make my life hell.

Deborah sighed, then continued more thoughtfully, “So my social world is completely divided in two, the people at work and the kink community. I really don’t know anybody else. Finding that ‘special someone’ and starting a family, it just isn’t working for me.” She closed her eyes, momentarily fighting back a look of pain. Abruptly, she straightened up and said bitterly, “Well boo-fucking-hoo. Feeling sorry for myself is a waste of time!”

Melissa reached out and took Deborah’s hands in hers. A dam inside Deborah seemed to suddenly break, and she fell forward against Melissa, fighting back against quiet sobs. At first, Melissa went rigid, frightened by the sudden intensity of the emotions. She relaxed as she realized how much Deborah seemed to have needed this moment. Melissa reached up and slowly stroked Deborah’s hair.

After a few minutes, Deborah’s tears slowed, then stopped. She said quietly into Melissa’s shoulder, “I’m such a hopeless ass. I’m so sorry.”

Melissa continued stroking Deborah’s hair. She answered, “I think you’re an amazing woman. I… I don’t know… I’m so grateful for everything you’ve told me. You’ve been open, and incredible, in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I mean, all this stuff has me really off-balance. Scared, sometimes, maybe a lot of the time.”

Melissa laughed, then explained further, “My best friend at school is a gay man. I mean, he’s great, but I don’t really get along with any of the girls there. Sorry, I mean ‘women.’ No ‘girls’ allowed in the Ivy League. Anyway, whatever the fuck those females are, they just don’t get me. They think I’m weird. And maybe I am.” She paused, thinking. “The hell with it, of course I am!

“And do you know what’s totally screwed up? I feel more comfortable here, wearing this see-through lace dress and these stupid fucking six inch heels; holding a beautiful, naked woman; hanging out with some really kinky dudes – I still can’t believe that he really pisses in your mouth, wow, now that’s so fucking weird – anyway, I’m more comfortable here than I’ve felt all year. Hell, maybe more than I’ve ever felt in my life. So if you’re screwed up, yeah, well I guess I’m fucked up right along with you.”

Deborah sat back up, smiled, and wiped her eyes. “Thank you for that. Dear God, I wish you were a total bitch or something. It would be so much easier to hate you for having a real chance with Erik, which I never did.” Then she shook her head, sadly. “Not that it’s likely to make any difference. He’s an incredible man, but he’s way too much of an island unto himself. And the thing is, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know it.”

Deborah reached over to a tissue box on the counter, pulled out a tissue, and blew her nose. Then she giggled, then held it out to Melissa, “Want some dick snot?”

“Ew, gross!”

They both collapsed into laughter, holding each other.